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Are you looking to plan your next party in Victoria? Tagvenue has got you covered! With easy access to the rail links in Victoria Station, and comfortably located in the heart of the city, this picturesque area is great for any event. Browse through our expertly curated list of some of the best party venues that Victoria has to offer right at the tips of your fingers. Book a stylish event space near Westminster without any fuss in just a few clicks!

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Party Venues in Victoria FAQ

Which are the best party venues in Victoria?

Some of our favourite venues in Victoria are:

Pimlico Public Space – A charming bar with a variety of rooms for all of your partying needs. Located just minutes from Victoria Station on Warwick Way, this pub is sure to be a hit with all of your guests with some of the finest ales on tap and delicious food which will leave your guests impressed.

M Victoria – If elegance is what you are looking for, then M is the place for you. Here you will find yourself relaxing and chatting the night away with a cocktail in hand, laughing with your guests, all in one of Victoria’s most comfortable and beautiful cocktail lounges.

Iberica – This is not your average bar. Iberica, located just down the street from Cathedral Piazza, is designed for maximum mingling among guests and with a wine list and cocktail menu to die for, your guests will want every party to be here.

Can you rent a party venue in Victoria for free?

This may come as a bit of a surprise for you, but can definitely find some amazing party spaces that won't cause you a single pence up front. Minimum spend venues allow you to secure a space for your party while avoiding any hire fees. All you need to do is spend a certain amount of money on food and drinks over the course of your party. These types of venues are especially great for larger parties where you are trying to keep per person spending to a minimum.

Why is Victoria a great place to have a party?

You will be impressed with the gorgeous and historic ambiance that Victoria has to offer. As the area is located right next to Westminster, you will be immersed in a vibrant and enchanting part of Central London that will make your party feel just that much more special. The aesthetics of this part of the city aside, Victoria is well connected to the rest of London, with just a short tube ride, making it super accessible for all of your guests.

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