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If you’re on the lookout for a therapy rooms in London you’ve come to the right place. Here at Tagvenue, we know how important it is to find the right space for you and your clients or patients. Whether you need a cosy and welcoming space or an energetic and empowering one, London has everything you’re looking for. You can search around tube stations for easy access from any part of the city or scan the suburbs for a more secluded space. Whatever your requirements for a therapy room may be, put them in Tagvenue’s search bar and let us find a space you will love.

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Therapy Rooms Hire Guide

There are different kinds of therapy and each one may require a different type of room to conduct it. The space you are looking for needs to be thoughtfully designed to serve you, a working professional but also be beneficial to your patients or clients to support them in achieving their goals. Whether you’re looking for a space for counselling, coaching, psychotherapy or any other treatment, there are some points to consider when looking for a therapy room.

Privacy. The ideal therapy room should provide as much privacy as possible to help your clients feel at ease, without worrying about anything going on outside the door. Search for rooms that are soundproof to not only provide your clients with a safe space but also to ensure that the session is not disrupted. In some cases, you may want to look for a place that offers private entries or ones that are hidden from the main street. 

Size. You want your clients to feel safe in the therapy room and usually, a smaller space can provide that quality. A small therapy room is suitable for one-on-one or couples counselling. If you’re going to run a group session, look for venues where each attending person will have enough room for themselves. If you’re doing therapy that involves movement, search through dance or creative studios to find the right venue for the activities you are planning.

Colours that are used in the therapy room play a great role during the therapy session. Earthly and natural colours may have a calming effect, while vibrant and strong ones can invigorate and energise your clients. In your search for therapy rooms, look for spaces where the colouring will enhance the outcome you desire. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, adding a few coloured elements may change the whole ambience of the room. 

Room layout. The wrong arrangement of the furniture and other elements in the therapy room may influence the mood and affect the therapy work. Look for seating arrangements that won’t be confrontational, or even better - look for spaces that are flexible and can be adjusted by you or your clients to best fit their needs. 

Furniture. To make your clients more comfortable and provide a warm and cosy atmosphere, look for a room with soft furniture. Avoid sharp edges and cold, unnatural surfaces like concrete or metal. The furniture should be in good taste and not shabby. Accessories that are either too fancy or too rundown may make your clients feel uncomfortable. Soft furniture and other natural elements will also aid the soundproofing of the room. 

Equipment. The usual therapy room needs comfortable chairs or sofas, a coffee table and perhaps some decorations. If you need more specific equipment, look for spaces that can provide them within the hiring price or can rent out what you need. If you have your own equipment that you want to use during the therapy, look for blank canvas spaces that you could adjust and furnish according to your requirements.

Windows and lighting. Therapy rooms should be provided with sunlight or warm light that allows relaxation and creates a tender and safe atmosphere. When looking for a room with windows, make sure to check what your clients will observe during the therapy. A view of a busy street may add to anxiety and hinder the session outcome. A good idea might be to give your clients a chance to adjust the lighting to their needs. A set of blinds or curtains and light fixtures can allow that to happen.

Distractions. Fill the space with elements that provide a ‘positive distraction’ such as plants or neutral art pieces. They may come in handy when talking about some tough issues. Your client will have something to focus on while talking to you. If you decide to decorate the room with art, look for pieces that will have a calming effect or things that your clients can associate with. Avoid objects that might be triggering or disturbing.

Area. Before hiring a room search the area around it as well. You want your clients to feel comfortable and welcomed even before they enter the therapy session. Look for spaces that are accessible either by car or public transportation.

When looking for a therapy room, always keep in mind who your intended clients are and search accordingly to what they will need. Thanks to Tagvenue you are sure to find the optimal therapy room for your needs. You may also check out some of our suggestions:

  • Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green - a venue located minutes away from Farringdon Station, offering multiple rooms that are flexible and adjustable to fit your needs. The rooms are filled with natural light, but also provide the equipment you may need for your sessions.
  • CIEE London - located near Russell Square Station, this venue offers small rooms for one-on-one sessions, but also larger ones that can fit a group. An adjustable layout lets you organise the space to best fit your needs.
  • Wellbeing Centre London- a modernly equipped minimalist location that provides the ideal intimate setting for therapy sessions. The room is quiet and filled with natural light, making it a cosy and comfortable setting.

Therapy Rooms in London FAQ

Where is the best area for finding a therapy room in London?

A therapy room located along the Underground lines offers easy access for anyone commuting on public transportation. Central London is rich in offers and you are sure to find just what you need in there. Search for a therapy room near Hyde Park, or Battersea Park for an easily accessible area that also offers peaceful surroundings for your patients.

How much does it cost to hire a therapy room in London?

Many therapy room venues in London will charge a hire fee. Depending on the equipment, décor, and size of the room, the prices may vary. The pricing may include additional amenities, like water, tea or coffee. Fees will vary depending on the time of the day or day of the week. The hourly rates range from roughly £25 to £150. Prices per person average around £30 to £70 or more. (All data from Tagvenue)

What sort of venues offer therapy rooms?

hen searching for therapy rooms you can find venues specially designed for counselling and therapy. You can also look for apartments for hire to find rooms that will provide a safe and homely atmosphere. Coworking spaces offer both big meeting rooms ideal for group sessions, as well as small rooms for private meetings. Dance studios are a great space for movement therapy. You can search for open space venues like warehouses or lofts that can be transformed to fit your needs.

Can I adjust the therapy room to fit my therapy type?

With the range of therapy rooms Tagvenue offers in London, we are sure you will find just the one you need. But if there are any additional accommodations or equipment you need for your session or you want to bring in your own equipment for the session, don’t hesitate to contact the venue manager to ask whether you can adjust the space to your needs.

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It all such a beautiful space it attracts people to your event and it has everything you need including cushions for my gong bath.
Booked Marylebone Room at JCT London
Great location and facilities for what we needed. Terry was also very helpful with last minute issues that came up which was really appreciated.

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