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On the lookout for a training room for hire in London? We're here to do the legwork for you. Training events are great for brainstorming, interactive learning, problem solving and building relationships. That being said, facilitating a group session can be stressful – leading a training day, conference or large meeting requires that you keep your audience entertained (and focused) while covering all the essential information. When planning a training event, the most important thing is to make sure the content and the delivery are as fresh and relevant as possible.

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Whether you’re a team leader looking for an IT room in central London, a project manager searching for a boardroom in London Bridge, or a personal trainer hoping to find a Pilates studio in Holborn, we can recommend something that suits. What are you hosting and when? It’s #magic, see how easy it is to book a training room venue in London today.

How to present effectively and plan a training session that actually works:

  • have a few of your colleagues take a look at your plan so you can get some useful feedback ahead of your presentation

  • be well prepared – ensure that you’re completely comfortable with all of your material and arrive early so you have plenty of time to set up

  • at the beginning of your presentation, give attendees some background information about yourself, the topic and what will be covered during the session (allow time to answer any questions and to do a quick icebreaker)

  • bring your material to life by working in personal anecdotes or good case studies (fun, real-life examples work best)

  • keep attendees alert by incorporating a range of elements into your presentation (music, video clips, PowerPoint slides)

  • encourage interaction and active learning by integrating participant activities into your session (role play, trivia, Q&A sessions)

  • choose the right training tools (do you need to consider virtual meeting tools like Live Meeting or Lync Online?)

  • if the group seems disengaged or participants are getting a bit too heated about what’s being discussed, schedule a short break or move on to another activity

  • leave plenty of time at the end for questions

  • think about what information you want participants to take with them when the session is over, and make sure to put your website or email address on anything you want them to connect back to you

  • ensure trainees have a way to give you feedback, whether it’s with a web-based tool, like SurveyMonkey, a follow-up email or an old-school feedback form

When hiring a training room, be sure to keep in mind:

  • your budget (and what the hire fee includes) as well as how the venue prices its space (by the hour/day/session etc.)

  • the location (transport links, parking facilities, disabled access)

  • the type of training room that would best suit the event you’re planning (are you organising a corporate executive training course, a fitness instructor information session or IT training in a computer room?)

  • the facilities you require (do you need to book a training room in London with computers, internet access, webcams, teleconferencing capabilities, mics, projectors, flipcharts, outdoor space, kitchen facilities or fitness equipment?)

  • the seating layout that will best suit your event (U-shape, classroom, auditorium)

  • the time of your event (day, evening, weekend)

  • the number of attendees (choosing a venue that will just accommodate the number of people you anticipate will help give your training session a buzzed atmosphere)

  • how long you’ll have access to the room before your event is scheduled to start

  • how quickly you need to be packed up and out of the room at the end of the session

  • your catering needs and whether the venue is able to cater to special dietary requirements

Although this seems like a long list of things to consider, the more answers you can get from the venue manager, the better prepared you’ll be for your training session. And remember, your energy, confidence and thorough knowledge of the topic will carry your audience through the day, so taking the time to prepare well will help ensure your presentation is successful. After all, if you cover all your bases and make sure both you and your audience are comfortable, everything else should fall into place.

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Giulia Massera
Booked Art Studio at London Art House
Great atmosphere, facilities and attention to details. Beautiful natural light and fresh air.
Martin Broughton
Booked Montague room at Monticello House
A very warm welcome from Romy and her team. Would use the venue again for any training room requirements.
Fiona White
Booked Training Room 1 at Blenheim Meeting & Training Centre
Excellent training room and very helpful admin support. Thanks very much
Andy Harrison
Booked Waterloo Creative Studio at Waterloo Creative Studio
Very nice venue, good value & super close to Waterloo and Big Ben!

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