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Find your Meeting Room in Shoreditch, London

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When asked to describe Shoreditch with one word, most people would probably say “creativity”. This buzzing part of East London is well known for trend-setting, artistic buzz and businesses with a creative spark. Sounds like a great place to meet up and work on new ideas? We think so! We’re listing the best meeting rooms for hire in Shoreditch, so you can easily browse, pick and book the perfect one for you. Give us a try and see for yourself!

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Shoreditch Venues Hire Guide

Shoreditch is located in central London, just east of Old Street Roundabout, borderingHackney and Islington boroughs. Shoreditch High Street is one of the main shopping streets in London’s East End. As one of the capital’s most popular and vibrant districts, it has become a hub for startups, creatives, and young professionals looking for something new.

The area is home to some of the most innovative studios and meeting rooms in London, so if you are planning to hold a business meeting in this neighbourhood, there are plenty of options. What to keep in mind when looking for that perfect meeting room?

Budget - When searching for a meeting room, first, figure out how much you can spend on the hire. Your budget will be the driving force in your search and will help you narrow down the choices to those that are most affordable and convenient.

Size - As far as size goes, there is no standard for meeting room sizes. It all depends on what you will use it for, and how much space you will need to do what you have planned. Think about how many people will come to the meeting and make sure everyone has enough space to move around freely and comfortably.

Location - When searching for meeting rooms, think carefully about the location. Make sure that the venue is easily accessible and has ample parking space. If you would like your meeting to continue in a less formal environment, it's best to find a space that is close to other facilities such as restaurants or cafes. Thankfully, in Shoreditch, that won’t be a problem!

Equipment - The next thing to consider when looking for meeting rooms is their functionality. The meeting room you choose should have everything you need, such as whiteboards, AV equipment, and a stable Internet connection. When searching for meeting rooms, check whether or not they have any specific amenities that your group may need during the meeting such as a coffee station or a kitchenette.

Vibe - Although it may not be the first or even the second thing that comes to mind when thinking about meeting rooms, the atmosphere is actually an important factor to take into consideration when looking for a meeting space. If you’re a startup company meeting with potential clients, look for a room that will show your professionalism and represent your business. If you’re meeting with your team for some brainstorming, look for a creative setup to enhance your efforts. Keep in mind what’s the reason for the meeting and select a room that will support your best efforts!

If you have already found the perfect room for your meeting, what are some other steps you can take to best prepare for it?

Plan ahead - There’s nothing worse than leaving a meeting with a “why” question. So to avoid this, plan ahead of time. Think carefully about why you are meeting in the first place and what you want to achieve during it. Then think about who should be there to provide all the necessary insights and comments. Be careful not to invite too many people, though, as the discussion may get sidetracked if too many people are present.

Create the agenda - Once you know what the meeting is for, prepare an agenda that will clearly state all the points you will be covering. Make the agenda known to the people you’re inviting ahead of time, so they can prepare for it.

Plan the breaks - … and stick to them! This point may sound obvious. But if you have a long list of tasks to do during the meeting, breaks may seem like a waste of time. But they’re necessary for everyone to stay productive during work. Prepare snacks and drinks people can have in between the sessions. If you’re meeting in the first part of the day, prepare a lunch break as well.

Keep the time - The longer the meeting takes place, the more likely it is that some people will lose interest or get distracted by what's happening around them. If you have the agenda, allocate time to each of the points and have somebody keep track of it so you don't spend too much time on one point while neglecting the other.

Get the materials ready - Don’t be the person who forgets to bring in all the necessary printouts and other materials. Have everything organised beforehand so that participants can flip back and forth between pages without having to scramble around at the last minute.

Follow-up - Although the follow-up takes place already after the meeting, it’s a good practice to plan it out in detail ahead of time. Make sure you end your meeting by clearly defining the next steps. Decide who will be responsible for what and what the timetable is for completing every step. Summarise all that has been decided during the meeting, and send the note after it ends to all the participants.

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Shoreditch

Which areas of Shoreditch are the best to hire a meeting room?

A hot destination itself, Shoreditch boasts several spots that are particularly popular for meeting room hire. Our favourites include:

  • Shoreditch Old Street – Often associated with Banksy’s graffiti works, the Old Street area is also home to several venues with meeting rooms close to Old Street Station available for private hire. Full of refurbished factories, trendy bars and more formal office spaces, it gives you a truly wide variety of choices. Oh, and one more thing – the Old Street Roundabout is known as the Silicon Roundabout, as it’s located next to East London Tech City, a significant startup hub.
  • Shoreditch Town Hall – This impressive Grade II listed building in the heart of Shoreditch boasts a surprising diversity of meeting spaces for hire, from small meeting rooms and raw, minimal warehouse spaces to gorgeous Victorian halls. We’re more than happy to have this EC1 gem on board!
  • Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street – Here’s where most of the action Shoreditch is famous for happens! Looking for a quirky meeting room near Moorgate Station or Shoreditch High Street Station? This vibrant area is full of creative spaces, street art and inspiring happenings. Bonus points for being well-connected with the rest of the city  – you’re just several steps away from a special Shoreditch experience.

How much does it cost to rent a meeting room in Shoreditch?

Prizes for meeting rooms vary depending on the size of the room, and the time and date you choose. Hourly rates for meeting rooms range between £30 to £90. You can hire rooms for a full day, with prices starting at £180. Some rooms also have meeting offers, starting at £48 per person. (Based on Tagvenue data.)

Which equipment is usually included in the hire fee for a meeting room?

Most meeting rooms come with a projector, whiteboard, flipchart, and markers. Some rooms offer video conferencing equipment and access to printers and photocopiers. Some venues may have a kitchenette or a coffee station. If you’re unsure whether or not an item is included, ask the venue manager before you make your final decision.

Can I hire a meeting room on a budget in Shoreditch?

Yes, hiring a meeting room on a budget is possible, even in such a hip neighbourhood as Shoreditch! If it’s possible, book the space during off-peak hours, for example after lunch or even in the late afternoon. If you don’t have to use advanced equipment, look for rooms that just offer the space without all the facilities. Pay attention to the size of the room, so you don’t pay for one that’s too big for your group.

Clare H.
Booked Function Room at the Venue at The Old Street Gallery
The whole experience was very easy and Kwan was extremely helpful with any questions we had prior to the event. The space was perfect for our needs and comfortable for the amount of attendees.
Haseena B.
Booked Meeting Room P3 at The Worker's League
Overall a pleasant experience and would recommend, Avi (staff member) was very friendly and helpful. It had good amenities and facilities. The main heating was being repaired but we were provided heaters which were sufficient.
Latifat R.
Booked Meeting Room R2 at The Worker's League
Great work space and environment. we loved the drinks Thursday trolley. Avi our host was exceptional.
Shenez G.
Booked Film and Photography Studio at Leonard Studio
Andrea was a very welcoming and flexible host. The venue was really spacious and had everything we needed. The location is great, close to plenty of bus routes/stations and right in the centre of Shoreditch
Eniola L.
Booked Studio Room at The White Room
Agent was super helpful and communicative, on-site manager was present and very effective. Overall a great experience, would definitely hire again!
Kiki D.
Booked Meeting Room P3 at The Worker's League
Great venue for our meeting - Kimberly was super helpful in getting everything organised for us. Would definitely come here again.
Booked Meeting Room P3 at The Worker's League
The venue was really great, thanks so much, kimberly was super helpful, polite and amzing to communicate with, I would reccomend others to book here again.
Beth M.
Booked Meeting Room P3 at The Worker's League
Kimberley was so helpful and accommodating and the space we booked was perfect. Thanks again, we hope to be back!

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