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When it comes to meeting rooms for hire in London, you're spoilt for choice. Whether you’re meeting for business or pleasure, it’s essential that your meeting room meets your specific requirements (excuse the pun!). Here at Tagvenue we have a great selection of professional London meeting rooms, from high spec conference venues to modern boardrooms and light-filled classrooms. Your ideal meeting venue is only a few clicks away.

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The benefits of face-to-face networking at meetings and other business events shouldn’t be underestimated. Successful meetings create a sense of camaraderie, foster collaboration, win new customers, close deals, develop high-performing talent and serve as education platforms. In comparison to conference calls and virtual meetings, traditional meetings are generally shorter and have higher levels of engagement with fewer misunderstandings.

Whether you’re meeting to brainstorm, solve a problem or build relationships, getting together in the right venue is a whole lot easier with our smart venue search engine. Just let us know what you’re searching for and we’ll do the legwork for you. Perhaps you’re after a professional interview space near Euston Station, a breakout room for a team-building session, or maybe you’re on the lookout for a seminar room with a view over central London – no matter what you have in mind, our venue experts can recommend a meeting room that matches your individual needs.

Organising a meeting in London, but aren’t quite sure where to start? You can make the most of your meeting by nailing down your key objectives early and planning with your purpose in mind. But before you get into the nitty-gritty details, make sure to check out the top meeting trends you can expect to see over the coming year.

Hottest meeting trends:

  • unique, unusual or alternative meeting rooms (one-of-a-kind or funky meeting rooms in London generate interest and make great talking points)

  • hybrid meetings (meetings that integrate social media conversations, web-based audience participation, virtual attendance, etc.)

  • a focus on attendee engagement (think video conferencing, live polling, pre and post event web content, etc.)

  • impressive event tech (dedicated event apps, real-time social media integration, special keynote webcasts, touchscreen technology, etc.)

  • green events (think green venues and private meeting rooms in London with eco-friendly touches, like recycled paper, fair trade catering, etc.)

  • team-building activities and off-site events (with volunteer and high-adrenalin activities proving most popular)

  • themed meetings (they give attendees a clear expectation of what the emphasis of the meeting will be)

  • customised event education (pop-up sessions, open space learning, etc.)

  • participant-driven events or unconferences (peer-driven events where attendees essentially create the content and then choose which sessions they’d like to participate in)

  • virtual meetings (via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc.) or affordable meetings (held in co-working spaces or cheap meeting rooms in London)

  • luxury meeting rooms (from well-equipped boardrooms near the airport to boutique hotel meeting rooms in London)
  • downsized shareholder meetings (the demand for small meeting rooms in London is bigger than ever)
  • a focus on wellness (think fitness breaks, smoothie stations and customised menus that accommodate dietary preferences and are designed to maximise and sustain energy levels)

Facilitating a group session is no easy task – leading a conference, meeting, seminar or training session is a balancing act, requiring you to keep your audience alert while covering all the essential information. It’s also important that you guide your group in a constructive way while remaining objective, open-minded and fair.

How to host a meeting with flair:

  • ask for input about who should be at the meeting and let attendees know why they’ve been asked to take part, so they can come fully prepared

  • at the beginning of the meeting, provide some background information about the topic, what will be covered and what the objectives are

  • make a good first impression by preparing well-packaged, value-adding materials

  • bring your material to life by including relevant personal anecdotes or interesting case studies

  • engage attendees by presenting material in a variety of ways (cartoons, videos, PowerPoint slides, etc.)

  • encourage participation and active learning by incorporating activities into your session (Q&A sessions, role play, trivia etc.)

  • remain fluid with the agenda if attendees are making progress outside of the time parameters

  • leave plenty of time for questions (but be careful not to let the discussion digress)

  • think about what information you want attendees to leave with, and be sure to include your website, email address or Twitter handle on anything you want participants to connect back to you

  • ask for feedback, whether it’s via a web-based tool, like SurveyMonkey, a follow-up email or an old-school printed feedback form (remember that feedback works best when it’s written and anonymous)

  • for more meeting tips, read this article about business meeting etiquette

Top tips and tricks for hosting a meeting:

  • avoid surprises when booking a venue or working with vendors by getting all agreements in writing

  • make sure to test computers, internet connections, projectors and other A/V equipment in advance (and if you’re showing a PowerPoint presentation, have it saved in three formats (PC, Mac and PDF), just to be on the safe side)

  • communicate with suppliers and arrive at the venue early, so you have plenty of time to set up and check last-minute arrangements

  • schedule regular breaks, especially for half-day or all-day sessions (rest breaks every 60–80 minutes are ideal)

  • don’t forget about connectivity, especially if millennials will be in attendance (provide wireless internet at your event, even if it’s not essential for your meeting itself)

Things to avoid when holding a meeting:

  • going ahead with it if you’re finding it difficult to identify the objective/s or if an online chat, phone call or video conference would achieve the same aim

  • overloading the agenda (remember that topics usually take longer than allocated, so it’s wise to schedule the most important agenda items at the start of the meeting)

  • restarting or recapping the meeting for late arrivals

  • giving the screen more attention than your audience

  • including technical analysts in executive sessions

  • allowing attendees to put their own agendas ahead of the best overall solution

  • managing conflict badly (always try to stay positive and offer a solution or redirect the conversation if need be)

  • leaving the room (unless absolutely necessary)

On the lookout for a fantastic meeting room in London, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Check out Tagvenue’s selection of the best meeting spaces the capital has to offer. From contemporary convention centres in King’s Cross to light-filled boardrooms near St Pancras, we’re sure to have something that suits. So what are you waiting for? Your ideal meeting space is only a few clicks away.

When hiring a meeting room, remember to consider:

  • your budget

  • how the venue prices its space (by the hour/day/session)

  • the convenience of the location (distance to the airport, public transport connections, parking facilities, disabled access)

  • the capacity (do you need a small hotel meeting room near the airport or a cheap meeting room in London with space for a large group?)
  • the type of venue that will best suit your event (do you need a last-minute meeting room in central London, a conference venue with accommodation for out-of-town attendees, a computer & IT training room with teleconferencing facilities, a large ballroom for a charity gala or a meeting venue with breakout rooms that will facilitate small group communication?)

  • the facilities you require (computers, WiFi, mics, projectors, flipcharts, space for exhibits, outdoor space, kitchen facilities, natural daylight etc.)

  • whether you need someone available on the day for technical assistance

  • the time of your event (day, evening, weekend)

  • the number of attendees you expect (choosing a venue that will just accommodate the number of people you anticipate will help give your meeting the right energy)

  • how long you’ll have access to the venue before your meeting is scheduled to begin

  • how quickly you’ll need to be packed up and out of the venue at the end of the session

  • your catering needs and whether the venue is able to cater to special dietary requirements

  • any cancellation policies

While this seems like a lot to consider, the more answers you can get from the venue manager, the more prepared you’ll be. Having a solid plan for the day will help your meeting run smoothly and ensure attendees get the most out of the session. More importantly, it will guarantee that valuable group time is spent productively, making it faster to solve problems and reach key objectives.

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Tracey Bussola
Booked Mini Meeting Rooms at West One
The venue was great and wifi good. There was somebody on hand for any technical issues if required. In the lead up to the event, the staff were excellent in ensuring that we would have everything that we needed. We ordered a working lunch, which was delicious - freshly prepared and good. We would definitely use this facility again as good value and a great location.
Allan Bullock
Booked Meeting Room at Clapham Common
Ivor facilitated my client meeting with ease and was by far the best value in town. I look forward to using this very convenient room again.
Jen Burroughs
Booked Whole Venue at The LBA LAB
Great space, nice and light, perfect for meetings, workshops and networking events.
Jeanette Khan
Booked Meeting / Conference Room at Brick Lane / Liverpool St Meeting Room
Clean room with everything requested and friendly staff upstairs.
Anna Man
Booked Northern Meeting Room at Cowork Hub
Location was perfect and very easy for the delegates to get to. Literally by the tube station. Rooms were fit for our purposes and the last changes we had Alex accommodated for us. Glad to have found your venue.
Tim spires
Booked Meeting Room 2 at The Bloomsbury Building
Super easy to book, even a short notice. Nice buzz about the place. Good size room.