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In Manchester, you will find meeting rooms that will answer your needs! Coworking spaces and boardrooms are waiting for your next business gathering, training session or interview. Looking for something more casual? You will find it here as well! Search through our selection of event spaces, workshop studios and hotel venues - Manchester remains a popular spot for meetings of all kinds. Hop over to our search bar, put in your requirements and let Tagvenue help you book the best meeting room for yourself!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

With its convenient location between other major cities, Manchester makes a perfect place for your next business meeting. Manchester has always been on the cutting edge, as it is the place that created the first programmable computer and split the atom, so naturally, it is a hot destination for conferences, AGMs, business lunches and corporate events of all kinds. Who knows what kind of innovation is coming next? Tagvenue is the perfect place to find the best venue for your endeavours! Browse through the amazing selection of meeting rooms on Tagvenue and book the one that’s right for you today!

Meeting spaces are some of the most popular and versatile venues you can hire for your business. Fortunately for you, this Northern city has many options to choose from, so you will be able to find a place that will suit your needs in a flash. Meeting rooms in Manchester are tailor-made for productive gatherings, and beyond the typical business meeting, these spaces are also suitable for hosting events and gatherings of all kinds, such as brainstorming sessions and seminars. Browse through the amazing selection of meeting rooms on Tagvenue and book the one that’s right for you today!

Events to Host in Manchester’s Meeting Rooms for Hire

  • Training Sessions – Training days are designed to educate and build connections among peers. Over the course of the training, you can set a plan for lectures and tasks surrounding a specific set of skills that will benefit your organisation. Offering lectures is a good way to provide information to your audience, and enable people experienced in the field to share their knowledge. Incorporating tasks into your training is also beneficial as it allows the group to turn theories into practice. If you’re looking for a cool meeting room to ensure an open and creative environment, The Studio Manchester in Piccadilly is perfect for this kind of event. It features a more laid back and open space that encourages collaboration and conversation.
  • Seminars and Symposia Meeting and conference rooms in Manchester are great spaces for hosting seminars or symposia. These are events where experts in a particular field can present their knowledge and experience to their professional peers. These are great learning experiences for all involved, from the seasoned veteran to the novice. Many of these events and lectures will utilise a Powerpoint to guide the audience, so they are best held in large meeting halls with a full array of audio/visual equipment such as projectors, flipcharts, and a PA system. The Boardroom at Chamber Space in Manchester City Centre is an excellent example of an ideal corporate meeting room for such gatherings.
  • Creative Tasks and Brainstorming – Sessions like these have some distinct advantages. These are typically quite informal, offering a relaxed environment for your colleagues. Brainstorming sessions are also often held in small groups which is not only more comfortable for the people attending but also more cost effective when it comes to finding a good venue to host the meeting. These sessions allow people to learn more about the business, and also encourage fostering stronger relationships between peers. If you’re planning a creative session just for your team, consider small meeting room hire.

Manchester has plenty of options to choose from, so you will be spoiled for choice. With this range of choices comes an opportunity to find a meeting venue that is perfect for you. When making your final selection, it is important to consider turn out, location, and price. Large meeting rooms in Manchester City Centre will be pricier than those found on the outskirts of town. If you’re having out-of-town attendees, make sure you book a venue near accommodation, or even go for a convenient hotel conference room. Smaller spaces will be more affordable, and are great places to host interviews or brainstorming sessions with small groups of peers. If you have a meeting that will go all day, it is best to seek a place near restaurants or other businesses that offer catering. A venue with complimentary tea and coffee, as well as delegate packages, are a great option too.

How to plan a successful meeting in Manchester

The key to hosting a successful and productive meeting is to have a plan and stick to it as much as possible. There is, of course, a time limit for the venue hire, so keeping to a schedule is of paramount importance for making sure you use your allotted time to its fullest. Proper organisation and scheduling will also ensure that your meeting will go smoothly. When you come prepared, you create an environment that promotes learning and also ensures that your peers or guests will also feel as if their time is valued.

There are many things to keep in mind when planning a successful meeting. Here are 10 tips to help you plan your next one:

  • Focus on objectives. Before you start planning your meeting, make sure you know its purpose. Is it an information session? An update? A brainstorming session? A media briefing? Whatever it is, write down your objectives at the top of your agenda (or even better, on a whiteboard for everyone to see!) so everyone knows what they should be working toward during the meeting.
  • Choose an appropriate venue. Once you know what you're trying to achieve, it's time to choose a meeting room that will meet those needs. Large conference rooms may be best suited to big ideas or sharing information with lots of people at once, but smaller groups might prefer more intimate settings like seminar spaces or training rooms where they can interact with each other more easily than if they were sitting around large tables all separated by headsets or laptops. Additionally, hiring a soundproof meeting room might be a good choice if you need a lot of peace and quiet to be productive. 
  • Set a time limit for each speaker and stick to it. It's easy to get caught up in the emotion of a meeting, especially if it's a creative workshop or discussion. But if you don't have a set time limit for each speaker and stick to it, you could end up with a rambling, unproductive meeting. Keep track of how much time each person has used so far, and don't let someone go over their allotted time. If someone tries to talk over the time limit, politely interrupt and remind them that they have just one more minute left. 
  • Make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. A lot of people will be distracted if they’re squished into a small space, and it can make them feel uncomfortable. To avoid this, use a conference venue or another larger space that has enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. If possible, make sure each person has a chair with armrests, which will help keep them comfortable and focused during the meeting.
  • Bring plenty of water, coffee, tea and snacks. Arrange refreshments 45 to 30 minutes before your scheduled start time so people aren’t rushing around looking for tea or coffee while they're trying to listen to what you have to say. 
  • Consider who needs to be there for the meeting to be successful. Invite your team, and if you need input from other departments or clients, invite them as well. Also, once you close your attendee list, make sure everyone knows their role in the project or task at hand. Delegating tasks as a leader is not easy, but it will help your meeting run smoothly. Ensure that all attendees know what they need to do before the meeting starts – including getting any materials ready before the meeting or reading up on any information that may be required to conduct the work.
  • Determine how long your meeting will last –  maybe an hour or two hours, or perhaps all day long? Be sure that all participants understand the length of your meeting (and when to expect any breaks). Also, let them know what time they can expect the session to come to an end so there aren’t any surprises at the end of the day if they have other obligations outside of work. Knowing this will also help you arrange the best Manchester meeting room hire option for your needs!
  • If possible, don’t schedule meetings right after lunch or right before a holiday weekend. Try to schedule it during off-peak times of the day (like early morning or late afternoon) when there will be fewer distractions and people are more likely to be in a better mood than they would be at other times of day (when they’re tired or hungry).
  • Make sure that you have everything on hand that you need for the meeting before it starts, e.g., pens, paperclips, markers, etc., so there’s no delay while someone runs out to get things for everyone else at the last minute. Make sure all the technology is working properly before everyone arrives, especially if you’re planning a hybrid meeting with participants joining in via video chat or teleconference. In such cases, hire a  meeting room with conference call facilities! If you need to connect any devices to power outlets, do that ahead of time as well. And if you need extension cords, make sure they are there and ready too.
  • Establish ground rules. It's important to set expectations early in any meeting by laying out ground rules that everyone agrees upon once everyone is in the meeting room. This helps avoid misunderstandings later on and keeps things moving smoothly as people get acquainted with one another during introductions or opening remarks. These ground rules should be stated explicitly in writing (or verbally if that works better for your group) so there's no confusion about what's expected from each participant.

Meeting rooms for hire are some of the best places to hold a variety of events for your organisation, as there are very few limits to their use. Tagvenue lists dozens of professional spaces that offer all of the features that you will need for a  productive event. Along with this, you can utilise the smart filters on our site to help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Planning your meeting on a budget

If you're on a tight budget and looking to lower the costs of your meeting in Manchester, it's important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Be creative with food options. One way to save money is by having food delivered from local restaurants instead of buying everything from a catering company or the hotel kitchen. Try to avoid renting a meeting space that offers in-house catering services, as you won't be able to negotiate cheap prices.
  • Choose the date carefully. You might consider choosing off-peak times for your event or booking your meeting venue as far in advance as possible so that you can take advantage of early bird pricing discounts. If possible, don't book an event during the busiest times of year (holidays).
  • Hire a cheap meeting room. If you want to cut costs of the venue hire, you have a few options. You can go for a space on the outskirts of Manchester or go for something unconventional. Restaurants and pubs in Manchester often offer function rooms that can be used for meetings and business meals!
  • Always have your attendees register before the deadline. This way you will know for sure how many people to expect and you won’t spend money on anyone who doesn’t bother to show up.
  • Rent equipment instead of purchasing it. You might be able to rent everything you need, from projectors and microphones to video cameras, at little or no cost. If you do decide to purchase equipment, consider buying used equipment instead of new equipment at full price. You can also search for a venue that will have everything you need on site for you to use. Many meeting venues in Manchester include the use of such facilities in the hire fee!

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Manchester

How much do meeting rooms in Manchester cost?

Hiring fees may vary depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. Short-term meeting room hire options start at £15 per hour. If you want to hire a venue for a day, expect prices starting from as little as £20 for small meeting spaces. Some restaurants with private meeting rooms in Manchester come with minimum spend requirements, which usually range between £50 and £3,000 per session.  (All data from Tagvenue.)

Why should I hire a meeting room in Manchester?

Manchester is one of the best connected cities in England. With four major railway hubs in the centre (Piccadilly, Victoria, Oxford Road and Deansgate) and the third busiest airport in the UK, the city is easily accessible. Manchester also boasts a wide selection of meeting spaces of all types, from modern rooms to spacious stadium suites, so you are sure to find just what you need for your meeting here. With a range of accommodation facilities, you will have no problem organising a series of meetings here.

Which areas of Manchester are best for hiring a meeting space?

Manchester’s city centre is full of areas to host any kind of a get-together. The Central Retail District makes a great location for a business meeting. The Northern Quarter is where history meets modern culture and you are sure to find a unique meeting venue here. If you want to host your meeting both close to the city centre and a transport terminal, search for meeting rooms near Manchester Piccadilly. As the biggest of the four main stations, it’s a major transportation hub easily accessible via Metrolink or the bus network. Salford Quays, possibly the hottest spot in Greater Manchester, is a hub for culture, shopping and business as well. Search around Manchester Airport if you’re hosting a meeting for delegates travelling by air or looking for great hotel meeting rooms.

What are some good tips for hiring a meeting venue in Manchester?

Check the size of the room and how many people it can accommodate. Make sure the room has all the equipment you will need for your meeting. See if the venue provides a wireless internet connection strong enough for the number of participants you’re expecting. If you’re planning to have food or drinks during your meeting check if the venue will provide them or if you will need to take care of it yourself. Some meeting venues offer complimentary water, tea, coffee and biscuits, some work with external caterers and others allow you to provide the food and beverages yourself.

What are some of the best meeting rooms in Manchester?

Here are some of the top locations for meetings in the city:

  • Malmaison Manchester near Manchester Piccadilly Station - If you’re after hotels with meeting facilities, this one offers several rooms and suites of different sizes, from pods for 4-6 guests to spaces for up to 160 attendees. It boasts a 4.8/5-star rating.
  • The Boardroom at Beehive Lofts near Ancoats - This 4.8/5-star room perfectly blends a relaxed setting with professional equipment, making for a space that will make your creative juices flow! It's perfect for small team meetings and creative presentations.
  • Halle Suite at The Edwardian Manchester near Great Northern Square - Planning a conference, seminar, or AGM for up to 400 people? This large function hall will exceed your expectations! It’s rated 5/5 stars and offers special day delegate rates that will make meeting planning much easier.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Lucy P.
Booked The Workshop at Department Bonded Warehouse
What a gorgeous venue! Plenty of light, perfect for big groups, great amenities and lovely staff! Will definitely book again
Meghane O.
Booked Portland Room at Townhouse Manchester
Perfect for corporate meeting - great central location. Projector (with HDMI cables) and flipchart provided, great service. Would highly recommend
Katherine C.
Booked The Shipping Office at CityCo Event & Meeting Spaces
- Really comfortable venue for team meeting - Tech (including video and sound) all worked perfect - Staff (Erica) was on hand to help with any queries / set up for success, made a great effort to make sure never let wanting for anything - Catering was a great mix of options and a real success - Sound was really good in the room (was worried about noise and creaking hard wood floors - but not a problem)
Hannah C.
Booked Tony Wilson at Chamber Space
What a great meeting space, airy comfortable private rooms, with all the facilities we needed. The concierge and reception made us feel really welcome and were helpful, approachable and friendly. We will definitely be using these meeting spaces again. We ordered pastry breakfast and a lunch and both were excellent in quality and volume!
Kate W.
Booked The Loft at Oppidan Social HQ Bishops Gate
This is a lovely venue and we were so grateful to be accommodated at such short notice. The booking process was easy and it was good to have the option of booking catering or ordering externally. When we arrived at the venue I was surprised to find an assortment of breakfast cereals, snacks and pastries - this was lovely and unexpected. I brought my own herbal tea as most venues only provide the standard tea and coffee, I was delighted to find a variety of teas, hot chocolate and coffee. The room was a good size and came with a projector which was easy to set-up. There were pens and a flip chart too which came in useful. The building is in a quiet area away from the road and the room we used was up on the first floor so it was nice and quiet - it felt like you were away from everything and could focus on the task in hand. The staff were lovely and pleasant and everyone loved the dogs in the staff room downstairs :-)
Nikola P.
Booked Mary Greg/ Charles Rutherston at Manchester Art Gallery
Lovely Meeting room, Excellent service received, Amazing venue to host your boardroom meetings. Thank you so much Manchester Art Gallery for making our day successful.
Shahbaz M.
Booked Boardroom at Chamber Space
Spacious, clean space with friendly and accommodating management tea. You have to go and see the place and speak to the team. * Cheap car parking * Spacious hall for lecture based meeting * AV was modern * Tea/Coffee facilities nice
Trolex L.
Booked Mary Greg/ Charles Rutherston at Manchester Art Gallery
The overall service was excellent, from Victoria who dealt with my booking, right down to the gallery staff who were assisting throughout the day. The room was more than sufficient for our needs and also nice and bright. The organisation of the day was stress free for myself and the day went smoothly with great feedback.

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