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Top Affordable Meeting Rooms in London

On the lookout for affordable meeting rooms in London? You’re in the right place! The pricing of London meeting rooms can be discouraging, but no need to stress so much. Here at Tagvenue, we know how to find great and low-cost meeting venues in London – and we’re more than happy to help you find the one for you. Hop on our platform, put your preferred price range in our smart filters, and find an affordable meeting room in London in no time!

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Budget-Friendly Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Before you started your research, you probably asked yourself how much it costs to hire a meeting space in London. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable meeting rooms available in the city, and we have compiled a comprehensive list of budget-friendly venue options available in London!

So, what’s the secret to cheap meeting room hire in London? Our venue experts have already found out and are ready to share their best tips with you:

  • Write down everything you’ll need – The key is to nail down your objectives early. This will help you decide what the most important requirements are for the meeting you’re planning. Is it a particular location, specific room feature (for example a whiteboard, a flipchart or audiovisual equipment), accommodation (we’re listing hotel meeting rooms, too) or something else? With our extensive collection of affordable meeting rooms in London you’re sure to find one that meets your needs!
  • Find out how the space you’re interested in is priced – If the gathering you’re planning is not going to be particularly long, your best bet is to go for a meeting room priced per hour. The hourly rates at our London meeting venues as low as £15, so you can likely secure a truly fantastic deal! If you’re planning a rather long meeting, it’s probably more budget-conscious for you to go for a meeting room priced per session or per day.
  • Check what’s included in the price – Dozens of meeting venues in London, even the budget-friendly ones, offer complimentary refreshments such as tea, coffee and cookies. If your meeting is not going to last more than 2 hours, this will probably be just enough for you and the attendees, and you won’t have to spend additional pounds on providing the catering yourself. Planning a long meeting and need something more on the table? Ask the venue manager, as many of them work with approved caterers. Which means you might be able to get a special discount.
  • Not satisfied with the quote? Keep negotiating – When it comes to cheap meeting room hire in London, it’s never wrong to ask more questions. Don’t like the prices for central London? Ask the manager for their rates in different parts of the city. Maybe one of their meeting rooms will turn out to be just the right match for you! More tips? Some meeting rooms have different rates for off-peak hours, so that might be your chance to secure a cheap meeting venue.
  • Consider different locations – The most sought-after meeting room locations include major transport hubs (St Pancras, Victoria, Kings Cross, Heathrow), as well as central London: Soho, Mayfair or Shoreditch. We have listings for plenty of affordable meeting rooms in these hot spots, as well as hidden gems off the beaten path. Why not discover them with us? 
  • Have several dates in mind, if possible –  Just one more alternative date widens the selection of spaces and significantly increases your chances of securing the cheapest meeting room deal available. And the icing on the cake? With our smart search engine, checking availability is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Pick a small meeting room – Choose a meeting room size according to your needs. It is unnecessary to hire a large meeting room if you’re only planning a meeting for a group of 6, isn't it? Check our capacity filter to search for venues that fit your needs. And very often, a smaller room means a cheaper venue hiring price!
  • Make use of technology! - Wouldn't it be useful to send attendees important documents by email in advance? 

What to know before booking an affordable meeting venue in London?

Do you want to ensure that the booking process runs smoothly? We bet you do! Don’t hesitate to check out a few things to consider before you hire the venue.

The first thing is to check the venue’s cancellation policy. You never know if something unexpectedly crops up in your schedule, and you will need to change your plans. Cancellation policies differ widely depending on the venue. However, you can generally get at least a partial refund if you cancel within a specific time before the booked date. Always read the fine print before booking! When hiring an affordable meeting room, it might be especially important - with a tight budget, it’s important to avoid all the factors that can result in expensive mistakes!

Remember to check out reviews before deciding on a low-budget meeting room. Previous customers’ comments can give you good insight into a venue’s character. You will learn what they enjoyed and what they didn't, and based on that you can make a decision about the venue. If the venue doesn’t have reviews, we recommend contacting a meeting room manager and setting a date for a tour around the venue. 

Facilities and equipment are the key to a successful meeting, so check beforehand that the venue you are about to decide on has all the gear you need. An affordable meeting room usually offers a whiteboard, WiFi, flipchart, projector, flat screen and sound system. Should you need something beyond that, make sure the venue provides it, and always check whether it is included in the hire fee or if you will have to pay extra for it.

Finally, is it convenient? What’s the location? How far is it from the airport, public transport connections, or parking facilities? Does it also offer disabled access? When hiring a meeting space on a budget, it’s important to consider all these factors so you don’t end up paying a ton for cabs or spending 2 hours on a commute!

What to avoid when booking an affordable meeting room in London?

Hiring a meeting room is a tough nut to crack - that goes without saying. Scouting for an affordable meeting room can take  time. To save you from hours of suffering looking through dozens of available meeting rooms in London,  we’ve prepared a list of common mistakes to avoid during the booking process. 

Mistake #1 Thinking you have a lot of time

Time passes fast, and suddenly you may realise that you only have 3 days left until the meeting. Then the panic starts: “We don’t have a venue!” or “Everything has been booked already!” If reading these quotes makes you stressed, that’s a sign that you should start searching for a meeting room right away. Scouting for venues ahead of time will extend your choices, enabling you to choose from the venues you want, not just from the venues that are left. And if you’re hiring a meeting room on a budget, remember, the best-priced ones are the first to go!

Mistake #2 Ignoring every venue that is not a hot ticket

Sometimes customers have an idea of their perfect meeting room so deeply embedded, that they do not even consider other options. On the one hand it is good that they know what they want, but on the other hand they are missing so many great opportunities they never considered! Often, your actual perfect meeting room will be a bit different from your imagination. And yes, even when looking for an affordable meeting venue, you’ll be able to secure the perfect room for your needs!

Mistake #3 Looking for everything and nothing

Has an hour or two passed as you’ve scrolled through the meeting rooms available in London and found… nothing? Have you prioritised your needs? Have you used our smart filters? No? Then that’s the key! In order to find the right venue in a short time you should narrow down your options by using our advanced search filters.  For instance, start by entering your budget in our smart filters to find plenty of affordable meeting rooms to hire in London!

Mistake #4 I said what I want, and now I can go

Nah ah, ah! Always double-check your booking! Once in a while something may go wrong and a misunderstanding may crop up. It is important to double-check your booking details, to make sure that you and the venue manager have understood each other. Try to double-check the costs, capacity, equipment and discuss whether it is included in the hire fee or not. Also, always keep the venue manager’s number close by in case you run into difficulties with the venue.

Mistake #5 Focusing only on your own preferences

The meeting room, even if you secured a low-budget meeting space, is supposed to be an accessible place where all the attendees feel comfortable. Very often people forget that the venue which they are going to hire should be suitable not only for themselves but also for the other meeting participants. Make sure that the venue is in a convenient location and has all the necessary facilities for you and other partakers.

What kind of London venues offer affordable meeting rooms for hire?


Hotels very often provide high standard meeting rooms with good quality equipment. And many of these spaces can be hired at affordable rates! It is a good option for those who need accommodation after the meeting and would like to provide refreshment. Ask the hotel manager about catering, equipment, etc. Make sure you discuss whether they are included in the hire fee or if you will have to pay extra for them. 


As they usually do not provide professional equipment, restaurants are good choices for rather informal meetings. But they do not measure up when it comes to professional conferences and other business meetings. However, they can be cost-effective as some restaurants offer minimum spend hire fees, which means that if you spend a set amount of money on food and drinks, you don’t have to pay for the venue itself.


Although libraries may not seem like the ideal meeting room option, they do offer some good options for holding a meeting in a unique space, at an affordable price. Community halls (or community centres) are also a great, convenient and low-cost option.

Conference centres 

A conference centre is a building specifically designed for business meetings and offers an abundance of rooms at different prices, sizes and styles, each serving a slightly different purpose. You can choose from boardrooms, training rooms, workspaces, conference rooms, basic meeting rooms and others, according to your needs, and your budget as well - many conference centres offer affordable meeting spaces! Their offer usually includes refreshments and basic equipment. However, we recommend that before making a booking you contact the venue manager and discuss the details.

Which seating layout to choose?

It is crucial to decide on a seating layout while planning a meeting. Every layout has a different purpose and enhances different values during work. Some venues offer flexible seating arrangements which is a big advantage if you are planning different activities during the meeting. The most popular meeting room seating layouts are:

Boardroom Style Seating

Boardroom style seating offers seats along  one large, long, rectangular table. It is perfect for small meetings and strategic discussions. The goal of this layout is to enhance discussion and brainstorming.

U-shape/Horse Shoe Style Seating

U-shape (or Horse Shoe) style seating offers rectangular tables set up in a U-shape. It is used mostly for presentations, small meetings and group collaborations. Not only does it enhance discussion with a speaker but relationship building as well. It is perfect for both attendees who have already worked together and those who are new.

Hollow Square Style Seating

Hollow Square Style Seating offers tables set in a square, where the speaker is either in the centre or in one of the corners. It is a perfect setting for workshops and training sessions.

Classroom Style Seating

Rectangular tables set up in the classroom style are perfect for lectures, meetings, seminars and training sessions. They focus attention on the front of the room and make it easy for everyone to see what the speaker is presenting. 

If you need more help with your seating arrangement, check out our Event Seating Arrangement Guideline!

Have some unanswered questions on your mind? Take a look at our frequently asked ones:

FAQs about Affordable Meeting Rooms in London

Which London districts offer the best affordable meeting rooms?

Starting from the cheapest, meeting rooms from only £12 per hour can be found  in Brixton and Camden Town. Expect to pay around £20 to £30 per hour in Deptford, Crystal Palace, Wandworth and Bethnal Green. There are also many affordable meeting rooms in The City of London, Dalston and Lambeth as well, where prices for hiring a meeting room start from £30 per hour. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

How much does it cost to book an affordable meeting room in London?

Prices for hiring a budget-friendly meeting room in London start from £12 per hour! Prices range on average from £12 to £50 per hour.  (All data from Tagvenue.)

How far ahead of the event do I need to book an affordable meeting room in London?

Most people begin searching for and contacting venues about 15 days before a meeting. (All data according to Tagvenue.) Regardless of your choice, if you need to feel assured that you will definitely find a venue within a specific timeframe, planning one month in advance is a great option. Also, affordable meeting spaces tend to be booked up quickly, so if you’re looking for a cheap meeting room, it’s best to secure a venue as soon as possible. Make sure to also review the cancellation policy of the venue in case you have to cancel the booking.

Can I host hybrid meetings in affordable London meeting rooms?

Of course, you can! Virtual or hybrid meetings can be hosted at many venues, and you can always ask the manager if they have the right equipment, such as conference microphones, high speed internet, and a video screen.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Daniel S.
Booked Meeting Room in near Waterloo at The Travel Cafe Waterloo
Brilliant room for a small meeting – not claustrophobic, big screen for online participants, and great coffee and tea included all day! Close to mainline and underground stations too. What more could you want?
James S.
Booked Meeting Room 2 at The Space Regent Street
The meeting space was in a great location (Regent Street), the facilities were good, there was tea and coffee available and it offered a good meeting place.
Booked Meeting Rooms at The Inner Temple
Very thorough booking process and very helpful event staff for our client team workshop and meet. Everything was taken care of for our meeting, and we really appreciated the small touches like signage to direct our team where to go. Catering was great as well, my colleagues loved the food. We would definitely rebook in future.
Clare J.
Booked Jimmy Green at SCOPE
The people (Martina in particular) were really friendly and helpful. It's a modern office space that's spotlessly clean, has great facilities and is opposite Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations. We were having an internal meeting, but I'd have been happy to host clients there. Strikes me as a good spot to have small training groups and workshops in.
Rowan W.
Booked Meeting Room Classic at 54 Welbeck St W1G 9XS
Great location, super easy to get to and right by Paddington and Euston so didn't even need to brave the tube. Venue itself is lovely, clean bright and airy-- felt like a great space to connect with the team and share ideas. The staff were also wonderful as a colleague of mine needed to step out and take a customer meeting, and they arranged a separate space for him to take the call.
Lori D.
Booked L Room at RocketSpace Meetings + Events
I liked the ease of seeing pictures of the site and communicating via enquiries for availability and basic questions. The location was very accommodating. Good signs to direct attendees to our meeting room the day of the event. Sofie was very helpful in the planning. I would definitely use this location and Tagvenue again to plan another event.
J P.
Booked Meeting / Conference Room at Meeting Room Brick Lane / near Liverpool St
Amazing quality and service for the price! We booked the meeting room extremely last minute but the team were still ready to accommodate us completely. The room was available till much later than other rooms we looked at.
Charlie S.
Booked Training Room at David Game College
Location was perfect for us and very inexpensive compared to other options. It does have a no frills feels due it being an exam room in a college but that is reflected in the price. For an internal company meeting it is perfect. Booking and confirmation is easy and the staff are friendly.

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