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Top Hotel Meeting Rooms in London

Hotels offer a unique benefit when hosting a meeting by providing a place where you and your associates can meet and stay for the night or weekend. There are many different kinds of hotel conference rooms in London to choose from, and it can be a head-scratcher when it comes to choosing the right one for your event. To save you the work, we’ve listed all the best hotel meeting rooms that are available in London. Check them out today!

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Hotel Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

London is the largest city in the United Kingdom, it stands on the River Thames, and it is dripping with history. The city of London has been dubbed as one of the most important cities for international business. That being the case, the city boasts with business hotels. For more information on each venue on our list, just click on its name and you can see more detailed description about hosting a meeting or retreat there.

Helpful tips and things to consider before booking a meeting space in one of London's hotels:

  • Facilities – Choose a hotel conference room that has all of the components that you will need. Examples: Audiovisual equipment, stages, podium, microphones, etc.
  • Compare venues and services – We’ve made this easy for you, but nonetheless, don’t forget to compare your top hotel venue choices before booking your event. Click on each London event space that seems like a good fit and weigh your options by considering their differences, pros, and cons. Many meeting rooms in boutique hotels my fit the style you desire but can’t cater to other needs like larger hotels might be able to.
  • Staffing – Check with the hotel and make sure that they will be able to have sufficient staffing on site during your event. The last thing you want is to have to move your own chairs when you have other important matters on your mind.
  • Capacity – This might be an obvious one, but it’s a good reminder. Make sure that the hotel you choose will be able to both house all of your associates and have a meeting room that will comfortably seat everyone.
  • Food and beverages – If there is an option to eat at the same location where your meeting is held, it can save you a lot of time. Transporting to and from an external restaurant can detract from your conference’s time and productivity.

How to Keep Remote Attendees Engaged in a Meeting

As remote work becomes more common, finding ways to keep remote attendees engaged in your meetings is important. Luckily, you can utilise the technology available in hotel meeting rooms to enhance the engagement of your remote attendees. So let's explore some tips for getting the most out of hotel meeting rooms in London!

Pre-Meeting Preparation:

  • High-Quality AV Equipment: Choose a meeting room with video conferencing technology, as well as high-quality cameras, microphones, and strong internet connectivity. Use the filter on our platform to search for venues with your desired multimedia equipment!
  • Send Pre-Meeting Information: Provide remote attendees with clear instructions on connecting, testing their technology, and accessing any shared documents or presentations beforehand. Additionally, consider sending a reminder email a day before the meeting as a gentle nudge for attendees to double-check their equipment and familiarise themselves with the necessary steps for joining the virtual conference.
  • Take Time Zone Differences into Account: Some attendees might join the meeting from different time zones. To ensure everyone is on the same page, it is important to schedule the meeting at a time that works for everyone. You can use online tools or scheduling apps that automatically adjust the meeting time based on each person’s location.

During the Meeting:

  • Encourage Participation: Utilise interactive tools like polls, surveys, Q&A platforms, and chat functions to keep remote attendees engaged and involved in discussions.
  • Spotlight Remote Participants: Regularly call on remote attendees for their input and acknowledge their contributions verbally and visually. It also might be helpful to set clear communication guidelines to avoid interruption, such as asking remote participants to raise their hands or use a specific chat feature when they have something to say.
  • Facilitate Breakout Sessions: Divide large groups into smaller, mixed virtual and in-person sessions for focused discussions and collaborative activities. Assign a facilitator for each breakout session to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and that the discussions stay on track. London has various hotels with breakout areas equipped with teleconferencing equipment, so jam-packed meeting rooms shouldn’t be a concern.
  • Collaborate through Digital Tools: Utilise collaborative online platforms such as Google Docs or Microsoft Teams to enable real-time document editing and screen-sharing. Additionally, incorporate video conferencing tools that offer screen-sharing capabilities, enabling participants to present their work or ideas visually.
  • Social Breaks & Virtual Team Building: Organise virtual coffee breaks or team-building activities like online quizzes or games. This way, you can help online participants feel less isolated by encouraging them to interact with each other in a more casual setting!

Post-Meeting Engagement:

  • Share Recordings and Resources: Make meeting recordings, presentations, and key takeaways readily available to all attendees. In addition, provide a platform or forum where attendees can ask questions, share additional resources, and continue the discussion even after the meeting has ended.
  • Follow-up and Seek Feedback: Send a post-meeting email thanking attendees for participating. Create an online survey to gather feedback on the meeting so your future meetings are even more successful. Moreover, consider scheduling follow-up meetings or check-ins to address any outstanding questions or concerns raised during the initial meeting.

By implementing these tips, you can create a truly inclusive and engaging experience for both remote and in-person attendees. To elevate the overall experience, check out our Conference Planning Checklist for help with sorting out all the details and logistics necessary for a successful meeting!

Innovative Breakout Sessions and Workshop Ideas for Hotel Meeting Rooms in London

Incorporating engaging breakout sessions and workshops can transform a standard meeting in London into an unforgettable experience. These interactive elements not only boost creativity and participation but also facilitate deeper learning and networking opportunities. Here’s how to curate standout breakout sessions and workshops tailored to London’s hotel meeting spaces.

  • Cultural Exploration Workshops - London, with its rich history, offers an exceptional ground for breakout sessions focused on cultural exploration. Partner with local museums, galleries, or historical societies to design workshops that give attendees a deep dive into the city's heritage. For example, a short workshop on the history of the Thames or the architectural evolution of London can be both informative and entertaining.
  • Sustainability Workshops - Given the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, a workshop focused on sustainability within the corporate sector can be both timely and impactful. Utilise hotel meeting rooms’ advanced AV systems to host virtual speakers from local environmental organisations or green tech startups. These sessions can range from implementing green practices in the workplace to understanding the financial benefits of sustainability.
  • Creative Thinking and Innovation Sessions - Leverage London's status as a global hub for innovation by hosting workshops that foster creative thinking. Interactive sessions like design thinking workshops, innovation labs, or hackathons encourage participants to think outside the box and collaborate on problem-solving exercises. Facilitators can use digital tools available in hotel meeting rooms to enhance the interactivity of these sessions.
  • British Tea Culture Tasting and Education - Embrace the local culture with a breakout session dedicated to the British tradition of tea. Arrange for a tea sommelier to introduce participants to various blends, their histories, and the etiquette surrounding tea drinking. This light-hearted, yet educational workshop, can serve as a cool networking opportunity, perfectly complementing the more formal parts of the meeting!
  • Mindfulness and Well-being Workshops - Incorporating well-being into meetings is increasingly popular, reflecting a holistic approach to business gatherings. Breakout sessions focused on mindfulness, yoga, or stress management techniques can provide a refreshing break from the day's agenda. Many London hotels offer serene spaces or even private gardens ideal for such activities.
  • Local Startup Pitch Sessions - With London being a cradle for startups across various industries, why not offer a platform for emerging companies to showcase their innovations? Arrange breakout sessions where local entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to your attendees. This not only provides startups with valuable exposure but also allows your participants to gain insight into the latest trends and possibly uncover collaboration opportunities.
  • Historical Pub Crawl Planning Workshop - Capitalise on London’s iconic pub culture by organising a workshop on planning the perfect historical pub crawl. Facilitators can introduce participants to the stories behind some of London’s oldest pubs, followed by group activities to plan a crawl. This workshop combines learning, strategic thinking, and the promise of a team-building event filled with fun!

When planning breakout sessions and workshops in London's hotel meeting rooms, the key is to include educational content in the most engaging, interactive formats. These sessions not only break the monotony of conventional meetings but also foster a spirit of collaboration, creativity, and well-being among participants. Make sure to have a look at our 30+ Indoor & Outdoor Team Building Activities That Aren’t Cringeworthy to get even more ideas on organising a great corporate event!

Eco-Friendly Meeting Initiatives in London's Hotel Meeting Rooms

In today's environmentally conscious world, hosting an eco-friendly meeting in London is not just a trend but a responsibility. London's hotels are stepping up to the challenge, offering sustainable options for businesses seeking to minimise their ecological footprint while conducting meetings. This guide provides insights into eco-friendly meeting initiatives that align with your organisation's sustainability goals.

  • Digital Documentation - Leading the charge in eco-friendly initiatives, London's hotels are embracing technology to reduce paper waste. Opt for hotels that offer digital conferencing tools, allowing for the sharing of documents and presentations electronically. This approach not only cuts down on paper usage but also enhances collaboration and accessibility.
  • Sustainable Catering Options - Food waste and unsustainable catering practices can significantly impact the environment. Seek out hotels that prioritise locally sourced, organic, and seasonal food options. Many conference spaces are also offering plant-based catering menus and incorporating zero-waste cooking techniques to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Energy-Efficient Meeting Spaces - Energy consumption is a major factor in any event. Choose venues in hotels that are committed to reducing their energy usage through LED lighting, automated climate control systems, and other green technologies. Some venues also utilise natural light to brighten meeting spaces, creating a pleasant atmosphere while conserving energy.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs - An eco-friendly meeting is not complete without a comprehensive waste management plan. Partner with hotels that provide clearly marked recycling bins in meeting rooms and common areas. Encourage attendees to use reusable water bottles and coffee cups, with many hotels offering water stations and sustainable beverage solutions.
  • Eco-Conscious Accommodations - For multi-day events, consider the hotel's accommodation practices. Look for establishments that offer linen reuse programs, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and take steps to reduce water waste. These measures contribute to a more sustainable stay for attendees.
  • Green Transportation Options - The choice of venue can influence the carbon footprint of your meeting through attendees' travel. Hotels centrally located near public transportation hubs encourage the use of eco-friendly travel options. Some venues also provide charging stations for electric vehicles, encouraging greener transportation choices.
  • Certifications and Partnerships - Validate your eco-friendly meeting initiatives by choosing hotels with recognised environmental certifications such as Green Key or BREEAM. These certifications ensure that the hotel meets stringent environmental standards. Partnerships with local environmental organisations can also add an educational component to your meeting, highlighting the importance of sustainability.

By opting for eco-friendly meeting initiatives, you're not just hosting an event; you're making a statement about your organisation's commitment to sustainability. London's hotels offer numerous options for those wishing to embrace green practices, ensuring that your meeting contributes positively to the planet. Remember, every small step towards sustainability can have a significant impact, making your meeting as productive as planet-friendly!

FAQs about Hotel Meeting Rooms in London

How much does it cost to hire a hotel meeting room in London?

  • The most common hire cost for hotel meeting spaces in London is the hire fee pricing structure. This typically includes the meeting room only. There will typically be a separate charge for each bedroom you wish to reserve. The cost ranges from £400-£2,500.
  • The per person pricing structure is another common way to charge for meeting packages, especially with hotels that will be catering your conference. The per delegate cost ranges from £50-£140 per person.

What are the most popular locations where hotels with meeting facilities are found?

  • Westminster – Home to Buckingham Palace and other historical landmarks, Westminster is a popular place to host business meetings and conferences. The are plenty of hotels to choose from on almost every corner.
  • Tower Hill Area – Next to the tower of London and the old Roman Walls, the Tower Hill area houses some of the best and largest hotel and conference centres in the city.
  • Kensington – A small village feel amidst a big city environment, Kensington holds dozens of smaller hotels.
  • Central London- Probably the most sought after London location for business meetings. Hotels found here are usually on the high end, but there are also some smaller and more affordable spaces as well.

How early should I reserve the hotel venue for my meeting?

The availability varies greatly with each venue, but we recommend reserving your hotel conference venue at least three months in advance. For smaller meetings, you can get away with six weeks.

Do I need to bring my own A/V equipment?

Most hotels with meeting spaces offer A/V equipment for an additional cost. We recommend contacting the venue and asking how much that will be. Sometimes it might be worth bringing your own.

Should each guest check-in individually or as a group?

Many hotels will give your group a block of rooms and require your event organisers to assign the rooms. It’s always a best practice to ask the hotel before assuming they will allow guests to check-in individually.

What are the best meeting rooms near tube stations in Central London?

  • Vintry & Mercer provides a sophisticated and sleek meeting space just steps away from Mansion House Station. This fully equipped space, uniquely decorated with plenty of iconic British vinyl, is available for hire at £89 per person. It comfortably accommodates up to 10 attendees.
  • Immerse your team in a productive and inspiring environment at the meeting space near Tower Hill Station. Situated in Leonardo Royal London City, this versatile space features build-in screen and a refreshment area and hold up to 14 guests. It’s available for hire for just £500 per day, offering an upscale yet cost-effective option.
  • This top-end meeting room near London Bridge Station and Tower Bridge, it offers a beautifully-decorated space that will leave a lasting impression on all attendees. With an affordable hire fee of £500 per day, The Dixton Hotel Tower Bridge promises a productive meeting without breaking the bank.

Guests Reviews of Hotel Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Momtaz I.
Booked Whitechapel Think Factory 3 at Holiday Inn London Whitechapel
The room was perfect they had water books and pens, the team were ever so helpful and thr equipment and room size is just so perfect
Pippa C.
Booked Main Hall at Osmani Centre
All our encounters throughout the booking process, set up, and the event itself were seemlessly managed by Mohammed and his team. They were incredibly accommodating, approachable, and professional throughout. On the day, everything was set up exactly as asked with tea and coffee stations already prepared. Sahabi was excellent at managing our visitors and sharing directions for where they needed to go, allowing us the opportunity to manage and greet our volunteers throughout the day. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you!
Nabila H.
Booked Cromwell Suite 1 & 2 at DoubleTree by Hilton London Kensington
Very convenient location as it was so close to the station , very clean and very nice hotel . Staff were very friendly whenever we needed help or any question they were there to assist us . Managers were really nice and making sure all is goi g fine or if we need anything else . Over all a very good experience this was our first time to hire a hall for exhibition everything g went smoothly . Thank you
Laura B.
Booked The Empire Room at K West Hotel & Spa
Booked this venue for a business meeting and it exceeded our expectations. Amazing staff, food, facilities & location. A special big thank you to Michal & Irina who were extremely helpful and patient through the whole booking process. I would recommend this hotel and spa and will definitely be coming back
Hajer H.
Booked Kings Cross Suite at Doubletree by Hilton Angel Kings Cross
We found our venue through this website, and The Sales Executive, Kat Moore, was amazing at helping us throughout the whole time! We ended up staying at the hotel and had our venue at the same time! Everybody was nice, and especially the supervisor, Vinfran D. Costa. He went above and beyond for all of us, he exceeded our expectations and made our stay so pleasant. Thank you for everything!
Claire C.
Booked The Charles Suite at The Chesterfield Mayfair
Planning was excellent and communication throughout was very good. Catering was also very good and when refreshments were brought during the meeting, it was all done very quietly and professionally so it did not impact on the meeting itself.
Hugo L.
Booked Virginia Woolf at Richbell House
Location was great to hang out before after and for Lunch Clean facilities and we barely heard other groups Hardware were working well and
Chenelle L.
Booked Big Space at Hackney Showroom
Didem is a great communicator and provided us with everyone we needed. The venue was excellent and the price and great too. We had a nice time!

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