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Quirky Meeting Rooms for Hire in London

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Top Quirky Meeting Rooms in London

Looking for quirky meeting rooms in London? You're about to find a one-of-a-kind venue is faster than ever before! When organising a meetup, conference, workshop. or team-building event, you can stand out from the crowd by choosing a cool venue that catches the eye and gets people talking. A unique space boosts attendee engagement and makes your event absolutely special. We showcase hundreds of out-of-the-ordinary function rooms and creative meeting spaces, so you’re sure to spot something special for your next event. Start browsing London's quirky meeting spaces today and book your favourite!

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Quirky Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Are you a creative planning a left-of-centre brainstorming session, or a startup looking for one of the coolest office spaces in London? You’re in the right place! Tagvenue has plenty of quirky meeting rooms for hire in London that will make your team’s jaws drop.

What kinds of unusual meeting venues can you find in London?

  • State-of-the-art auditoriums – Impressive, ultra high-tech A/V systems, huge capacities, and beautiful designs make London’s auditoriums unique. They’re ideal for large conferences, panel discussions and talks designed for big audiences.
  • Creative studio spaces – Here it’s all about the designer’s imagination. Quirky meeting rooms can be found in unexpected places. For instance, Hill Valley at Headspace makes a wonderful meeting space with a twist, because of its modern and colorful interiors. Looking for something a little more left-field? Unique conference rooms often feature unconventional breakout areas, furnished with stylish sofas and comfy bean bags, which are great for networking. With Tagvenue you can easily hire alternative meeting rooms in central London, as well as in other areas of the city. We love to think outside the box!
  • Blank canvas and dry hire meeting spaces – These types of venues are the most versatile of all. You can easily transform a blank canvas venue into a quirky meeting room or fun office space. Need some ideas? Think decor in the colours of your company’s logo, chalkboards and, most importantly, comfortable seats.
  • Unique design rooms - Bedouin Tent, a structure made in Saudi Arabia and covered in woven goat's hair, a dining room with huge, red, extendable door, a meeting room with images of DC superheroes, or a fancy lounge with a rolling ceiling. Sounds extravagant, doesn’t it? Find these and more quirky venues on Tagvenue! 

What to consider when hiring a quirky meeting room:

  • Location – See if it’s convenient for your guests to get to the venue. Make sure there are major transport hubs and parking spaces nearby. London is a massive city, so this part is particularly important.
  • Extra facilities – Will you need a projector or a screen for a presentation? How about A/V equipment? Ask the manager if the venue can provide these things.
  • Capacity – Make sure all the participants will have enough space. This is crucial for a productive working environment. 
  • Cancellation policy – You never know when something will suddenly come up in your schedule. Whether you are a busy businessman or you are just in need of an informal meeting room, it is good to have a backup plan in case your plans change. 
  • Reviews What you didn't notice at first glance, others could! Check reviews to make sure that the venue is worth the money.
  • Time – Bear in mind that the venue should be booked at least three months in advance. If you are planning to hold a big event like for example a conference, one year in advance is optimal. 
  • Cost - Remember that prices can differ depending on the day or even the hour you want to book it on. On weekdays and after hours, you'll usually find cheaper deals. Tagvenue offers a huge selection of the best spots at affordable prices. Just sit comfortably and let us show you what we can do best - find venues for every budget. 

Need some extra information about preparing the meeting? Check out our checklist for organising a successful meeting. You will learn how to prepare a meeting step by step and discover useful tips to make your meeting a success.

How to optimise a meeting room for video conferencing?

In our fast-living world we need to keep up with all the latest changes, especially in business - this is important. Some situations may require holding a video conference. It would be good to know how to prepare for it and show your coworkers that you are eager to face the world's changing needs. 

Required Equipment:

  • A TV (to connect with your laptop or a phone in case you want participants that are on the place with you to see online participants as well)
  • Webcam
  • Microphones
  • Conference phone or a laptop

Setting up a video conference in 4 simple steps:

1. Put your camera in a good position. Your face should be fully visible, make sure there are no things in the background that you wouldn’t like to show.
2. Remember about proper lighting. The most commonly used lighting setup is three point lighting, which consists of:

A key light that should be situated 45 degrees above and 45 degrees to the side of the object.

A fill light which is softer. It eliminates shadows from the face of a subject. The fill light should be placed on the opposite side of the key light.

A back light should shine above and behind the object. This creates a slight glow behind the object.

3. Connect the video system to your displays.

4. Open your video conference service and start broadcasting.

The best video conference services according to Business News Daily are:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex Meetings
  • GoToMeeting

Tips on documenting and sharing the story of your event for impact and engagement.

Unleashing the Charm of London's Unique Meeting Spaces
  1. Embrace the Unconventional: London's unique meeting venues, such as those in Shoreditch or Mayfair, offer more than just a place to gather. They serve as a setting that inspires creativity and fosters connections. Opting for a quirky loft space in Shoreditch or a luxurious vintage meeting room in Mayfair can transform an ordinary meeting into an extraordinary experience. Highlighting these venues in your event narrative not only captures attention but also reflects the innovative spirit of your gathering.
  2. Document Your Event with a Storytelling Approach: Capture your event's essence by weaving the unique elements of your venue into the narrative. If your event is held in a historic library-turned-meeting space near the Tower of London, include the centuries-old books into your narrative. Utilising storytelling techniques can engage your audience on a deeper level, making the event more memorable and shareable.
  3. Use Visual Storytelling: Photographs and videos are invaluable in showcasing your venue's quirky attributes. A time-lapse video of your setup in a large gallery space in Camden or a photo series highlighting the eccentric decor of a meeting room in Covent Garden can visually communicate the unique vibe of your event. Engaging visual content enhances online engagement and serves as a compelling invitation for future gatherings.
  4. Leverage Social Media for Wider Reach: Use social media platforms to share the story and visuals of your event, leveraging hashtags related to quirky meeting spaces in London, the specific neighbourhood, and the unique features of your venue. Instagram stories, Twitter threads, and LinkedIn posts can all serve as platforms to amplify your event's reach, attract attention from like-minded individuals, and encourage interaction.
  5. Engage with Local Landmarks and Neighbourhoods: Incorporating local landmarks and popular neighbourhoods into your event narrative can enrich the story and anchor the event in its unique London setting. Mentioning a team-building activity that took place within sight of the London Eye or a post-event gathering in Soho adds layers to your event's story, making it more relatable and engaging for a local and international audience.
  6. Highlight the Utility and Benefits of Your Chosen Space: Detailing the specific features and benefits of the quirky meeting room you selected, such as modern technology in a converted warehouse in Hackney or the inspiring views from a high-rise in Canary Wharf, helps to underline the utility of these spaces. Share testimonials or anecdotes from attendees to illustrate how the venue contributed to the success and creativity of the event.

In London, where history and modernity converge, booking a quirky meeting room for your event offers an opportunity to stand out and captivate your audience. By sharing the story of your gathering, focusing on the unique setting and experiences the meeting offered, you can significantly enhance its impact and engagement. Use storytelling, visual content, social media, and local flavour to convey the essence of your event, ensuring it resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Remember, in the end, it's about creating moments that inspire, connect, and elevate, turning every meeting into an unforgettable event.

How to gather and use attendee feedback to improve future events.

Gathering and utilising attendee feedback is an indispensable strategy for enhancing the effectiveness and appeal of future events, particularly when they are hosted in unique venues. This article delves into the best quirky meeting rooms for hire in London, providing insights on how to leverage attendee feedback to elevate subsequent events.

Discovering Quirky Meeting Rooms in London

London has many unique meeting venues, from historic to modern, offering atmospheres that can inspire creativity and innovation. You can explore iconic spaces like Paddington at Paddington, known for its artistic vibe and flexible layout and perfect for creative workshops or casual business meetings. For a more opulent setting, consider Tom Dixon at SCOPE in St Pancras, with its ornate interiors and  touches of luxury, ideal for high-profile gatherings and exclusive events. Riverside Room at bbodance offers a vibrant setting with views of the River Thames, which is ideal for informal team meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

Types of Events and Their Ideal Quirky Spaces

  • Corporate Gatherings: For companies looking to break away from the monotony of traditional office settings, London offers industrial lofts in areas like Hackney. These lofts can be transformed into dynamic spaces for corporate retreats, seminars, or product unveilings. They often feature exposed brickwork, high ceilings, and natural light, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.
  • Creative Workshops and Seminars: Art galleries and creative spaces in neighbourhoods such as Notting Hill and Greenwich provide stimulating environments for workshops, seminars, and educational events. These spaces provide aesthetic appeal and stimulate intellectual engagement among attendees.
  • Social Gatherings and Networking Events: Rooftop gardens and hidden courtyards in the South Bank or the City of London offer serene escapes for social gatherings, cocktail parties, and networking events. These venues offer stunning views of London's skyline, creating a memorable backdrop for social interactions.
Gathering Attendee Feedback: Methods and Tools

Effective feedback collection starts with choosing the right tools and methods tailored to your event type and audience. Digital surveys distributed via email or social media platforms immediately after the event can capture impressions while they're fresh. Live polling apps during the event can gauge immediate reactions and adjust the experience in real time. Consider organising focus groups with a cross-section of attendees post-event for more in-depth insights.

Utilising Feedback to Improve Future Events

Analysing feedback requires a structured approach to identify patterns, preferences, and areas for improvement. Key metrics include: 

  • satisfaction with the venue
  • the relevance of the content presented
  • networking opportunities, and 
  • overall event organisation. 

This data can inform decisions on future venue selection, theme development, speaker lineup, and event format.

Leveraging attendee feedback is crucial in refining the event experience, ensuring that each gathering is more engaging, productive, and memorable than the last. London's list of quirky meeting rooms—from industrial lofts in Hackney to historic spaces in Mayfair—offers endless possibilities for creating unique events that resonate with attendees. By meticulously gathering and analysing feedback, you can unlock the full potential of these distinctive venues, continually enhancing the quality and impact of their events in the heart of one of the world's most dynamic cities.

FAQs about Quirky Meeting Rooms in London

Where in London can I find the best quirky meeting rooms for hire?

There are plenty of quirky meeting rooms in London. Start your research in Lambeth.You will find plenty of unusual places there, quirky meeting rooms included. Take a look on the other side of the river, in Fitzrovia, home to many of our meeting room Supervenues. More to the West, in Soho, you will find venues with out of this world designs, from gaming rooms to libraries. Wherever you look you will find a quirky meeting venue that is just right for you, London definitely won’t let you down and neither will we.

How much does it cost to hire an unusual meeting room in London?

Prices for hiring a quirky meeting room in London differ depending on location, days or even hours of booking. For example in Camden Down prices of cheap unique meeting rooms  start from £19 per hour! On the other hand, in Burlington Estate the prices begin at £120 per hour. You can ease the process of looking for a meeting room for your budget by simply entering the price in our smart filters! (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I hire an unusual meeting room close to King’s College Waterloo Campus?

Of course! Quirky meeting rooms are available across almost all of London! It’s no different in the King’s College Waterloo Campus area. Check out these cool meeting rooms St. Paul's Roof Pavilion at Southbank Centre or The Secret Drawing Room at BFI Bar.

Which equipment is usually included in the hire fee of a meeting room?

Usually, meeting rooms include equipment like a whiteboard, TV, projector, air conditioning and a sound system. Some venues will provide more equipment if you let them know beforehand, either for free or with a fee. We recommend that you contact the venue manager to discuss the equipment included in the fee and any extra charges for additional meeting gear rental.

What are some quirky meeting rooms located close to tube stations?

  • Step back in time and hold your meeting in the unique setting of the boardroom at London Marriott Hotel County Hall. This sophisticated meeting space situated between Westminster Station and Waterloo Station boasts wood-panelled walls, timeless decor, and state-of-the-art facilities, providing a traditional yet convenient space for meetings.
  • Soak up panoramic views of the London skyline while conducting your conference in Duck and Waffle. This private rooftop meeting room close to Liverpool Street Station is situated on the 40th floor of Salesforce Tower and offers an inspiring setting which promises to leave a lasting impression on the attendees. 
  • Unleash your inner child at Headspace Farrington, a playful meeting space near Farringdon Station. The room has a grand wall art of superheroes, which will definitely be a topic of discussion during your team-building activities and brainstorming sessions!

Guests Reviews of Quirky Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Nicholette D.
Booked Millennium at Landmark: Cannon Street, London
The space is very good for a small meeting, their break out area with coffee and seating is very well stoked and presented. The space is very clean and quiet and the service is exceptional. The staff are all very accommodating and extremely helpful and friendly. We had a very good experience from start to finish and I cannot thank them all enough for the level of service we received.
Rhianne K.
Booked Hardwick at Landmark – Euston, London
Five stars across the board. The meeting room was a stone's throw from Euston station, so convenient for all of our meeting attendees, the staff were lovely and accommodating, both on the day and in the arrangements prior to the meeting, and the room was light, airy and it was straightforward to connect to the screen to share meeting documents. We will definitely be returning again.
Iselin S.
Booked Frequency Meeting Room at Frequency Kings Cross
Room was small, but perfect for a seated meeting with one person at the whiteboard. Coffee bar/cafe upstairs served excellent coffee (first of the day was included with the room hire). Internet was very good Water supplied in the room Loads of pens for the white board, post its and other supplies Good power solutions (a moveable tower) with both USB and power sockets Lovely design and comfortable chairs Cleanly facilities Very good value for money over all
Martin S.
Booked Frequency Large Meeting Room at Frequency Kings Cross
These room are just a 5 min walk from kings cross and for what you pay its amazing. Staff are so friendly, rooms are clean, well equipped and nice and quiet. There's a cafe above the rooms which i didn't realise and they really need to shout about more as the coffee and cakes are amazing and so handy having a coffee shop like that above the room that you can order from should the meeting over run.
Marie G.
Booked Menier Penthouse at Menier Penthouse
This is such a beautiful venue in a great location. I really like the way it is quite an intimate space, so if you're having presentation style event speakers don't need to wear microphones as their voices carry really well. It has a great view and you can tell that people feel really comfortable in the space. Bryony, our event manager, was so helpful on the day and it was really nice to have her on hand and this made it very easy for us to look after our guests as we didn't need to worry about any of the catering.
Steph B.
Booked Garden Cellar at Crusting Pipe
Brilliant meeting venue in the heart of Covent Garden if you want something a bit different, we loved the venue and the sandwich buffet lunch was delicious. Everyone was super helpful and I would definitely go back for afternoon tea. Thankyou for making our day.
Booked The Bedouin Tent & Garden at St Ethelburga's Centre
Delightfully unusual meeting space in the heart of London: a calm oasis amongst the bustle and hustle. Very friendly staff, historc and wondeful bedouin tent. Plenty of space, wi-fi etc. Its not ''slick'' or ''corporate'' - which is just why we liked it but its atmospheric and quality.
Madison C.
Booked Whole Venue at The Chelsea Gate
This place is amazing. Nikki went above and beyond to make our event perfect and it worked out fantastically. She even made us tailored signs for the doors! We all loved the venue, they had everything you could need (screen, microphone, wifi), and all at the right price. Plus, the staff immediately feels like a friend you've known since you were kid. 10/10 will return, hold more events here, and recommend to others.

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