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Our listing of the most spectacular penthouses for hire in London is sure to leave you speechless. No matter what you are celebrating, planning a party overlooking London’s stunning skyline is the perfect way to host an event that your friends and family will remember for years to come. See how you can take your penthouse party to a whole new level with Tagvenue. We know how to organise an event attendees will rave about. The key is to aim (literally) higher – even as high as the top floor of the building. Browse and book and find the London penthouses for party you've been looking for!

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Penthouses for Party Hire Guide

We’re experts on penthouses for party in London. There are a lot of creative ways to utilize a penthouse – here are our favourites:

  • Photoshoot location – what makes a better backdrop than a place where a state-of-the-art interior meets stunning views of London with its iconic landmarks? Penthouses are the perfect choice for fashion and glamour shoots. Their tall and wide windows are often big enough to shoot with natural light only! Not to mention the stunning views of London’s world-famous skyline and posh penthouse interior design… what’s not to like?

  • Filming space – penthouses work perfectly for motion pictures, too! As penthouses are usually spacious, you don’t need to worry about having enough space for filming gear. No matter if you’re filming a commercial, an interview or a short film, a penthouse will surely do the job.

  • A night to remember – you probably can’t deny you’ve been dreaming about a prestigious penthouse party at least once. Our carefully picked penthouses for party hire in London are more than just party apartments. They have everything you need for the dream to become reality. You can even find penthouses for hire with a jacuzzi – now that’s what we call a 5-star experience. Need expert help? Hiring some penthouses goes hand in hand with a dedicated events team.

  • Off-site corporate event – go far from an ordinary day at the office! Stand out from the crowd of repetitive away days and choose something special from our listing of unique penthouses for event hire in London.

What else needs to be considered when hiring a penthouse in London for your event:

  • How the lighting changes during the day – this is particularly important when you hire a penthouse for a film or photo shoot. For example, if you’d like to capture the sunset, look for a penthouse with windows facing the right direction.

  • The penthouse’s terms and conditions – double check whether the penthouse has a curfew or not. Your party may be divine, but you don’t want to end up with an enormous fine to pay! Ask the penthouse manager if they have any additional restrictions or requirements you may need to know about.

  • Check the penthouse’s accessibility – even when you want to rent a penthouse for just one night, these details can’t be missed. Make sure the penthouse you’ve chosen has disabled access (if you’re going to need it). Last but not least, check the parking spaces nearby.

  • Get there in style – Before the party even starts, penthouses are calling for you to celebrate extravagantly. Have people meet before the party for a nice cocktail hour or a small meal and then hire a limo to take everyone to the penthouse and get the party started. Make sure the ride has some champagne in the back for your guests and don’t be afraid to take the scenic route!

Here are some great uses for your penthouse:

  • Dinner Parties – These are one of the best uses for party penthouses. Not all penthouse parties have to be crazy nights, so if you are looking to chill for a little bit, a sit-down dinner is the way to go. You can hire outside caterers or prepare the meal yourself for you and your guests to enjoy. Since you are throwing your party in a special location, be sure to have a special menu to make the most of your celebration. Be sure to provide lots of fine wines, excellent spirits, and craft beers for your party.
  • Wine Tasting – If you are throwing a penthouse party, why not have a wine tasting party for a classy night atop the London skyline? This is an easy party to plan and allows you to get creative with the menus. Pair the wines with some small dishes or a full meal and enjoy some wines from around the world. Start the night off with some bubbles, get the whites chilled, and get your  bold reds ready for later in the evening. If there's a balcony, get some Cubans ready and celebrate in style.
  • Cocktail Parties – Cocktail parties are one of the best uses for a penthouse. Hire a bartender and enjoy your night. Everyone should dress up for the evening and try some classic cocktails or the unique creations of a certified mixologist. These parties are ideal for small groups of people or even make for a great thing to do before attending the theatre or a party elsewhere.
  • Art Gallery and Studio Parties – If you are looking for an alternative penthouse venue, consider booking your party in a studio or art gallery overlooking London. These are relaxed places to gather and offer some exquisite photo opportunities for your feed. Studios are blank canvases as well, which allows you to add personal touches to your party. Art galleries are decorated elegantly and offer atmospheric lighting to accentuate the art and emphasise the chill mood and atmosphere of the space for your party.

A penthouse is one of the best places for you to throw your next party. Everyone will be able to find their ideal penthouse for party in London. And don’t forget about that skyline. It is truly incredible. Tagvenue has curated a list of some of London’s premier penthouse venues for parties to make your choice that much easier. Browse and book today!

Penthouses for Party in London FAQ

How do I host a penthouse party?

Penthouse parties require you to be organised and clear about the theme to match the settings. They are places to relax and celebrate with close friends and family, so be sure to find a place that has plenty of room for your guests, an elegant place to eat, and enough space to relax after a meal as the party winds down.

What are the best kinds of parties for penthouses?

Penthouses are suited for more chill events with smaller groups of people. Be sure to keep the guest list small and plan a nice dinner or even a photoshoot to make the most of the incredible setting. Think in terms of cocktail parties or dinner parties for special occasions.

What are the best penthouses for parties in London?

Some of our favourite party penthouses are:

Studio W8 – This is a modern, sleek party space located in beautiful Kensington. The room is spacious and has a stellar view that will make for an unforgettable event.

Q Shoreditch – This venue offers an amazing game room that is stocked with billiards and classic casino games. This is better for larger groups and for Monte Cristo nights where everyone can dress in tuxes and feel like highrollers.

4th Floor Studios – Here you can find a spacious party space at a reasonable price. There is plenty of space for your guests to lounge and mingle in a home-like atmosphere. 

What are some penthouse party themes?

Keep things classy. Have a blacktie event or consider enjoying a Roaring  20’s theme with an art deco cocktail party. Whatever you choose, make sure there is plenty of food for your guests and plenty of cocktails, wines, and craft beers for your party.

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Giulia Paola Licciardi
Booked Theatre at The Etcetera Theatre
The location it-s very easy to find it,it-s very close to the metro station . I used all the props they have plus their lighting without add cost,the avenue it s really a cool place that you can rent a reasenable price! Otto was also very flexible and the guy i met there was helpfull .
Badriya mohamud
Booked Studio at 3 Perseverance Works
The location was excellent for my daughter first birthday. We had our own catering so it was nice that there was a functional kitchen with a microwave and sink and pretty much anything we needed. The toilet was pretty and clean. The venue was super spacious for our almost 30 guest. Andrew was the most gracious and kind manger we could of asked for. He was super helpful with everything.
Jehira Robi
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
The atmosphere was nice and the boat suited our needs. The decorations and the facilities were good. The staff member was helpful in returning to the boat when it started to rain.
A-t Fagbemi
Booked Studio 249 at Studio 249 - Liberté Concept
The service was very good

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