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Top Engagement Party Venues in London

Find London’s best engagement party venues to make your celebration sparkle. Dreaming of an engagement party in a chic cocktail bar, on a pretty rooftop terrace or in a romantic riverside spot? We're here to help. You got your ring, now it’s time to pop the champagne! It’s no surprise you want to savour this special relationship milestone – after all, an engagement party is a chance for couples to spread the love around. And the best part? It’s easy to search, so you can find your perfect engagement party venue in a snap.

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Engagement Party Venues Hire Guide

You got your ring, now it’s time to pop the champagne! It’s no surprise you want to savour this special relationship milestone – after all, an engagement party is a chance for couples to spread the love around.

Dreaming of a secret garden, bohemian rooftop terrace or romantic riverside spot? Whether you’re after a classy restaurant in Covent Garden or a quirky bar in north London, Tagvenue can recommend somewhere special to make your engagement celebration sparkle. And the best part? It’s easy to search, so you can find your perfect engagement party venue in a snap.

Popular engagement party ideas in London:

  • Rooftop food and wine pairing (if you’ve been on cloud nine since the proposal, then a stylish foodie get-together promises you won’t be the only one feeling on top of the world).
  • Sunset engagement cruise (aside from beautiful pictures, a romantic sunset river cruise along the Thames is sure to amp up the feel-good factor at your engagement celebration).
  • Relaxed summer engagement party (bring in the colours you plan to use for your wedding as a theme or serve crowd-pleasing BBQ fare, like mini pulled pork sliders or truffle mac and cheese).
  • Upscale brunch (elevate your daytime gathering with a waffle station, mimosa bar and personalised decor).
  • Cocktail masterclass (an interactive event will take your engagement drinks to the next level).
  • Christmas engagement party (add a touch of magic to your holiday-themed shindig by choosing a colour scheme with Christmas in mind, adding festive songs to the evening’s playlist and serving mulled wine or Christmas punch).
  • Wine tasting (do something a little special and hire a sommelier to guide the tasting or rent out a private room in a local wine bar for a VIP tasting session). 

Looking for something that will entertain your guests during an engagement party? Say no more! We have prepared a list of engagement party games to keep your guests amused. Trust us, you’ll be thrilled with the turnout! 

#1 Ring Hunt 

Set your party guests off on a ring hunt by hiding plastic rings throughout the party. The person who finds the most rings, wins!  Make sure you prepare small gifts for the winners!

#2 The Nearly Wed Game

Do the couples in attendance know each other very well? Let’s find out by playing The Newly Wed Game. The rules are simple, give each of them a mini dry-erase board and ask them questions like:

  • What would your partner request for their last meal?
  • What's one thing your partner thinks you should take a class in?
  • What did they wear on the first date?
  • What’s their favourite movie?
  • What’s your partner’s worst habit?

Then read their answers and see how close the real answer is to their spouse's guess. It's the couple who gets the most right answers that wins!

#3 Memory Lane 

Ask guests to write one memory of the couple on a piece of paper and then mix all the pieces of paper in the box. Make the couple read the memories out loud and guess whose memory it is!

#4 The Shoe Game

This well-known game will test the couple’s knowledge about each other. The engaged couple must sit back-to-back. Each holds one of their own shoes in one hand and one of their partner's shoes in the other. Next, the designated host will ask questions such as, "Who made the first move?" or "Who dresses better?" The bride and groom will answer each question by raising either their own shoe or their partner's shoe, without seeing the other's answer.

(Party games ideas from brides.com)

An engagement party takes some time and nerves to prepare. Tagvenue wants to ease the process for you -  as much as possible! That's why we have shortlisted a few tricks to keep in mind while throwing an engagement party:

Top tips and tricks for throwing the perfect engagement party:

  • Figure out who’ll host (engagement parties are traditionally hosted by the bride's parents, but these days anyone close to the couple can take on this role).
  • Determine the budget (if you’re looking to save on venue hire, why not book a local community centre or engagement party hall?).
  • Send out invites at least a month in advance (e-vites are fine for a casual get-together, but if you’re planning something a little more formal, like a sit-down dinner at a chic restaurant, consider a paper invitation).
  • Decide whether you’d like a themed event (globetrotting party, luau party, vintage party and Mexican fiesta are all popular options).
  • Alternatively, to keep planning low maintenance, hire an amazing venue that’ll blow everyone away.
  • Personalise your event (serve dishes from a special date or vacation, such as sushi rolls and gyoza for a Japanese-inspired menu).
  • Consider giving a short speech to thank guests for attending (but know that etiquette doesn’t require this).
  • Have a think about gifts (build a registry if you’re hoping to receive gifts or, if you’d prefer guests not to bring gifts or would like to suggest a favourite charity they could donate to instead, include a polite note on the invitation).

Engagement Party Etiquette

Navigating engagement party etiquette in London calls for some a traditional approach spiced up with a dash of contemporary flair. This celebratory milestone heralds the journey to matrimony, making it essential to strike the perfect chord between personal tastes and societal norms! Here’s a guide to mastering engagement party etiquette, ensuring your event is both memorable and mindful of expectations.

  • Choosing the Host - Traditionally, the bride's parents host the first official celebration. However, modern trends welcome anyone close to the couple to take up this joyful responsibility, including friends, relatives, or even the couple themselves. The key is clear communication from the outset, detailing who hosts and orchestrates the event to avoid any confusion.
  • Crafting the Guest List - The golden rule: invite those who are also likely to be invited to the wedding. This practice prevents any hurt feelings and sets a cohesive tone for the celebrations to follow. For larger weddings, you may wish to be flexible about this approach. 
  • Timing Is Everything - Host your engagement party within three months of the proposal for an ideal timeline. This period allows the couple to bask in their newly engaged status while not encroaching too closely on the wedding planning phase. 
  • Venue Vibes - London, with its great selection of lovely venues, offers settings ranging from classic pubs in Hampstead to grand halls in Mayfair. The venue should mirror the couple’s personality and the formality of the event they envision. Whether it’s a small gathering in a secret garden or a lavish affair in a historic mansion, London’s diverse venues cater to everyone.
  • Invitations and Announcements - Paper invitations are recommended for formal engagements. Send these out at least a month in advance, providing guests ample time to RSVP. Use this as an opportunity to hint at the wedding theme, giving guests a taste of what’s to come.
  • To Gift or Not to Gift? - While gifts are not mandatory for engagement parties, some guests might still bring them. Consider setting up a small registry for those who express a desire to bring something. Alternatively, politely note on the invitation that gifts are not expected, steering the focus towards celebration and togetherness.
  • The Toast - A toast is a pivotal moment of any engagement party, typically initiated by the host and followed by the couple. It’s an opportunity to express gratitude, share love stories, or simply toast to the future. While not obligatory, it’s a cherished tradition that adds warmth and personal touch to the celebration.
  • Dress Code - Clarify the dress code on your invitations to avoid any confusion. Whether it’s cocktail attire for a chic hotel affair or casual elegance for a garden soiree, guiding your guests on what to wear ensures everyone feels comfortable and in sync with the party’s atmosphere.
  • Following Up - Post-party, it’s gracious for the couple or the hosts to send thank you notes to guests and anyone who contributed to making the engagement party special. This gesture of appreciation reinforces the bond with your loved ones as you embark on the journey to your wedding day.

Crafting the Ideal Engagement Party Menu

Putting the engagement party menu together is an exciting opportunity to showcase the couple’s tastes and provide a memorable dining experience for guests. The menu sets the tone for the celebration and can range from formal sit-down dinners to casual buffet-style gatherings. London offers a plethora of options to create a bespoke menu. Here’s how to approach it:

  • Understand What Your Venue Can Offer - Firstly, engage with your chosen venue to understand their catering capabilities or restrictions. Many London venues boast in-house culinary teams that can tailor menus to your liking. If the venue allows external caterers, this opens up a world of possibilities to bring in specialised cuisine that resonates with your personal story or engagement theme.
  • Consider the Setting and Theme - The venue's ambiance and your party theme should influence the menu. A garden party might call for light, fresh dishes and botanical cocktails, while a sophisticated ballroom setting aligns with a gourmet multi-course meal. London’s diversity means you can easily find caterers skilled in various cuisines, from traditional British fare to exotic international dishes, allowing your menu to transport guests to a different place or time.
  • Seasonal and Local - Leverage London’s access to fresh, seasonal ingredients to enhance your menu. Not only does this approach support local producers, but it also ensures the food on your guests' plates is at its peak flavour. Seasonal menus can also offer cost benefits and are a thoughtful nod to sustainability.
  • Guest Considerations - Account for dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure an inclusive dining experience. Offering a variety of dishes that cater to vegetarians, vegans, and those with food allergies demonstrates consideration for all your guests’ needs. Include a note in your invitations asking guests to inform you of any dietary requirements well in advance.
  • Signature Cocktails and Personal Touches - Create signature cocktails that reflect your personalities or relationship milestones. For example, a cocktail inspired by the place you met or a twist on your favourite drinks adds a personalised and memorable touch. Non-alcoholic versions ensure everyone can enjoy the toast to your future together.
  • Tasting Sessions - If possible, arrange a tasting session with your caterer or venue. This not only allows you to adjust seasoning or dish components according to your preferences but also ensures the final menu will delight you and your guests alike. It’s a fun and essential part of the planning process, ensuring confidence in your menu choices.
  • Presentation Matters - The presentation is as important as the taste. Work with your caterer to design food presentations that complement the engagement party’s style and decor. Whether it’s elegantly plated courses, beautifully arranged buffet stations, or creative canapé serving methods, the visual aspect of your menu will contribute significantly to the overall experience.
  • Dessert with a Difference - Consider ending the meal with something unexpected. Instead of traditional cakes, why not offer a dessert station featuring miniature versions of classic desserts, an ice cream bar with bespoke toppings, or a cheese board celebrating British and international cheeses? This final course is an excellent opportunity to surprise and delight your guests.

If you still have some doubts or questions about organising your engagement party in London, make sure to check out How to Plan a Terrific Engagement Party in 2024!

FAQs about Engagement Party Venues in London

Which kind of venue should I hire for my engagement party?

There are many options for you to choose from and in order to make your engagement party as memorable as possible. You can choose to celebrate in a restaurant with a delicious menu, a bar with tasty cocktails or a pub with traditional pub food. If you’re organising your party in the warmer season, you can choose to book a cruise or a terrace to enjoy the sun to the fullest!

How can I organise an affordable engagement party in London?

Weddings are usually quite pricey, so saving a bit of money on your engagement party could come in handy. Picking an engagement venue with a minimum spend can be cheaper than other options since you don’t have to pay for the space you’re hiring. Some spaces allow you to bring in your own alcohol, which can also help you stay within your budget. London offers plenty of cheap engagement party venues, too, so use our smart filters to find spaces within your budget.

What should I keep in mind when booking an engagement party venue in London?

When planning any event, it helps to have several suitable dates in mind, so you don’t miss out on your favourite venue just because it is already booked. London is a popular location for parties, so booking a weekend celebration may be difficult. If you choose a venue in a more swanky district such as Knightsbridge or Chelsea or in a famous historical venue, you can expect quite high prices. That is why many couples choose from the city’s minimum spend venues for their London engagement party. These venues will allow you to use their facilities while simply needing to meet a minimum expenditure during your event. With these types of venues, you can choose among fabulous venues from Shoreditch to London Bridge and not break your budget.

What is expected at an engagement party?

Speeches are definitely an important part of an engagement party. It is also time for toasts, love stories, some dancing and fun games! Share the joy with loved ones and friends. If you'd like to make the day even more special, check out some of our favourite engagement party ideas!

Guests Reviews of Engagement Party Venues on Tagvenue

George F.
Booked The Orangery at TT Liquor
What didn't we like! I can't commend the venue and staff enough for making our engagement party a fantastic night for all 90+ of our guests who comfortably fit into the room. We lost count of the number of compliments we received on the room and general vibe of the place, whilst the location is super easy to get to from all over London. Kieran (hopefully spelt right!) and the bar team were so welcoming, so friendly, but also worked so diligently to keep the bar queue to a minimum. The cocktails went down a treat and the sound system worked fantastically. Last but by no means least, the bar only has a minimum spend and this is NOT put behind the bar like a lot of other places do, instead guests are able to pay for their own drinks. All in all, a fantastic night at a fantastic venue with fantastic staff - get it booked, we'll certainly be back!
Jessie W.
Booked The Huntsman and Hounds at The Huntsman and Hounds
Couldn’t have been a better venue. We booked the Huntsman and Hounds for our engagement party last weekend and it was truly perfect. The staff were incredible, exceptionally accommodating, helpful and overall fun to be around! We had nearly 80 guests and it was the perfect size, but can also see it working for smaller parties as well. Virtually every single person that attended mentioned how brilliant they thought the venue was. As with any party organising I was pretty anxious about it all, but The Huntsman and Hounds team could not have been better, they were on hand to help with everything and were sooo accommodating. Thank you, thank you!! The pub is beautifully designed, exceptionally clean and overall a really warm and welcoming atmosphere. The location was great, about a 10 minute walk from Elephant and Castle station so easy for everyone to get to and from. We were able to play our own music, and brought in food which was also a big plus. The drinks were well priced and their minimum spend structure makes booking out the pub entirely doable. I got my deposit back straight away! Truly can’t thank The Huntsman and Hounds team enough - they made it such a special night. It’s an awesome pub, with even better staff!! The only downside is that I don’t live closer to it because I’d be a regular for sure!! Highly highly recommend.
Sabina E.
Booked Entire Venue at The Long Lane
The Long Lane is an amazing gem of a find. We hosted our engagement party here for 50 people and the vibes were immaculate thanks to Ty and the service of his staff. Great food, solid quality cocktails and just a really great space. We had a DJ in the basement for the later part of the night for a dance party which was such a great way to break up the evening's festivities. All in all, it was a memorable night and The Long Lane is now a permanent staple in our favourite bars in London. You have a lifelong customer!
Georgia C.
Booked Conservatory Area at The Alwyne Castle
A great space for our engagement party and the sharing boards we ordered for our guests were delicious and got lots of compliments! Also loved that I could play my music through the speaker system and the staff were great about letting us put some decorations up and letting us stay past 6pm.
Sinthuja U.
Booked Club Room at Forge
Great service - really friendly and helpful staff. Our queries and requests were responded to very quickly during the organising of the event and during the actual engagement party. Good value for money! Very stylish venue. Guests had a great time.
Amrit S.
Booked Upper Arch at SAMA Bankside
We came to SAMA for our engagement party and it was perfect. The service from when we were booking our area to the end of the event was amazing. The set up, to the drinks to food and bringing the cake out couldn’t have been any better. We even had beer pong which everyone enjoyed so much! Thank you everyone at SAMA for making our night to memorable!
Nikki M.
Booked Patch Basement at Patch St Paul's
We held an engagement party here in January 2019 and it was absolutely amazing. From first enquiry through to the event itself, we were incredibly well looked after by Alex and her team who made us feel like nothing was too much or an obstacle. Drinks were fantastic and great value and the food we ordered was lovely. Thank you so much guys, you really did give us a night to remember!
Krishna M.
Booked The Loft at Six Storeys on Soho
The venue we found was excellent to host our engagement party. It was good value and everyone that attended raved about how cool and central the venue was. The staff at the venue were excellent and we are inclined to use it again for another small event.

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