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Meeting Rooms for Hire in East London

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Top Meeting Rooms in East London

On the lookout for meeting rooms in East London but aren’t sure where to start? Can’t blame you - you’ve got a lot of options for meeting spaces through a fairly sprawling area and it can be tricky to know where your best options are. Take a look at our list of top spaces for hosting a meeting in East London.

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

There are, however, a few areas where you can start your search for a meeting space in East London, each with its own set of advantages:

  • Hackney and Shoreditch - Your best bet for finding more eclectic and informal meeting facilities, usually for a bit lower of a price tag than you’d find in the middle of London. Head down Old Street and Rivington Street for some of the best venues on offer.
  • Tower Hamlets - Likely to be your best bet for affordable meeting spaces, the hotel meeting rooms around Tower Hamlets are particularly worth exploring. On the other end of the scale, Canary Wharf offers some of the best high end meeting spaces that are well worth the price tag.
  • Greenwich - If you’re looking for anything on the water or a maritime motif, Greenwich is an excellent choice. Especially worth noting is the famous Cutty Sark and the slightly less famous but no less charming Gipsy Moth.
  • Newham - If you’re looking to explore your options, Newham is an excellent place to start as it features a great deal of variety in price points, amenities, venue setups and specialities. Start along Victoria Dock Road and see what jumps out at you.