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Do you need breakout rooms for your next meeting or workshop in London? Look no further than our selection of breakout rooms designed to inspire collaboration and creativity! From the historic lanes of Covent Garden to the lively atmosphere of Soho, London boasts an array of dynamic spaces perfect for your event. Tagvenue simplifies the booking process with our user-friendly platform and extensive venue options. Dive in, discover the perfect space, and get ready to spark innovation and productivity in the heart of London! 

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FAQs about Breakout Rooms in London

What are breakout rooms?

Breakout rooms are separate and designated spaces within a larger venue or facility for smaller group discussions, workshops, or activities during conferences, meetings, or events. These rooms create a more intimate setting, allowing participants to have focused discussions or carry out collaborative work away from the main event space.

Here is how breakout rooms typically function in a physical setting: 

Designated Spaces: Breakout rooms are usually smaller areas within the same building as the main event space. They are equipped with basic amenities such as tables, chairs, whiteboards, or AV equipment as needed. 

Group Activities: Participants are divided into smaller groups and assigned to specific breakout rooms to engage in discussions, workshops, brainstorming sessions, or other activities relevant to the event agenda. 

Facilitators: Facilitators or group leaders may be assigned to each breakout room to guide discussions, facilitate activities, and ensure that objectives are met. 

Rotations: Depending on the event schedule, participants may rotate between different breakout rooms to participate in multiple sessions or activities throughout the day. 

Interaction and Networking: Breakout rooms allow participants to interact with each other, exchange ideas, network, and collaborate in a more informal and interactive setting than the main event space. 

Debriefing: After the breakout sessions, participants may reconvene in the main event space for debriefing sessions, sharing key insights or reporting on outcomes from their breakout discussions.

How far in advance should I book a breakout room?

Booking a breakout room as early as possible is generally recommended to ensure availability and secure the desired date and time slot. 

For large events or conferences where breakout rooms are in high demand, booking several months in advance may be necessary to guarantee availability. This allows event organisers to plan logistics effectively and ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the breakout sessions. 

For smaller meetings or events with more flexible scheduling, booking a breakout room a few weeks in advance may be enough. Nevertheless, checking with the venue regarding their booking policies and availability is essential to avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Are there any budget-friendly options for breakout rooms in London?

Meeting Room B (Wilkes Room) is a versatile space for small gatherings and collaborative work sessions at Kennington Space Hire, conveniently located just 550 yards from Kennington Station. The space is available for exclusive use leases, starting from £25 per hour. It accommodates four people, and is ideal for intimate meetings or focused group discussions.

Located in the vibrant area of Brick Lane, close to Liverpool St and Aldgate East Station, this meeting and conference room at Meeting Room Brick Lane is an excellent venue for gatherings. The venue can accommodate up to seven people, providing ample space for intimate discussions and collaborative work. The hire fee starts from £17 per hour, a competitive price that does not compromise on quality, making it an attractive option for businesses and organisations looking for a professional yet affordable venue for their events.

The Building Society in Fitzrovia is just a short distance from Goodge Street Station. It offers two spacious meeting rooms, each accommodating up to 12 people. These rooms are well-equipped with Zoom AV and conferencing facilities, ensuring seamless virtual connectivity for remote participants. The meeting package at The Building Society is affordable and costs just £7 per person.

Guest Reviews of Breakout Rooms on Tagvenue

Joe K.
Booked The Party Room at The Regent at The Regent
Had a fantastic time celebrating a joint birthday. The setting, food, drink and staff are all excellent. Can't recommend highly enough.
Laura M.
Booked Backstage at Eastcheap Records
Excellent venue, food was great and communication for organisation was easy. Venue allowed us to bring decorations and staff were warm and welcoming - overall would definitely recommend.
Connor B.
Booked Full Bar Area at Call Me Mr Lucky
The bar is a really cool space with private booths and a space around the bar. The bar staff were excellent and helpful. The drinks selection was great for cocktails and mixers. The quality of the food was good. I had an excellent evening for my birthday and would recommend this location
Olivia P.
Booked Basement Bar at Apples & Pears
Great communication with the manager Kim. She was very fast to respond to queries and her team were so friendly and on hand to help on the day of our event.
Booked Lounge Bar at Lost Society (Battersea SW11)
Great food and really great drinks. My friends were all very happy with the event. Thank you for hosting my 30th!
Alison F.
Booked Entire Venue at Dehav Studios
The space is incredibly versatile and lends itself well to many set ups. Helen is clearly very knowledgable about working on set and is prompt in communication - making the whole hiring process super easy!
Rayniece G.
Booked Ground and Lower Studio Rooms at The Living Room Place Furzedown Venue
It was perfect for me, perfect size for my boys birthday as there wasn't a lot of people. Straight forward instructions for the keys and everything you needed inside.
Mark L.
Booked The Cocktail Lounge at Studio48 Bar & Kitchen
The service at my daughter's birthday was tip notch. A very good team worked very hard that night and I'd strongly reccomend the venue. The efforts of all concerns were very much appreciated and ensured she had a very memorable evening.

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