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Top Meeting Rooms in Liverpool Street

Searching for a meeting room for hire in one of the hottest spots in the City of London? Liverpool Street sounds like the perfect area for you! This spot is home to the always busy Liverpool Street Station, a crucial hub for the City’s commuters. Excellent transport links and location between the business district and a more entertainment-focused area make it a spot that has all it takes to organise a great meeting.

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Looking for a meeting room near Liverpool Street Station, but feel like you could use some expert help? We’re here to clue you in. The hottest meeting spots in the Liverpool Street area include:

  • Bishopsgate – Taking its name from one of the original gates in the London Wall, Bishopsgate is now known as a hub for banking and business expansion. Well-connected and boasting an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s no better place for a business meeting! We’re listing plenty of meeting rooms in Bishopsgate – with us you’re sure to find the perfect one for what you’re planning!
  • Moorgate and Finsbury Circus – Tall buildings, hustle and bustle, rich historical background and, obviously, plenty of banks – we love this distinctive financial centre. And if you need a break from the buzz of Moorgate, Finsbury Circus, a charming garden in the heart of the City, is just a stone’s throw away.
  • Barbican – A mecca for all lovers of brutalist architecture, Barbican boasts its own one-of-a-kind charm you won’t find anywhere else in London. What’s more, it’s also famous for its world-class arts centre, which makes it a wonderful destination for creative meetings of all kinds. If you’re on the lookout for a quirky meeting room close to the City, Barbican is the area for you!