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Want to plan a headache-free kids’ party that’s fun for everyone, including the adults? Happily, finding a kids’ party venue for a fun-filled birthday in London doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you’re after an indoor play centre or a bowling alley, our list of the most popular kids’ party venues in London will make short work of your hunt for the perfect party space. And the icing on the cake? We’ll do the legwork for you, so you can relax and enjoy the special day your child has been waiting all year for.

Kids Party ideas

Hip hip hooray! What’s not to love about a kids’ party? The earlier you get planning, the sooner the excitement begins and the fewer details you'll have to worry about when the big day finally comes around. And besides, deciding on the theme, decorations and activities is half the fun. Just make sure to get started at least six weeks before the special day, so you’ll have plenty of time up your sleeve.


Making a kids’ birthday magical all starts with an amazing venue. Whether you’re after a karaoke bar for a 10th birthday in Croydon, private cinema for a 7th birthday in Maryland or kid-friendly cafe for a 4th birthday in Harrow, #tagvenue’s round up of the most exciting children’s birthday party venues in the capital is sure to make your life a little easier.


Some helpful tips for organising an awesome kids’ party:

  • include your child in the planning process (they can help choose the decorations and cake)

  • when scheduling a party for toddlers or young kids, choose a time that suits their routines (after naptime is great for toddlers, while lunchtime is perfect for a 3rd or 4th birthday party)

  • send out invitations at least three weeks before the party (and be sure to include the location (with directions), drop-off and pick-up times and whether the child needs to bring anything, such as bathers and a towel)

  • decide whether you’d like to host a themed party (popular ideas include Elmo, pirate, fairy and princess)

  • plan age-appropriate activities (classic party games, like pass the parcel, are perfect for toddlers and younger children; for older kids, consider hiring a children’s entertainer, magician, clown, balloon artist or face painter)

  • choose kid-friendly party food (keep it simple and fun (bite-size treats that don’t need cutting and are easily grasped by small hands are ideal) and make sure to ask parents about food allergies)

  • serve cake to younger kids first as they’re most in need of instant gratification

  • keep it short (a couple of hours is more than enough time for a kids’ party)

  • make little guests feel special with take-home goody bags (or have a craft activity where kids make their own party favours)

  • as a general rule, invite as many kids to the party as your child’s age (i.e. seven kids for a 7th birthday), but take the activities you’re planning into account, too (a large, even number of kids works well for team games, while a smaller number is more manageable for a girly tween sleepover)

  • call parents who haven’t RSVPed the week before the party, as children’s birthday party invitations often get lost somewhere between school and home

  • enlist one helper for every four or six kids

  • decide whether it’d be better for your child to open gifts during or after the party (in general, parties for younger kids are less chaotic when presents are opened later)


When booking a children’s party venue, make sure to consider:

  • the location (do you want to hold your event in Wimbledon, Victoria, Eltham, Epping, etc.?)

  • your budget (are you looking to splash out or to go with a cheaper option?)

  • whether you’d like to hire a venue that offers all-inclusive kids’ party packages

  • the type of venue that’d work best (do you need a relaxed, family-friendly venue for a 1st birthday party or are you looking for a 7th birthday party venue, like a games arcade for an all-boys birthday bash?)

  • the party theme (choose a venue that’ll tie in with what you’re planning or hire an amazing venue and plan the party around it)

  • whether your child’s best friend can come (check this before committing to a date)

  • music (do you need to prepare a playlist of kids’ party songs?)

  • how much time you’ll need for set up (you can save time on the day by blowing balloons up in advance and having another adult help you out)

  • whether you’ll need a plan B in case of rain (this is essential if you’re holding the party in a garden or other outdoor space)

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