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If you’re looking for small meeting rooms in London you’ve come to the right place! This global city is not just rich in history, it also offers state-of-the-art technology and is a great place to host your next meeting. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur meeting with your newest investor, a well-established business person meeting a long-term client, or maybe just a group of enthusiasts meeting up to work on a new project, London offers just the right venue to host your endeavors. Hop onto our search bar, type in what you need, and book your small meeting room in no time!

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Small Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

As a thriving metropolis, London is renowned as a place for businesses of any kind. The city offers a multitude of opportunities and makes a great setting for any professional venture. With six international airports, it comes as no surprise that many choose this city as a meeting spot. And with so many possibilities for hiring a meeting space, finding the one that will be perfect for you might seem like a daunting task, but we've prepared a few tips to help you out.

How to organise a great meeting?

Before you start your search for the perfect venue, plan your meeting carefully. Think about why you’re holding it and what its purpose is. It’s especially important to know exactly what your goal is if you’re planning on working on a problem, holding a brainstorming or training session. Setting your target will make it easier to plan and prepare the best ways to achieve it.

When you know the purpose of the meeting, you will then know who to invite. Since you’re organising a smaller meeting, send out your invitations only to those colleagues who need to be there. Deciding who should come will also make your search for a venue easier, as you can look among spaces that have the capacity to fit everyone who will be attending.

Once you know who you will invite and what you want to achieve during the meeting, write out an agenda, so everyone participating knows what you are planning to work on. Writing this out beforehand will also show you whether what you have planned is achievable within the scheduled time. Perhaps there will be a need to plan another meeting or reevaluate what you have planned for it.

Before you send out any invitations, think about whether there’s anything the participants should do to prepare for it. Provide any documents or make a list of things you would like your guests to have ready for the meeting and send them along with the agenda. Also, ask them if there’s anything they expect of the meeting or they would like to discuss during it. If you’re planning for a meal, ask about the dietary restrictions of the attendees. Make sure you are prepared as well. Check if you have all the necessary documentation and notes prepared, but also make sure that you are familiar with the agenda so that the meeting runs smoothly. If you’re planning on using specific equipment in your meeting, make sure you know how to use it. Also, always arrive early to test any equipment to make sure that it works properly.

Searching for the right meeting room

Once you’ve sorted all of these points, it’s time to look for a venue that will cater to your needs. The setting of the meeting may influence its outcome, especially if it’s a first-time encounter. If you’re a start-up company meeting with new investors in a meeting room will look more professional than your home office, showing what you and your company stand for. It will allow for more private conversations than a hotel lobby or a cafe. If you’re planning for a relaxed-style get-together, a room filled with desks and chairs will not help, so it’s better to look for something with a more casual setup. Whatever room you’re looking for, here are some points to remember.

Size. You are looking for small meeting rooms, we already know that. But be careful not to choose a too-small one. You want your guests, and yourself, to feel comfortable in it. Remember that each person perceives personal space differently, so make sure it will not be overcrowded once you get there.

Location. Look for a place that will be most suitable for your guests. If the participants are arriving at one of the many airports of London, look for rooms that will be either near the airport or near the tube station to easily access them. Be mindful of your guests’ time as well and look for locations that won’t take too long to reach. Remember that depending on the location the prices may vary, so if you’re scheduling a meeting on a budget try to look for venues outside Central London.

Table or desks. Depending on the type of meeting you’re holding, you will need a different set up. If you’re planning a training session, look for a venue that will have a table big enough for everyone to sit comfortably, but that won’t take up the whole space. If you’re planning for a more relaxed discussion, one-on-one session, or an interview, perhaps an office desk or table is not the best idea, as it creates a barrier between people. Look for a venue that offers a coffee table or ask the venue manager if they could supply the room with such a stand.

Chairs. No matter how long the meeting is going to take, pay attention to the chairs the room provides. You want the participants to be comfortable and to focus on the meeting, not on finding the best position to sit. If you are planning for a more relaxed meeting or even a brainstorming session, look for venues with low chairs or sofas, which will provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

Equipment. Depending on what you will need for your meeting, look for spaces that are equipped with the necessary technology and tools. If you’re planning on bringing your own equipment, especially the kind that may take up space, make sure you will be able to fit it in the meeting room.

Refreshments area. It’s important to provide your guests with at least tea or coffee, but preferably also some snacks. A small room may not have enough space for such an area, so look for a venue that will offer a break-out room or a kitchenette for your guests to use. If you would like to have a meal together with the attendees, look for a venue near the restaurant district or look for venues that offer in-house catering.

Operating hours. If you’re planning for a meeting that will take place during normal business hours, there’s no need to double-check the operating time, as the venue will most likely be open during them. But if you’re planning on connecting with overseas partners or you know your discussion may take longer, make sure you will be able to stay in your space. Check if there are any additional fees for overstaying your hire as well, so if the need arises you can prolong the meeting. If you’re planning a meeting where you will be discussing delicate matters or private ones, scheduling it during off-peak hours might be a good idea to avoid crowds and people passing the doors of your room. Hiring fees for off-hours may also come at lower prices.

Lighting is key to working efficiently and without extra fatigue. The best light for productivity is a white one, but if you’re planning for a more relaxed or personal meeting, white light isn’t a must. It’s good to look for spaces that offer natural lighting, especially during the autumn and winter months, but if you are going to use screens or do presentations in your meeting look for venues that offer blinds or curtains to have control over the lighting.

Air conditioning or windows. Make sure the room you rent has proper ventilation as the workflow is better in a well-aired room. Look for venues where you will be able to open the windows to let the fresh air in or ones that offer air-conditioning.

Internet access. Check the wi-fi connection in the room you’re planning to hire. Make sure there are no disturbances to using it or if there’s a need to bring your own hotspot. It’s especially important if there will be people connecting with you virtually or you’re planning on using any online resources.

Area. Before you make the final decision on the meeting room, search the area around it. See if there might be any sources of loud noises like an airport or fire station nearby. If you are planning for a meeting near the airports you may want to check if the room is soundproof. If your guests are arriving by car, make sure the meeting room can be found on GPS and that there’s a parking lot where they can leave their vehicles. If you would like your meeting to continue in a less professional setting, see if there are any restaurants or pubs nearby where you could invite your guests afterward.

Décor. Depending on the type of meeting, this may or may not play a big role in your meeting. We suggest that if you’re planning to take videos or pictures during the event look for venues that will offer a nice backdrop. Look for spaces that will enhance the message you want to convey during your meeting. Room colours and decorations may also aid the productivity and focus of the attendees. 

To make your search easier look through our list of suggested meeting rooms:

  • The Worker's League - a modern venue offering light-filled coworking spaces and private offices. Located minutes from Old Street Station and Liverpool Street, with all the equipment necessary for sessions and conference calls, it’s a great space to host your meeting. Available kitchen facilities and break-out spaces provide a worry-free working venue. Rated by guests 5.0/5
  • Here Soho, Greek Street W1 - located minutes away from Tottenham Court Road station, this vibrant venue is a great spot for any sort of a meeting. With the available equipment, it’s a great spot for business meetings. The breakout area allows for more relaxed talks as well. Rated by guests 4.9/5
  • Paddington Works - innovative spaces designed to enhance the workflow. Multiply working and meeting rooms allow you to choose just what you need for your meeting. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Paddington Works enables worry-free face-to-face meetings, but also virtual discussions. Located 7 minutes away from the Paddington Station the venue is easily accessible. Rated by guests 4.8/5
  • Sutherland Labs - located in the heart of Covent Garden in a redesigned warehouse, it’s a venue that inspires creativity. With the newest technology available at the venue all in-person and virtual meetings are easy to be carried out. Modular furniture allows for any setting that will accommodate the meeting. Rated by guests 4.8/5

What to do after the meeting ends?

The meeting doesn’t end when the last guest leaves the door. Do a follow-up. Send an email where you summarise the meeting and send the notes or presentations that were used during it. If any decisions have been made during the discussion, include them in the email to make sure they are clear to everyone who attended. If you’re planning for the next meet-up, make sure you add the details on it as well. In a follow-up, you may want to ask for feedback to better prepare for your next meetings. Remember to thank everyone for attending the meeting.

Small Meeting Rooms in London FAQ

What is the best area to look for a small meeting room in London?

The heart of London’s business, the City, is a great spot to start searching for a small meeting room. If you want to look for a venue in an area that can be easily accessed from anywhere look around King's Cross St Pancras station. If your guests are arriving by plane, search for a venue near Gatwick or Heathrow, or the airport where your guests will be arriving.

How much does it cost to hire a small meeting room in London?

Hiring fees start at as little as £18 per hour. Some venues may charge per person with prices starting at £20. A full session hire may cost from £150 to £250. The pricing may vary depending on the length of the hire, time of the day, and day of the week. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What equipment can I find in a small meeting room?

Professional meeting rooms come fully equipped to cater to all your needs. The usual small meeting room may have wi-fi, whiteboard, flipchart, projector, flatscreen TV, and conference call facilities. Some rooms may offer extra refreshments, like tea or coffee, or catering options. To make sure your meeting room has everything you need don’t hesitate to contact the venue manager to ask for the details.

What are the perks of hiring a small meeting room?

Hiring a small meeting room has a lot of advantages. You can look for a spot that will be easily accessible to all your guests. You can choose a venue that will have all the equipment you may need without having to invest in it on your own. Hiring an outside meeting room may give your colleagues or employees a change of scenery. Small meeting rooms allow for a more private atmosphere.

Guests Reviews of Small Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Jenna Bouanani
Booked Meeting Room 8 at Marlin Waterloo
Cyrina was an excellent host from the initial enquiry to the day. Lunch was good and plentiful and the room was arranged just as hoped with good connectivity and everything we needed. Location was good and the price point was fair. We will definitely be using Marlin Waterloo for our next offsite meeting!
Claire Stone
Booked Edinburgh at The Wesley Conference Hotel
The service was prompt and friendly. The food was lovely (and they brought more when we were running out). The tea and coffee stations were good and plenty of water provided. The staff cleared the lunch away after in a speedy but discreet manner, so it didn't impact our meeting. The room was spacious and clean. Stationary was provided.
chris langdon
Booked Courtyard Room at JCT London
The venue is plain and simple but we had all we needed - wiifi, screen projector and quiet meeting room. It is simple but good very value. The location is excellent in Margaret Passage - a quiet street - no traffic. It is 8-10 mins walk to Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Rd tubes. Tony the manager is a pleasure to engage with. He was reponsive and flexible. Also, we appreciated that our fee goes to a good cause. The centre is a charity helping the disadvantaged.
James Gray
Booked Meeting / Conference Room at Meeting Room near London Liverpool St
Great venue and they allowed us to run meetings until 8pm which is super flexible. Everyone there was very welcoming and friendly and they provided all the facilities we needed for our meeting.
Federica Barbieri
Booked The Gallery at Lumiere London Southwark
Thanks for taking good care of us on the day - everything worked very well and we were very satisfied with the results. We have received very positive feedback from the attendees about the beauty of the venue and the food we had over lunch. Also we appreciated the fact that the stuff was very attentive and not disruptive at all when refilling the refreshments or bringing in lunch. Thanks very much!
Karla Parker
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
Elizabeth was really helpful and catered for our needs. The Boat was cosy and well proportioned and equipped. Her staff were friendly and made sure we had everything before they left. We had a fantastic day for our team meeting, thank you so much

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