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Need to hire a classroom in London for your next event? Thanks to its rich history and great universities, you will have tons of options around the city. From dedicated classrooms and seminar rooms to meeting venues and educational spaces, Tagvenue is guaranteed to have something that suits your needs. We offer spaces that are perfect for workshops, brainstorming, interactive learning, problem solving and relationship building. So what are you waiting for? Get searching for your ultimate London classroom and book it in a matter of minutes!

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Classrooms Hire Guide

Are you a teacher or a grad student looking for a simple space for tutoring, or maybe you’re trying to create your own private language school? Regardless of your final goal, we at Tagvenue want to help you find the best classroom space for your use case. From simple tiny desk rooms for tutoring to meeting rooms and large rooms for group workshops, we will help you find the perfect space for your classes, quick and stress-free.

Before you even get started with your search for a perfect classroom in London, you have to know what kind of class you want to host and how many students are going to attend. Are you a tutor, music teacher or an artist? Depending on your profession, you will need a venue with different setups and equipment.

What should you look for in a London classroom?

London has a massive amount of great spaces for teaching. At first, the amount of options could be slightly overwhelming, but worry not! To make it easier for you to choose the best room for your needs, we’ve made a list of elements you should take into consideration when choosing your first classroom for hire:

  • Great location. If you want your students to be able to reach your class easily, you will have to take the location of your room into consideration. How close is it to major bus and underground connections? Is it close to where your students live? Can  everyone get there early enough without any problems or hiccups? 
  • Accessibility. Aside from being in a suitable location, your venue should also be easy to access. Scout out your potential class rooms for amenities like parking spaces, elevators or big, visible signs. This is especially important if you’re giving private lessons to people with disabilities. Thanks to our smart search engine functionalities, you can filter out the appropriate venues based on your needs and those of your students.
  • Good reviews. Many local spaces are popular among teachers and small business owners. Spaces with great reviews usually have the best customer service and high standards, especially for their price. Tagvenue has a special program called #Supervenue that singles out  venues with above average practices. You can read more about it here.
  • Affordable pricing. In order to get the best bang for your buck, you will first have to understand the pricing models in most of the London classrooms. Most of them charge customers either per hour or per 8-hour day sessions. If you are a tutor with a very specific schedule, hiring a space by hour would be the more versatile solution. However, hiring spaces for long sessions is usually the more affordable option on a per hour basis. 
  • Optimal layout. The seating layout in your classroom can have a surprising amount of impact on the way you connect and interact with your students. For example, if you have a larger amount of students you can group them up and get them working together. That will encourage a sense of camaraderie and help them work quicker by exchanging ideas or taking different roles. If you’re tutoring just a single student, it’s usually better to sit by them instead of across the table so that you can see and correct them as you go. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the classic row layout but it’s nice to make your lessons more interesting from time to time.
  • Useful facilities. These things may not matter if you’re just hiring a room for an hour or so. But if you’re spending long, busy days teaching or tutoring, you should definitely look for venues with some additional amenities. The most important one will probably be a bathroom, for obvious reasons. However, you should definitely consider looking for spaces with catering options (or at the very least, an ability to order take-out when you need a bite to eat). Some of the spaces in London also offer common break rooms, so that you can take a breather somewhere outside of your teaching environment.

How to carry out your first tutoring session

So you’ve made a decision to share your expertise with people. That’s amazing! But before you get started, there are a few things you should prepare or consider before you get started with sharing your experience with students. We made a list of bullet points that will help you make your classes a success:

  • Create a curriculum. Make sure it’s concise, and that the difficulty will progress at a level appropriate for your students’ abilities.
  • Advertise yourself. Use social media to your advantage or use conventional methods such as posters, business cards, or word of mouth.
  • Book a classroom. Make sure it can accommodate all of your students (if you’re not sure how many of them will come, try to find a way for them to confirm their arrival)
  • Prepare materials. Depending on what it is you're teaching, you should bring or print out useful notes and material for your students. It’s definitely way more fun than having them write everything out in their notebooks. 
  • Bring your best self. Try to make your students comfortable and excited about what you’re teaching. Teachers and tutors who are passionate about their subject and accommodating to their students get the best results.

Classrooms in London FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a classroom in London?

London classrooms usually charge by hour and their cost is largely dependent on the size of the class, proximity to the city centre, and any extra amenities. Expect costs somewhere between £15 and £150 per hour. Prices may vary depending on the time of day, so make sure to check the venue page for more details. If you’re after longer bookings, you can hire some spaces for a full 8-hour day. In that case, the venues charge between £150 and £600 and beyond. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which parts of London do I look for affordable classrooms?

You can find budget-friendly classrooms pretty much all over Central London. In that regard, the neighbourhoods of Shadwell and Whitechapel offer a nice variety of classrooms just a short walk away from the local underground stations. To the north-west, you will be able to find some nice, but cheap classrooms between Camden Town and St. Pancras - the close proximity to The British Library could potentially be a great perk as well.

What venues should I expect to find when looking for classrooms?

  • Blank canvas spaces - These simple spaces are abundant in all parts of London because you can have them set up however you want. This works especially well if you’re a performance artist, dancer or musician and therefore you need more than just seating space.
  • Meeting rooms - Simple spaces optimised for hybrid or offline meetings. If you’re hosting a small class or you’re tutoring, many of these venues will fit your needs very well.
  • Conventional classrooms - If you’re teaching a traditional school subject or you want to be the founder of your own private school, you can’t go wrong with one of our classrooms for hire.
  • Creative spaces - these spaces usually offer a lot of additional amenities and are great for teaching artistic activities such as photography, cooking, or art.

What are the best ways to find students for tutoring?

Nowadays there are many ways for you to advertise your services and find students looking to improve at your subject. First and foremost, you can just use your social media. Things like Facebook groups for students could be a good place to start. There are also many free platforms for you to advertise your services. You can also try the offline options - get some flyers or business cards and place them around schools, stores, and in places close to your classroom.

Guests Reviews of Classrooms on Tagvenue

Karina Govzan
Booked Feeny Space at The Africa Centre
We hosted a business event for our brand Ultimate Wealth Project here and the venue was beautiful. Bottom floor was restaurant, music good vibes, on a saturday evening. We hired the room upstairs which you take a lift up to and leads you directly to the 3rd floor. The room was made warm for us, airy and spacious and our guests were even led upstairs by the friendly staff from bottom floor. Chike who helped me arrange all this was a superstar and helped us make sure everything was set up and okay before he left. We will definitely be back to hire this place out and invest into their cuisine dishes after the business event next time.
Catherine Zahra
Booked Sky Loft Thames View at Altitude London
The bright space with a clear view over London was great and meant that for our planning day we did not feel trapped in and got lots of natural light. Kamal on the day was great. He made sure the day ran really well. It all felt effortless which is what we needed. The lunch was very tasty and filling and was what the team needed and the drinks reception in the evening was a good end to the day.
Booked Bridewell Suite at Crowne Plaza London - The City
Everything was amazing! Thank you Crowne Plaza
Hazel lindsey
Booked Classrooms at Chelsea Academy
Brilliant communication from Clair and a very helpful receptionist on the day. Great wifi and technology. Spacious and clean. Would highly recommend.
Hafizur Khan
Booked Montague room at Monticello House
Romy and her team were very helpful and provided an excellent service. The location and value for the venue was perfect. Thank you for allowing us to use your kitchen to get hot water.
Jez Humble
Booked Clore Creative Studio at Whitechapel Gallery
The space is stunning and very private, and the venue staff are really helpful and took great care of us - they signposted our event very nicely. We also got free entry to the exhibition!

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