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Find your Meeting Room in Paddington, London

See meeting spaces next to the transport hub

Top Meeting Rooms in Paddington

Looking for a meeting room in the heart of London? You might want to search in Paddington, a central district where Georgian architecture meets shiny and new office buildings. Check out all the spaces with the W2 postcode we’re listing and book your best choice in no time!

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Browsing meeting rooms in Paddington, but not sure which part of the district will be the best fit for your needs? Have a look at our quick neighbourhood guide:

  • Paddington station – Connecting both the railway and the tube, Paddington station is one of the biggest transport hubs in central London. You can easily get there from any part of the city (and the country) you can think of. No wonder it’s such a popular district for meeting room hire!
  • Royal Parks – Located between Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, Paddington boasts several green areas, perfect to relax and unwind after a meeting. Our lesser know favourites include Norfolk Square Gardens, Gloucester Square and Sussex Gardens.
  • Paddington Basin – Searching for a meeting room with a canalside view? You’re likely to find one in Paddington, as this particular district is surrounded by a canal called Paddington Basin.

Last but not least, here are a couple tips for hosting a meeting, compiled by our venue experts:

  • Remember to arrive on-site earlier in advance, just in case. Always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Don’t forget to test on-site equipment (the internet connection, the speakers etc.) and make sure everything works properly.
  • Include crucial information in the middle of your agenda, so no one misses it despite being late or needing to leave the meeting before it ends.
  • If your attendees will be arriving by car, make sure there’s enough parking space near the meeting venue. There are plenty of parking lots near Paddington Station, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.