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Looking for the best meeting rooms available for hire in Birmingham? We’re here to point you in the right direction. Here at Tagvenue we’ve listed all the best meeting spaces in Birmingham, from small meeting rooms to huge venues for large gatherings. Whether you need a boardroom for 6 people in Birmingham city centre or a big conference space located in Solihull, our smart venue finder is sure to come in handy. Go ahead and start searching for the best spots today!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

What are the best meeting rooms for hire in Birmingham?

  • Meeting rooms near Birmingham Airport – Serving 13 million passengers annually, Birmingham Airport is one of the busiest transport hubs for business travel in the UK. If the attendees of your corporate meeting are travelling by plane, choosing a conference space near BHX is probably your best bet. This area is packed full of hotels, many of which offer meeting rooms for hire along with high standard comfortable accommodation.
  • Meeting rooms in Birmingham city centre – The most popular area for meeting room hire is the Colmore Business District, also known as CBD, or simply the city centre. It’s really easy to reach – just get off at New Street station and you’ll find yourself in the heart of it! Here’s where classic meets modern and historic buildings stand side by side with impressive new developments. If you’re looking for a luxurious meeting room with a prestigious business address, the Colmore Business District is the place to go!
  • Meeting rooms in Solihull – Often talked about as one of the best places to live in the UK, Solihull is an affluent suburban area, which is also popular when it comes to meeting room hire. Solihull is easy to reach from both the M42 motorway and Birmingham city centre, so if you’re after a business meeting room a bit further from the centre, but still well-connected, Solihull is the right spot for you.

On a tight budget? Don’t worry. Here’s a couple of handy tips for cheap meeting room hire in Birmingham:

How to hire a meeting room in Birmingham on a low budget?

  • Take different areas into consideration – The centre of Birmingham is always in demand, so why not go off the beaten track and discover some hidden gems? We’re happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Check what’s included in the price – Planning a short meeting? If it’s going to last up to 2 hours, then simple refreshments such as coffee, tea and biscuits will be enough and you won’t need to provide any additional catering. Many meeting rooms in Birmingham include this in the price, so don’t forget to check with the venue manager.
  • Hire a space that’s just the right size – If you’re expecting just a few attendees, there’s no need to hire a place that’s significantly bigger than you require. Choosing a small meeting room allows you to cut down on unnecessary costs. Whether you’ve invited 4, 14 or 40 guests, we’re listing meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes - from small boardrooms to large conference venues all over Birmingham!

How to run a successful meeting?

Meetings are a great way to get work done, but they can also be stressful and frustrating. When you’re the leader at a meeting, you have to make sure you meet all the goals you’ve set out, but you also want to make sure that people won’t leave the session and not want to come back. So, if you want your meetings to be successful, here are some tips for making them run as smoothly as possible:

How to organise a successful meeting?

  • Use an agenda. This will help keep the meeting on track. The agenda should include all the tasks that need to be completed during the meeting and any important dates or deadlines that will affect your business. It should also include an estimate of how much time each point should take, so that you know how long your meeting will last.
  • Start on time and end on time (or earlier). If you have a few people presenting, don’t let them go over their allotted time. It’s disrespectful to those who have to leave early and any others who are presenting. If you want more discussion on an item, move it forward in the agenda so people have more time to talk about it later if needed. Don’t be afraid to use a timer with an alarm.
  • Keep it focused. Make sure that everyone knows what they need to do before they come into the meeting by sending emails with the agenda beforehand (including any materials they need) so they can come prepared with questions or concerns if necessary. This will also allow you to not waste any time during the meeting explaining its purpose or handing out materials. A successful business meeting should go as smoothly as possible!
  • Keep it short. Try not to make your meetings last longer than really necessary. If you know you will need at least a few hours for your meeting, break the agenda into shorter sessions separated by breaks in order to keep focus high during each session.
  • Don't let anyone dominate the conversation. It's easy for one or two loud voices to dominate a conversation at the expense of everyone else's views and opinions. But it's important that everyone feels comfortable speaking up, especially those who are less confident sharing their thoughts in front of others. So if someone starts dominating, politely ask them to give others a chance to speak too. 

Encourage participation from all the attendees. When you're running a meeting, you should make it clear that everyone has an equal right to speak. You can do this by making sure everyone has a chance to share their thoughts and ideas. Making the hired meeting room a safe space for every opinion certainly adds up to an experience! If a group of people is having trouble getting started, offer them some examples of ideas or suggestions they could share.

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Birmingham

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room?

Meeting rooms in Birmingham will range in price from £15 to £60 per hour on average. Most venues will have a minimum hire requirement, which is usually around 4 hours. Other venues may require you to book the room for a full day session and prices for this will start around £150. If you don’t want to break the bank, Birmingham has a myriad of cheap meeting spaces available! (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the best meeting rooms in Birmingham?

Birmingham has plenty of wonderful meeting rooms on offer. Each has their own unique feel and purpose, but some of our favourites are:

The Studio Birmingham: A centrally located modern meeting space, here you will be impressed by the facilities and the excellent location.

Ibis Birmingham New Street: This venue offers a selection of differently sized meeting spaces, modern equipment, and on-site accommodation

The Cube: A modern space with a variety of rooms to choose from, including meeting rooms located on the 25th floor of the building, which offer an amazing view of the city.

What is included in the price of a meeting room in Birmingham?

Expect some basic meeting equipment to be included in the price of the hire such as projectors, WiFi, HDMI compatible TVs, and sound systems as well as white boards, and flip charts. If the meeting is going to go on for a few hours, refreshments such as coffee, bottled water, and snacks available may be included in the fee, or available for an additional charge. Remember you can always reach out to the venues’ managers before organising a business meeting in Birmingham to discuss the details!

Why should I hire a meeting room in Birmingham?

Hiring a meeting room has many benefits. Firstly, it’s cost-effective. If you need to use a meeting space only a few times a month, it might be cheaper to hire it out by the hour rather than signing a monthly lease. If your office is in a remote part of town, hiring a meeting room in the city centre can offer easy access. This aspect is especially important if you’re meeting with clients or people from outside your organisation. Meeting rooms also offer privacy, which may not be provided in your workplace. If you’re running a small business or you’re a start-up, hiring a meeting space will allow you to meet in a professional environment without bearing any extra costs of hiring an entire office.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Susan W.
Booked Meeting Space at 44 Blucher Street
Really nice venue, big space with heating/air con so was plenty warm enough on a winters day. Nice and light space and quiet.
Liz C.
Booked Flying Scotsman at Ibis Birmingham New Street
This was a great venue for a non-profit board meeting. There were projection and white board facilities and more thoughtful meeting supplies than I've had access to in pricier venues. I would definitely use it again.
Jane N.
Booked The Boardroom at The Lost & Found Birmingham
Fantastic venue for meetings, we were in the Secret Room and had booked an all day meeting package. Excellent service, food was delicious, tea, coffee and water regularly topped up, would definitely use this venue again.
Angela S.
Booked Classroom 2 at First Intuition Ltd
Great location 6 mins walk from Birmingham New Street Station. Very helpful staff both before and on the day. Great kitchen and eating area next to meeting room with fruit, biscuits etc.
Emma W.
Booked Courtyard Boardroom at Custard Factory
It was a great space, must be fabulous in the Summer months. Loved the history of the place and location. Reception staff were really friendly :)
Hayley M.
Booked Imagine at The Studio Birmingham
The space was open, flexible, dynamic. Everyone was so attentive including catering staff. Was great! Truly able to have a hybrid meeting also with all of the equipment. Would recommend and use again.
Meg S.
Booked Ladywell at Ibis Birmingham New Street
We didn't know what to expect, and from the moment we arrived, our hosts were lovely and welcoming. They took the time to find and print our logo for the door which was a very sweet personalized touch, and the room had everything someone would need for a meeting from water, coffee, tea, a white-board and markers, and office supplies.

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