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Tagvenue showcases London’s best private party venues for hire – no matter what kind of space you're looking for, we're happy to help you find it and book it at the best rate. Check out our party venues and see for yourself! From hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind gems to Great Gatsby spaces and VIP event spaces to hire, you’re spoilt for choice here in the capital. Dreaming of a traditional pub for beers with mates, a vintage cocktail lounge for a themed drinks reception, or one of the city’s hottest superclubs for a crazy all-night party? Tagvenue can point you in the right direction. What are you hosting and when? It's easy, see how fast it is to find your perfect London party venue today.

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Party Venues Hire Guide

London is known for its sensational nightlife. If you're on the hunt for a party space, London will have just what you’re looking for, from small rooms to nightclubs. Browse through the listings on Tagvenue to find the spot that is perfect for your next celebration!

Party rooms are versatile places that are designed to host a wide array of parties, gatherings, and celebrations. Some amazing ways to use our party venues are:

Wedding Receptions

Some of the most memorable parties are wedding receptions. Here you can have food and dancing with friends and family to celebrate the new chapter starting in your life. Rooms such as The Last Talisman in Kipling Estate are elegant party spaces with premium leather furniture and a rare  atmosphere that encourages everyone in the room to enjoy a few cocktails and socialise, bringing two families together.


This city is rich with birthday party offers in London. Soho is one of the party capitals of the world, and it certainly has the venues to prove it. You can expect to find places like clubs for dancing, as well as classic pubs for a couple of beers and a football game depending on your taste and the occasion. Regardless of what you choose, your birthday party in London will be nothing short of an amazing time. Cheers!

Stag & Hen Parties

Right before you tie the knot, you’re going to want to go out with your friends for the night. A great place to start your night off is in one of London’s premier party spaces. Here you can enjoy a chill cocktail party and some great food before hitting the town. Picking a centrally located party room is great, as it throws you right into the action as your party wraps up. There are also some amazing spaces available for the main event of your night, with some great semi-private rooms that will allow for socialising not only with your guests but with some other parties as well. So, whether you plan on starting your night off or finishing it, Tagvenue has spaces available to make this happen.

How to plan an amazing party in London?

This is an essential question that goes throvery party planner’s mind. There are many moving parts that go into planning a party but do not fret; there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure that your party will go smoothly.

Guests – It is important to know how many people will be attending your party. An easy way to keep track is by requesting an RSVP. Sending out your invitations a few months in advance will allow your guests time to respond and save the date. Once you have a proper guest count you can begin to organise the rest of your party.

Food and Drink – When you figure out how many people will be attending your party, it is time to look into the perfect food and beverage package for your party. Venues will often have a variety of options to choose from, whether it is a cash bar in the event of a minimum spend option, or the all-inclusive open bar, whether it is just beer and wine or a full-service cocktail bar. 

Many places will often have open kitchens for your party. If you are having a sit-down dinner as a part of your evening, you can expect there to be a limited menu for your guests to choose from, and there are also buffet options as well. If you have a preferred caterer, you can check in with the venue to see if they will allow an outside party to provide food for your event.

Vibe – The vibe of your party greatly depends on the occasion and the group of people you are catering to. If it is something more formal, it is best to choose a more elegant space to host the party, but if it is something casual, a pub will often suffice. 

Hints for booking a London party venue:

  • Book as early as possible (the best venues book out months ahead).
  • Consider the location (remember to check public transport connections and parking facilities).
  • Think about the type of venue that will best suit (bar, restaurant, minimum spend venue, dry hire party venue).
  • Establish whether there are any vendor restrictions–if the venue offers catering in-house, ask if you can do a tasting.
  • Check if you’ll have exclusive use of the venue.

Here at Tagvenue we know how to party. We have lots of choices for your sophisticated get-together or a crazy all-night party. Why not let us help take the load off? There are many factors to consider when hiring a venue for a party. Hiring a party venue in London with us is easy, just a few clicks and you'll have a whole list of party venues. Tagvenue helps to remove some of the stress by listing some of the best of what London has to offer, so take a look through our listings today!

Your Ultimate Guide to Party Venues for Hire in London: Elevate Your Celebration

Are you looking to plan a memorable party in London? If so, choosing the right party venue is key to creating an unforgettable experience. Dedicated party venues offer a range of advantages that go beyond just providing a space. Let's explore the perks of hiring a dedicated party venue in London and how they can elevate your celebration.

Professional Event Coordination:

  • Seamless Execution: Dedicated party venues often have experienced event coordinators who specialise in orchestrating seamless celebrations. Their expertise ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and executed.
  • Stress-Free Planning: With professionals overseeing the logistics, hosts can focus on enjoying the event rather than coordinating various elements.

Specialised Amenities:

  • Tailored Facilities: Party venues are designed to cater specifically to events and celebrations, offering amenities like built-in sound systems, dance floors, and lighting setups.
  • Technology Integration: Many venues have advanced audio-visual systems, perfect for presentations, live performances, or immersive entertainment experiences.

Unique Event Spaces: 

  • Diverse Settings: London's party venues often boast several event spaces, from chic rooftop terraces to historic ballrooms. Hosts can choose a setting that aligns with the theme and ambience they envision for their celebration.
  • Customization Options: The variety of event spaces allows for greater customisation, creating a unique atmosphere that suits the host's preferences and the event's nature.

Catering and Bar Services:

  • In-House Catering: Many party venues offer in-house catering services, providing a seamless and coordinated approach to food and beverage service.
  • Bar Options: Dedicated venues may have dedicated bars offering a selection of beverages tailored to the event. Some even allow hosts to bring in their preferred caterers if desired.

Aesthetic Appeal and Design: 

  • Elegant Decor: Party venues often feature sophisticated interior designs and decor, providing a visually appealing celebration backdrop.
  • Photogenic Spaces: The aesthetic appeal of dedicated venues enhances the overall ambience and contributes to creating memorable and photogenic moments.

Exclusive Access and Privacy: 

  • Privacy for Guests: Hiring a dedicated venue ensures exclusive access to your event, providing privacy and an intimate setting for you and your guests.
  • Exclusive Spaces: Some venues offer exclusive spaces, such as VIP lounges or private rooms, adding an extra layer of exclusivity.

Convenient Location and Accessibility: 

  • Central Locations: Many dedicated party venues in London are situated in central locations, making them easily accessible for guests.
  • Transportation Options: Proximity to transportation hubs and accommodations ensures convenience for attendees, especially those travelling from various parts of the city.

Time Flexibility: 

  • Extended Hours: Dedicated venues often offer flexibility in event timings, allowing hosts to extend the celebration into the late hours if desired.
  • Set-Up and Breakdown: Having dedicated event spaces means hosts can arrange for early set-ups and later breakdowns, maximising the time available for their celebration.

In conclusion, hiring a dedicated party venue in London has numerous advantages that can help elevate your celebration to new heights. From professional event coordination to specialised amenities and unique event spaces, these venues offer a comprehensive solution that ensures your celebration is nothing short of extraordinary.

Personalisation and Customization at Party Venues in London: Crafting Your Signature Celebration

London's party venues offer a range of options for personalisation and customisation. Elevating your celebration with unique touches creates an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Let's explore how you can infuse personality into your event at these versatile venues.

Themed Decorations:

  • Versatile Themes: London's party venues often accommodate a variety of themes. Whether it's a vintage soiree, a tropical paradise, or a glamorous Hollywood night, the venue's spaces can be transformed to reflect your chosen theme.
  • Decor Elements: From table centrepieces and lighting fixtures to photo booth setups and entrance displays, themed decorations help establish the atmosphere and tell a cohesive visual story.

Branded Elements:

  • Custom Signage: Incorporate personalised signage or banners featuring the event's name, date, or a meaningful slogan.
  • Logo Projections: Some party venues offer the option to project custom logos or messages onto walls or floors, adding a branded touch to the space.
  • Branded Stationery: From invitations to place cards, consider incorporating a consistent design that reflects the event's theme or personal style.

Tailored Menus:

  • Signature Cocktails: Work with the venue's catering team to create signature cocktails exclusive to your event. Give them names that tie into the theme or have a personal meaning.
  • Customisable Food Stations: Offer a unique culinary experience with food stations where guests can customise their dishes. This adds an interactive and personalised element to the dining experience.

Personalised Lighting:

  • Colour Schemes: Customise the venue's lighting to match your chosen colour scheme or create dynamic lighting effects that enhance different moments throughout the event.
  • Gobo Projections: Use custom Gobo projections to display monograms, patterns, or images on walls or the dance floor, adding a personalised touch to the surroundings.

Interactive Entertainment:

  • Interactive Games: Incorporate games or activities that align with the theme or have personal significance. It could be a trivia game about the guest of honour, a customised scavenger hunt, or interactive photo booths.
  • Live Performances: Arrange for live performances, such as a band or DJ who can curate a playlist tailored to your preferences. This ensures a unique and personalised musical experience.

Photo Opportunities:

  • Themed Backdrops: Create designated photo areas with themed backdrops that tie into the event's aesthetic. This encourages guests to capture and share memorable moments.
  • Props and Accessories: Provide props and accessories that align with the theme or represent the guest of honour, adding a playful and personal touch to photos.

Personalised Seating Arrangements:

  • Unique Table Names: Instead of traditional table numbers, consider naming tables after meaningful places, memories, or shared interests.
  • Personalised Place Settings: Create personalised place settings with items like custom menu cards, small keepsakes, or handwritten notes for each guest.

Speciality Drinks and Desserts:

  • Customised Beverages: Work with the bar to create signature drinks for the event, named after the hosts or with connections to the theme.
  • Themed Desserts: Have the dessert menu feature treats that complement the event theme or showcase the guest of honour's favourite sweets.

Personalisation and customisation at party venues in London allow hosts to weave their stories, preferences, and individuality into the fabric of the celebration. From the grandeur of themed decorations to the subtlety of personalised place settings, each detail creates a unique and memorable experience that reflects the hosts' essence and the occasion's significance.

FAQs about Party Venues in London

How much does it cost to hire a party venue in London?

A celebration venue in London will cost, on average, between £500-630 per session (based on platform data).  are priced with a minimum spend model, which means the price includes the use of the space as well as food and drinks.

What kind of venues can I hire for a party?

The most popular venues rented for parties are pubs (60% of parties booked through platform happen in this type of venues) and restaurants (14% of parties). Other types of venues that are available for party hire include: karaoke bars, nightclubs, party buses, boats, halls, hotels or party apartments.

What are the best small party venues?

St Ethelburga's Centre, unique party space for up to 30 attendees, guest rating: 4.8/5
Upper Arch at SAMA Bankside, a light airy semi-private area for up to 30 attendees, guest rating: 4.6/5
The Games Room at Heist Bank, a private room with various entertainment options for up to 50 attendees, guest rating: 4.8/5
Check our curated list of all small party venues in London.

How to find a cheap party venue for hire in London?

To save on party space hire look for venues working on minimum spend models. With minimum spend you will get to use the space for free and will be required to spend a set amount on food and drinks. Another way to save is to look for BYOB venues, which are spaces that allow you to bring your own alcohol and/or food.
Check our curated list of cheap party venues in London.

How can I hire a party venue in London?

  • Check out the Tagvenue platform for a range of party places all throughout the city.
  • Narrow down your search results by specifying the number of expected guests, the celebration date, the desired location and the maximum budget.
  • In case a party venue with special features is needed, use additional filters to see only spaces with an alcohol licence, onsite catering, BYO alcohol allowed, extensive vegan menu, own music/DJ equipment, onsite parking and accommodation, and more.
  • Compare venue prices, photos, customer reviews and create a shortlist of favourite spaces.
  • Contact the venue managers to discuss your booking.

Guests Reviews of Party Venues on Tagvenue

Katharine P.
Booked The City of KidZania at KidZania London
Trying to explain in our communications leading up to the Xmas party that our employees would be going to a small work... was tricky! But in the end we explained it's a place where Kids go to be Adults and Adults go to be Kids! Everyone absolutely loved it, you could see in their eyes as soon as they walked through 'Airport Security'. The staff were all very helpful, the activities were super fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. What started as a ridiculous plan I was not sure anyone would enjoy, turned into our most fun Xmas event to date!
Rachel H.
Booked Garden Room at TOLA
We hired the upstairs bar and terrace at TOLA for a leaving do for 65 friends. The event ran from 7pm-4am in December. It was the only venue I could find that was open this late. It is an amazing space thats been recently refurbished - the combo of outdoor heated terrace and indoor bar / seating is perfect for a drinks party as the smoking area is social and allows for a constant flow of people in and out in the same area. The downstairs part of the venue was open to the public for a separate night but access upstairs was managed with wristbands which worked smoothly. There are DJ decks upstairs which meant one of our friends could DJ and keep our event separate for the whole night. The team at TOLA were really helpful / friendly / professional / relaxed pre, during and post the event. Couldn’t recommend it enough!!!
Zandalee C.
Booked Mala Madre events space at The Last Talisman
Wow. What an incredible journey from start to finish. The best part about this experience was the amazing service. Cecile was so helpful in the planning and organising of the event, extremely responsive and had a very positive and friendly attitude which immediately made booking Mala Madre a breeze. The night itself delivered the same level of impeccable service with plenty of wonderful staff on hand to attend to (and even anticipate!) our every need. It goes without saying that the venue is beautiful and well positioned with great food and drink but it is the service that really sets this venue apart from the rest. DO NOT HESITATE TO HOST A PARTY HERE!!!
Connor P.
Booked The BSMT at The Ladybird Bar
The weekend just gone I hosted my 30th in the basement space of The Ladybird Bar. The security staff were polite, helpful and in good spirits. The manager was tentative to our every request, despite running the main bar and looking after us in the basement at the same time. The owner was also friendly, welcoming and even lined up some shots for a couple of us at the end of the party to thank us for being such good guests. As for the venue.. The sound system was great, the UV wall, lights and styling of the basement was also wicked. Even the retro console got loads of use by the guests, who have all informed me they had a great time too. All in all, Habib, Alvaro and the security team were great and I'd highly recommend hiring the basement bar for similar functions.
Meron B.
Booked The Library at The Alice House Queen's Park
I had my graduation party here and it was absolutely fantastic. The venue was beautiful and very spacious for 50 guests to dance, drink and eat! The service was incredible too, I was able to contact the manager on the days leading up to the event to make changes to the food and drink and it was always handled efficiently and friendly! The team on the day was also super helpful and welcoming towards me and my guests. They really made my dream party come true and have given me and my guests wonderful memories here.
Lorien H.
Booked Birdcage at Bird of Smithfield
The birdcage itself was perfect as a venue. Lovely decor and perfect size with good ratio of seating to floor space. Felt cosy and spacious at same time. Glamorous feel to it with lovely blue velvet and gold accents. All guests at party remarked on how nice the venue was. Had its own bar and toilets. Staff helpful and friendly. Could just plug and play my own music. Great location as choice of 4 stations nearby and close to a couple of good hotels. Absolutely a perfect private party place!
Santiago A.
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
I booked the venue to celebrate a surprise 22 birthday party for my girlfriend. The boat was lovely decorated with flowers, balloons and colorful lights. Everything went as expected or even better. We really loved the boat and definitely can't wait to celebrate again. Bel was very supportive and Eli was always available. Both were really nice and the service they provided was oustanding. I haven't seen another venue like this which provided so much flexibility to create your event. I would definitely recommend it.
Katy C.
Booked Whole Venue at Bermondsey Social Club
GREAT VENUE, LOVELY TEAM/ STAFF - you won't regret booking here! To be honest, there wasn't anything not to like - had a brilliant 30th birthday party! After my initial inquiry was unsuccessful as the venue had been booked over my proposed date, Theo (manager) took the initiative to get in touch again to let me know that it come free for my 30th birthday party date. He met me at the venue at very short notice and was only too happy to show me around and talk me through all the facilities. Theo was also great on email thereafter - checking in re. whether I wanted drinks on arrival, DJ equipment set up on the night etc. On the night itself, Jake and his team couldn't have been more friendly or helpful. Jake himself held the ladder whilst I strung bunting from the lamps and were just a lovely presence all night - smiling and dancing whilst serving everyone. Maria was great on the door - we didn't have to worry about any gate crashers as she and her colleague checked everybody in on arrival.

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