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Meeting Rooms in Holborn, London, UK

Find and book top meeting spaces in the heart of London

Top Meeting Rooms in Holborn

Located between the City of London and the West End (which explains why it also goes by the name Midtown), Holborn connects the best of both worlds. It has the big city buzz and the historical charm, it’s a great place to work as well as a great place to play. To sum it up, it’s a fantastic place to meet – and we know all the best meeting rooms and conference facilities in the area. We’re listing them all in one place, so you can easily browse them and then find and book your ideal meeting space in Holborn in no time. See for yourself!

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Known as London’s legal quarter (home to two Inns of Court) and a Georgian architectural gem, Holborn is also full of modern office spaces and conference centres, many of which offer fantastic meeting rooms for hire. Other reasons for Holborn being a popular meeting destination include:

  • Excellent transport links – Apart from having an eponymous tube station (and many other ones nearby), Holborn is located just a short walk from Charing Cross Station. It’s easily accessible from all parts of London.
  • Hidden green spaces – Need an outdoor breakout zone for your meeting? Holborn may appear quite built-up, but it has secret gardens to discover. Our favourites include Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Bloomsbury Square Garden, both perfect to relax after the meeting or just to have a short walk during the break.
  • Inspiring vibe – As mentioned above, thanks to its location between the Square Mile and the entertainment district, Holborn is where all the trends from both sides meet. What’s more, it’s also a business improvement district. Sounds like a good place to organise a meeting in, doesn’t it?