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Looking for meeting rooms in London Bridge can be nerve-racking, especially on short notice. Actually, even when you have plenty of time to find meeting spaces for hire well in advance, locating what you need isn’t easy. You can, however, change that if you allow Tagvenue to help you identify and book what you need. Sitting under the steady gaze of The Shard (Western Europe’s tallest building), London Bridge offers a rich variety of unique sights and experiences alongside the River Thames. We have collected exhaustive information on the meeting room market in the area thus saving you the precious time and resources you’d otherwise expend looking for the appropriate spot.

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

London Bridge is overflowing with shops, hotels, hostels, restaurants, skyscrapers, impressive landmarks and historic sites. The winding alleys, cobbled streets and the banks of the world-famous Thames River make its landscape unforgettable. For business people, perhaps the best thing about London Bridge is how well it’s served by transport networks. The ready availability of overland rail, Eurostar Services, buses and river bus services makes moving within and beyond the district fast and convenient.

If you fancy taking a tour of the area on two wheels, there are docking stations. Catch a breathtaking bird’s eye view of London and beyond by heading to The Shard’s observation deck (incidentally, there are great meeting rooms in The Shard too). Keep in mind that London Bridge shouldn’t be confused with the nearby Tower Bridge which is further to the east.

Looking for a place with accommodation? We’re listing a choice of hotel meeting rooms near London Bridge, too! Our service is free so don’t waste any more valuable time scouring the web to find meeting rooms to hire in London Bridge. It’s all right here so get searching!

So how much does it cost to hire a meeting room in London Bridge? We’re here to tell you:

  • The cost of hiring conference rooms near London Bridge depends on several factors including location, capacity and any amenities included in the package. The capacity of meeting rooms in London Bridge ranges from space for just 4 guests to room for well over 150 attendees.
  • Various pricing models are available when hiring a room. A hire fee per hour is by far the most popular pricing type. Fees range from as low as £16 per hour to nearly £300. Other meeting room hire fee models widely used in London Bridge include per session (ranges from £190 to £1500) and per day (from £400 to £900). Some meeting spaces charge a minimum spend per session (from £50 to £100) or per day (from £450 to £1000).
  • Given such diversity in types of pricing, it’s important that you gather all key data about your meeting e.g. number of attendees, length of each meeting session, number of sessions and number of days. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to calculate a comparable total cost for the meeting rooms in London Bridge that appeal to you.

Different meeting locations will appeal to different audiences. In London Bridge, the following areas are consistently the most popular:

  • Stoney Street – This area is renowned for its wealth of cafes which could be why there are several popular meeting rooms here.
  • The area around Southwark Cathedral – The cathedral is London’s oldest Gothic church. Being within the vicinity of such an iconic structure is perhaps why meeting rooms in this location have above average demand.