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Hunting for a meeting room in Bath? This ancient city has some amazing offers, both historic and modern. Check them out on Tagvenue, compare your choices and book your next professional meeting space today!

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Meeting Rooms in Bath FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Bath?

Meeting room hire fees in Bath can range from £24 to £48 per hourPer person pricing starts at £27. (All data based on data)

What are the most popular locations for hosting a meeting in Bath?

Bath has many unique locations available for meeting room hire near Landsdown Rd and Broad Street, two major thoroughfares in the centre. The area around York Street and Stall Street is also an excellent location to consider, as you can find several types of meeting room venues there.

How do I determine the meeting room size I will need?

If you know the number of attendees to expect, then you can look on Tagvenue for a venue of the appropriate size. Each venue page lists the capacity for each room, and you can choose accordingly. Just be sure to ask for confirmed attendance and check with the venue if you find that you will need a larger or smaller space.

What is included in the price of a meeting room?

A meeting room hire fee by the hour or session will cover occupancy of the hired space, as well as any onsite equipment including, chairs, whiteboards, flipcharts, projectors, wi-fi, etc. When paying a package fee per person, this should also cover the room, basic equipment and refreshments. More elaborate equipment and lunch or dinner may or may not be included in the price.

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