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Known as one of London’s main entertainment districts, Soho is famous for fun, neon lights, big city buzz and, last but not least, Chinatown. This lively district is where the heart of London beats, so it’s no surprise it’s also popular for meetings of all kinds. From elegant boardrooms perfect for a brainstorming session to colourful coworking spaces ideal for a team-building meet-up, Soho has all the meeting rooms you may need. Try the Tagvenue search engine and see for yourself. Your meeting room is just a few clicks away!

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Soho Venues Hire Guide

Soho is one of the most lively neighbourhoods in London, with a buzzing nightlife and an eclectic mix of shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy during the day. The area has long been associated with the arts, thanks to its proximity to so many theatres and galleries. 

But Soho's appeal goes beyond just being an artistic hub. Since it’s one of London's most diverse neighbourhoods, attracting both tourists and locals, it's a great place for businesses to thrive. And with a plethora of meeting rooms, you are sure to find the one that will be the best for your business.

When preparing for a meeting though, the location isn’t the only factor that will help you make it a success. Below are some tips that will help you have the most productive meeting:

Set a goal - All meetings should start with their purpose clearly defined. The goal of your meeting should always be known to you and the attendees, and it should be achievable within the time frame of that meeting. If you don't know what you're trying to achieve, then how can you have a productive session?

Decide on the participants - If you know the goal of your meeting, it’s time to decide who will participate in it. Invite those people who will add value to your discussion and whose insights are necessary to prompt the meeting forward. Avoid inviting people out of courtesy if their presence isn’t necessary. Too many people attending the meeting may cause it to sidetrack.

Assign roles - Once you know the purpose of the meeting and who will show up, assign roles to the participants. Clearly defined roles will help everyone stay focused on what they need to do and say. The roles can include one person who should be responsible for taking notes so that the information is recorded accurately. Another person can take on the role of facilitator, to help ensure everyone has a chance to speak and make sure the meeting stays on track. Remember to have one person keeping track of time so the meeting doesn’t drag!

Set up the agenda - One of the best ways to keep a meeting on track is to have an agenda. An agenda is a list of things that need to be discussed and decided during the session. It helps keep meetings from getting sidetracked or bogged down on side issues. The agenda also helps participants prepare for meetings by giving them some idea of what will be covered, so if possible, send it out beforehand to everyone attending.

Prepare the materials - If you’re going to be using some materials during your meeting, make sure they’re set and ready before the participants enter the room. Neither you nor the participants want to scramble around trying to figure out what you’re working on at the moment, so if you get everything ready before the meeting, you’ll avoid that.

Keep the time - If you want to keep your meetings as productive as possible, starting and ending them on time is essential. Allocate time to each point of your agenda, and keep track of time to make sure you’re not spending too much time on some tasks that don’t require it. If you have a meeting that runs over, it can be difficult for people to stay focused.

To make sure you have the best meeting experience, here are some things to avoid when in a meeting:

Don’t come unprepared. That sounds too obvious, but it’s one of the most common complaints when it comes to meetings. So respect the time of the people participating, and give your best at the meeting, even if it’s a short one.

Don't waste time on unnecessary details. Get right to the point and keep the discussion focused on what needs to be done. Even if you have some icebreakers or team-building planned for the meeting, keep them short and within the set time limit.

Don’t let people derail the meeting by going off-topic or getting into lengthy discussions that go nowhere. It’s important to give people time to express themselves and ask questions, so prepare some time for a Q&A and keep track of all conclusions.

Don’t forget breaks as they’re vital for keeping your team focused and on their feet. Even if you have a tight schedule and it’s tempting to pack as much work as possible into the planned meeting time, breaks will help you achieve your goals in a better and more effective way.

Don’t forget the follow-up. The most productive meeting will be the one that gives every participant an idea of what are the next steps to take. Send out a note after the meeting finishes so the follow-up is clear and known to everybody.

If you need some more tips, here’s a checklist to help you best prepare for your next meeting.

FAQs about Meeting Rooms in Soho

Why should I hire a meeting room in Soho?

Soho has been known for different things throughout for years, but what makes it such a sought-after meeting area today? Here’s a couple of the most important reasons:

  • Unique energy – A dazzling fashion hub in the 60’s (think the famous Carnaby Street and Swinging London era), Soho remains a trend-setting, always buzzing district. Sound like a good spot for a creative meeting? Definitely!
  • Central location – Bordered by Oxford Street and Regent Street, Soho is in the centre of all the action! If you need a unique meeting room near Oxford Circus Station and Piccadilly Circus Station, we suggest you start looking for it here.
  • Entertainment options – Last but not least, Soho boasts plenty of places to let your hair down after the meeting – that’s exactly what it’s famous for!

Which areas of Soho are the best for a meeting?

 Not sure which part of Soho will make the best fit for your meeting? Have a look at our Soho cheat sheet:

  • Soho Square – This is the quieter, greener and more historical side of Soho. Looking for something central but not too modern? You’ll love this one-of-a-kind spot. Oh, and it’s just steps away from the Tottenham Court Road tube station.
  • Leicester Square – Located on the borders of Soho, Leicester Square can be considered a separate area with its distinctive vibe. It’s wonderfully vibrant both during the day and the night.
  • Piccadilly Circus – Possibly one of the most iconic spots in London, Piccadilly Circus needs no introduction. So, why not meet where the neon lights shine?

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in Soho?

The meeting room hiring prices in Soho depend on the day of the week and the time of the day when you want to book the space. Usually, you can expect hourly rates to range between £42 to £200. Daily hire starts at as little as £150. Some venues offer per-person rates, which start at £55. (Based on Tagvenue data.)

Can you recommend some meeting rooms in Soho?

Tagvenue lists only the best venues available, so whatever you decide on you are sure to be satisfied with your choice, but here are our top picks:

The Shaftesbury at Century Club - an airy meeting space close to Piccadilly Circus Station with all the equipment you may need for a successful meeting. The unique and stylish design of the rooms will make for a great backdrop to your meeting. Rated 4.3/5

Channing Williams at The Union Club - a fully functional meeting room close to Tottenham Court Road Station with a break-out space that makes for a great spot to host your next meeting. Whether it’s a brainstorming session or a negotiation, The Union Club will cater to all your needs. Rated 4.8/5

Entire Venue at The Hippodrome Casino - perfect for formal meetings and conferences, this established meeting venue right next to Leicester Square Station will cater to groups looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a good drink. Offering privacy, it’s still a great place to hold business talks. Rated 4.7/5

Thuy N.
Booked The Wardour at Century Club
Great location. Room was good size for number of people we had (19). Mira was so helpful and it was handy to have a phone in the room to call when we needed help. They were very accommodating to the various changes we were making to the number of attendees. They were very accommodating storing items we sent ahead of the day. Great they had milk alternative in the fridge.
Heather H.
Booked The Shaftesbury at Century Club
We had great feedback on the venue, facilities and catering as well as the Century staff! The payment system is nice and easy to use and the reception team were super responsive to ensure everything was in place before the meeting.
Nicole M.
Booked The Library at Club 16 Soho
Justine was wonderful, so attentive and kind thank you so much! Great location too and lovely staff made it great.
Alfa D.
Booked The Library at Club 16 Soho
The venue was exactly how it was described and more. The space had what we needed to conduct a small group meeting. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get things done.
Jo H.
Booked Meeting Room - Elton at 56 Greek Street, London W1
Room is delightful, catering good and unobtrusive. Nice to be left to get on with it ourselves. Great location, good vibe.
Stacey W.
Booked Meeting Room - Elton at 56 Greek Street, London W1
Amazing venue for a small group( we had 12 ) staff (especially Jess) were amazing and so helpful will 100% be using this venue for future meetings.
Booked Boardroom at The Resident Soho
great staff, great location, we went over our time and wasnt a problem. Amazing, will definetly use again
Sally S.
Booked Second Floor at Blacks Club
The location in Soho couldn't be better. The meeting venue is beautifully furnished and has a very comfortable ambience. The communication prior to the event was very convenient and fast. All discussed set-up requirements were met (incl. Wifi, television, ...)

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