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Having trouble finding a meeting room for hire in Leeds? Need a corporate space in a hotel to host a conference for your company? Maybe just something small that can fit everyone from your up-and-coming startup? Well, look no further! No matter if you need something well connected near the Headrow or across the river within walking distance of Call Lane (for a pint after the meeting), we’ve got you covered. Have a look through our list of local meeting rooms where you're sure to find the perfect one for you.

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

When looking to hire a meeting room, Leeds is the place to go! Why? It’s an extremely well-connected city, which makes it a great destination for all sorts of meetings, sales pitches and team building sessions! Leeds is also a perfect option for attendees from out of town, who will be well satisfied with the choice of venues in convenient locations. There are numerous options around the central train station, which is among the busiest railway stations in the UK outside of London. The city centre is another great area of Leeds that is home to many accessible meeting rooms of different types:

  • Those oriented towards business are on the right track here, with hundreds of hotel meeting rooms for hire. These are filled with modern facilities and range in size from seating tens to hundreds of attendees. They are also a great option when attendees  need a place to stay, as everything can be organised within one building!
  • If comfort and glitz are more your cup of tea, you’ll be able to find a good range of bars, clubs and trendy restaurants with private rooms all over the city centre. Venues will be more than happy to hire their spaces for a fancy meeting. These can be a great option for longer conferences too, as they usually provide catering.
  • Smaller and more intimate gatherings could be held in any of the city’s tea houses, coffee shops and bookstores which have smaller function rooms available. Any brainstorming meeting is a great fit for these venues with a more creative and open atmosphere.
  • Those looking for a touch of the local flavour can choose from the many converted industrial spaces located along the waterfront of the River Aire. You can’t really go wrong with modern touches combined with old brickwork and tall ceilings. The people of Leeds know how to make the most of their heritage!

When arranging a meeting, you have a range of things to plan - from figuring out what you need to booking the right venue and ensuring the event goes smoothly and effectively. Fortunately, we are here to share some of our best tips for organising a meeting in Leeds.

  • Tailor your search to the budget. If you have to limit costs to the minimum, worry not - you can still achieve great success at an affordable price! The key is knowing your needs and sticking to them. Make sure the venue only hosts as many people as you are expecting, so as not to overpay. Then, calculate the time you will need for the meeting and see which options are the best value for the price. Sometimes hiring one room for a day is cheaper than booking 6 hours in another!
  • Consider the location. There is no universal ideal meeting room location, but there can be one that’s just perfect for what you need! Most Leeds meeting rooms are situated around the city centre. Consider the distance from the train station if the attendees are coming from out of town, and take nearby restaurants and hotels into account. And for those who prefer quieter surroundings, we recommend looking into meeting rooms on the outskirts of Leeds.
  • Look into the facilities. Every meeting has different needs. In the case of many attendees coming by car, make sure there are enough parking spaces near the venue. Then think of what equipment you might need - a projector, a flatscreen TV, or maybe a whiteboard? If the meeting is going to be a lengthy one, you might consider checking if the meeting room offers kitchen facilities or allows for external catering. While browsing meeting rooms in Leeds on our website, use the smart filters to mark what you want to see!
  • Have a flexible shortlist. When you narrow down your search based on all the factors we’ve mentioned above, make a short list of your favourites. Compare the hire fees, features, photos, and reviews of the venues and make a list of the ones that fit your expectations. It is good to have more than one meeting room in Leeds on your mind before you start contacting the venue managers!
  • Have a plan and stick to it. A good meeting is, first and foremost, a well-organised one. With a good agenda you can transition between topics smoothly and ensure no important point is omitted. Make sure you take everything into account, including breaks - everyone needs to move around a bit and have a cup of coffee every once in a while to maintain attention and productivity!
  • Prepare the materials and equipment. Keep everything organised and make sure it works as desired. Do not forget any printouts you might need and check if all the equipment is functioning properly beforehand. This way you can avoid any mishaps and run your presentation smoothly!
  • Take care of the follow-up. This step will depend on the type of meeting in question, but it is crucial to remember! Sometimes a good option is simply sending out e-mails with a recap of what was discussed, but you might also consider other possibilities. Whatever fits your agenda best, just remember that a follow-up can boost the effectiveness of the meeting!

Meeting Rooms in Leeds FAQ

How much for a meeting room in Leeds?

Meeting rooms in Leeds usually follow the per hour model and prices start at around £20 per hour. If you have a long meeting or multiple shorter meetings on the same day, you can spend something between £100 and £1000 or more for a full-day, 8 hour hire. Prices will change based on location, amount of seats and additional features. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Where do I look for affordable meeting rooms in Leeds?

If you’re looking for a cheap meeting room, you can’t go wrong with the boardrooms around Park Square. There’s also a nice small meeting room along Whitehall Rd., right along River Aire. For options outside the centre, look around Sheepscar, Saxton Gardens and Beeston.

When are meeting rooms in Leeds open?

Local meeting rooms are most commonly open between 8:30 and 18:00. However, if you need to arrange a meeting outside working hours, you can find boardrooms for hire as late as 23:30.

What are some high capacity meeting rooms in Leeds?

To host a big meeting in Leeds, you might want to look at the Create@ at Horizon Leeds with up to 250 seats, the View at The Studio Leeds with up to 162 seats, or The Gather at Open Innovations Venue with up to 100 seats. You can use our search features to look at other high capacity meeting rooms in Leeds.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Carole Hainsworth
Booked The Hepper Room at Iberica Leeds
Cannot fault anything from initial booking, any queries and on the day everything was exactly as per our booking. The heating had broken when we arrived but the staff did everything possible to make our day as comfortable as possible.
Anne-Marie Rose
Booked Dual Meeting Space at Liquor Studio
Easy booking procedure, Kirsty was super helpful and quick at responding! Light, bright and airy venue. It's quirky and a fab alternative to a stuffy corporate hotel meeting room! It was perfect for our event/meeting.
Adam Gray
Booked Dual Meeting Space at Liquor Studio
Great venue, perfect location. All digital equipment worked well, friendly staff. Flexible with timings as we did turn up earlier than planned and cocktail masterclass was very good at the end.
senita suri
Booked Paynel Suite at The Chambers
Catering was varied and well received Great location near to the station Room worked well for our sessions
Dileeka Fernando
Booked Dual Meeting Space at Liquor Studio
Excellent location for a team meeting. Quirky space with a fridge with drinks and access to coffee / tea. Sam (the host) was very helpful and readily available for everything. The equipment was available to connect and team members were able to join the sessions remotely.
Andrew Thomson
Booked Meeting Room at Vicarage Chambers
My meeting room was on the ground floor, the receptionist was very pleasant and helpful, parking was easy. Will use this venue again.

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