Meeting Rooms for Hire near London Bridge

Meeting Rooms for Hire near London Bridge

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Looking for meeting rooms in London Bridge can be nerve-racking, but not with Tagvenue! Sitting under the steady gaze of The Shard, London Bridge offers a rich variety of fantastic meeting spaces and experiences alongside the River Thames. And we have collected all the best ones on one list. So why not check it out now and save the precious time and resources that you can allocate to other important meeting elements? We guarantee that you’ll find the right spot within minutes of searching, so take our smart engines for a spin now!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

London Bridge is overflowing with shops, hotels, hostels, restaurants, skyscrapers, impressive landmarks and historic sites. The winding alleys, cobbled streets and the banks of the world-famous Thames River make its landscape unforgettable. For business people, perhaps the best thing about London Bridge is how well it’s served by transport networks. From sleek meeting space near Cannon Street Station to a large meeting venue close to Tower Hill Station, you can find venues for business events near major tube stations in the area. The ready availability of overland rail, Eurostar Services, buses and river bus services makes moving within and beyond the district fast and convenient.

If you fancy taking a tour of the area on two wheels, there are docking stations. Catch a breathtaking bird’s eye view of London and beyond by heading to The Shard’s observation deck (incidentally, there are great meeting rooms in The Shard too). Keep in mind that London Bridge shouldn’t be confused with the nearby Tower Bridge which is further to the east.

Looking for a place with accommodation? We’re listing a choice of hotel meeting rooms near London Bridge, too! Our service is free so don’t waste any more valuable time scouring the web to find meeting rooms to hire in London Bridge. It’s all right here so get searching!

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in London Bridge

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in London Bridge?

The cost of hiring meeting rooms near London Bridge depends on several factors such as location, capacity and the type of amenities included in the package. Generally, per-hour hire fees are the most common and start from as low as £16 and go up to £300+. You can also book a space per session which ranges from £190 to £1500 or per day which costs around £450 to £900. Some venues that offer in-house catering charge on a basis of a minimum spend which starts from £500. But, it is also common to hire a space per person and prices vary between £40 to £70. Given such diversity in pricing, we highly recommend gathering all the key data such as the number of attendees, date, time and amenities that you’ll need. Armed with this info, you’ll be able to get individual offers from the venues that have caught your interest, compare them and choose the best one. (All data from

Where can I find meeting rooms in London Bridge?

London Bridge offers a vast list of meeting spaces where you can host a fruitful event. For a less formal meeting, we suggest starting your search on Stoney Street. This street is famous for its long list of stylish and comfortable cafes and several cosy meeting rooms that are well-equipped. The area around Southwark Cathedral is also worth mentioning - the iconic Gothic church is an iconic structure that attracts many people which is the reason why there are many fantastic and affordable venues there. You can easily find affordable meeting rooms near London Bridge Station as well as on Redcross Way and Thrale Street

Can you give some tips for hosting a meeting?

With pleasure! We know that hosting a meeting can be a bit overwhelming, so here are our top 5 tips that will surely help you out. 

  1. Set clear goals - What result would you like to achieve by hosting a meeting? Create a strategy? Perhaps resolve some urgent issues? Having a clear goal in mind will motivate you to lead the session in a way that you achieve it. Also, it will help you plan out the whole meeting from start to finish. 
  2. Make an agenda - An agenda will help the attendees to know what topics will be discussed and allow everyone to stay on track. 
  3. Consider serving snacks and drinks - If you’re planning a longer meeting, consider serving some refreshments and snacks. They will help everyone to keep a fresh mind and stay engaged during the whole meeting. 
  4. Try to engage the attendees - Encourage everyone to take an active part in the meeting. You can, for example, call on individuals to answer some questions or designate some roles. This way, everyone will feel included and will stay focused.
  5. Start and finish on time - By sticking to the schedule you will show everyone that you respect their time. Make sure that you don’t go off-topic too much and proceed to other points on your agenda without any unnecessary interruptions.

How far in advance should I book a meeting room in London Bridge?

On our platform, you can book a meeting space up to 2 weeks in advance. However, if you can, try to start your search and book your first-choice option at least 2 months in advance. You’ll have many more options to choose from and you’ll be more likely to find a room that meets all your needs. Apart from that, early booking guarantees a better price and the room for you to thoroughly plan every part of your meeting. 

Kieran O.
Booked (13) Training Room up to 15 at The Psychosynthesis Trust
Great location, easy access, temperature of room good, all requested facilities provided, excellent value
Booked Menier Penthouse at Menier Penthouse
The venue was spotless with beautiful views, very spacious and well situated. The staff was very friendly and had no problems accommodating any requests from us.
Gareth R.
Booked Fruit & Veg Private Room at Arthur Hooper's
Lovely room, great location (essentially the Leaky Cauldron, if you're a fan of the Potter films, one of which was filmed right outside). The food was really nice and everyone there was lovely and helpful.
Amanda M.
Booked Carrington Room at Artwork Classrooms
The room we rented was bright, airy and welcoming. The host (Daniel) was incredibly accommodating and overall it was a nice experience. The location was a short walk from the Tower of London and the value was very good for that area.

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