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Meeting Rooms for Hire in Newham, London

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Top Meeting Rooms in Newham

Find yourself in need of a great meeting space in the London Borough of Newham but aren’t sure where to start? Well, as luck (and a great deal of investment after the 2012 Olympics) would have it, Newham is absolutely full of conference rooms, meeting facilities and all purpose spaces to meet the needs of even the most discerning of event planners.

Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

So now that you’re looking around Newham, what makes it a standout compared to other options in that end of London? The big answer is variety. Newham’s location on the east end of the city while abutting the Docklands gives you a great deal of choice in price points, amenities, decor and specialities in your meeting spaces. Going along Victoria Dock Road, for example, would put you within range of half a dozen hotels with ballrooms for hosting larger meetings and smaller rooms for more cosy affairs, dozens of restaurants, more bars and a few studios all within a stone’s throw of City of London airport in case you’ve got out of town guests. If that’s not to your liking, how about heading over to Stratford for a combination of lovely green spaces and facilities like Village Vanguard (a modern American-style dining place hosting informal meetings with great views) or the Crystal (which offers several meetings spaces with capacities from 30 to 450 delegates).