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If you are looking for a venue for your next meeting in Edinburgh, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed all the best meeting rooms in the city to make your planning easier. Edinburgh Airport is a quick commute by car, bus and rail, so the whole city is at your disposal. From Leith to Dalry, and not forgetting the Old Town, you can choose from many meeting spaces with a professional atmosphere. Use our smart filters to find the most suitable meeting room for your particular needs!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Spoilt for choice and don't know where to look first? We know the best places in Edinburgh for finding a meeting room! Edinburgh Old Town is one of the most popular and beautiful parts of the city, brimming with historical buildings and picturesque alleys, while Edinburgh Castle overlooks it all. However, this city has many more stunning areas that are worth mentioning. Dalry is just off the city centre and chock full of interesting restaurants, cafes and pubs. Leith is the city’s port district, and it is buzzing with energy. Hiring a meeting room near the Albert Dock with a view of the ocean could make your meeting even more unforgettable!

Meeting rooms in Edinburgh come in all different shapes and sizes and also prices. There are two common pricing plans in the city, the first being per person, which ranges between £10 and £60. This generally means that you will pay a set price per attendee and the price may include some other benefits, such as refreshments. Another popular pricing model is hire fee, with which you will usually end up paying between £24 to £310. This means that you will pay only for the space itself, no matter how many people you are expecting.

Here are a few useful tips & tricks you might want to bear in mind as you plan your next meeting:

  • Keep it local – Try to find a meeting space close to your office to ensure the best turn out. Edinburgh is a big city with many meeting rooms to choose from, so it shouldn't be hard to find an appropriate space in close proximity to your workplace. If you have many coworkers who commute anyway, what about making a compromise? Edinburgh Old Town and New Town are centrally located, so why not look for a meeting place around there?
  • Spice it up – If you want to make your meeting extra memorable, or if the nature of your meeting allows you to take some liberties, why not go for a more laid-back setting? A café or a pub could be a nice alternative to a formal meeting room. Leith and Dalry have many interesting venues to offer in this category, so why not take a look?

Our smart filters will help you sort out many of your meeting room details early on, so you don’t have to handle everything yourself! 

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