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Pub Venues for Hire in London

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Top Pub Venues in London

Searching for pub venues for hire in London should be at the top of your list when planning that memorable event. You can relax knowing we've sifted through London's watering holes to find the perfect spot for your gathering. The city brims with unique pub venues, from spots where you can cheer with mates during a match to private room hire for birthday celebrations or even locations offering stunning Thames vistas for a more scenic experience. With Tagvenue, securing your ideal London event pubs is hassle-free. Our platform's filters let you navigate through choices by room style, catering options, and much more. So don’t wait any longer, your dream pub party venues in London are just a few clicks away!

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Pub Venues Hire Guide

Why should you hire a pub venue for your event in London?

Actor Rhys Ifans once stated that a pub can be a magical place; a true Londoner doesn’t need further explanation. After all, pubs are an essential part of British culture – no wonder many people want to use them for celebrating life’s special moments. People hire pub venues for many different types of reasons, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Wedding – A pub is one of the best choices for a laid-back wedding reception. Add a vintage touch with retro cutlery and table decor or hire a traditional British bar that serves up comfort food classics your family will love. London offers a wide variety of pubs with function rooms for hire, so you can be sure to find something that suits your needs.
  • Bridal shower or stag party - Before you say your ‘I do’s’ get your friends and family into the party spirit. Feel like the queen or the king of the night, and celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style in one of the elegant pubs for hire in London!
  • Birthday party - No doubt about it - a party is always better when it’s in a pub! Whether it’s your 21st birthday, a milestone birthday like 50 or 60, or just any regular year, get your friends together and celebrate this important occasion with a nice drink. You can simply hire a birthday party pub venue for the weekend and jolly away.
  • Office party - If your company is having a special occasion or you just want to bring people together, you can hire a bar or tavern in London to host the work party. This way, you’ll be able to spend time with your colleagues while enjoying great food and drinks.
  • Leaving party – Saying goodbye to one of your coworkers? Maybe your friend is leaving the country? Why not throw a truly British farewell party? Find a traditional craft beer pub for hire and enjoy quality time together over a nice cold pint.
  • Team building – After a hard day’s work, it’s time for some pleasure. Tagvenue can help you find private pubs or a bar with a restaurant to rent in the city centre or in any other district of London. Bring your team together for some pub quizzes, delicious pub grub and ice-cold ales.
  • Christmas party – Ho, ho, ho, how about celebrating in ye olde watering hole? When it’s cold outside, get cosy and feel the Christmas spirit in a London gastropub.

Useful Pub Hire Tips

  • Think about the type of catering that would work best for your event – ask the venue manager whether you’re allowed to organise external catering or if BYO alcohol is prohibited or not. If you decide to use external providers, it’s worth asking whether the event venue has any preferred caterers or suppliers that they work with regularly. You can get in touch with them directly and perhaps get better rates. You can also hire pubs with catering services, giving you one less thing to worry about in your event planning process.
  • Decide what kind of food you’d like to see on the menu – are your guests into fish and chips, and burgers? Or maybe they’d prefer something a little more gourmet? Think about main courses as well as beer snacks. Make sure to check if any of your guests have special dietary requirements, too. And if you have a private dinner in mind, be sure to check our collection of pubs with private dining rooms
  • Before you book a pub venue in London, check what’s on the drinks card. A good pub will offer more than just beer and wine. A decent selection of cocktails as well as spirits is essential if you want all your guests to drink what they want. Ideally, the venue should also offer soft drinks such as tea and coffee. You don't want to turn people away just because they want something non alcoholic.
  • Think about what size venue you need – sizes of pub function rooms vary, so ensure the venue you’ve chosen is big enough to accommodate all your guests. There should be room for your guests to move around freely and enjoy themselves without feeling cramped or crowded. Determine the number of your guests in advance so you can decide either to book a small pub venue or a large bar with restaurants.
  • Work out which location would be most convenient – are you looking to hire a local pub with a private room, do you need a traditional London pub in the city centre or are you looking for a modern venue near London Bridge? With London's great public transportation system you are sure to find a place that will be convenient for all the guests attending your event.
  • Check whether the pub has an outdoor space. A few tables outside are ideal for those smokers among us who want some fresh air or just to stretch their legs. Some inns for hire in London have heating installed in their outside area, which is great for parties in winter.
  • Find out what kind of music policy the venue has. Some cocktail bars have live music every weekend while others might only play quiet background music on quieter nights. It pays to ask before booking so that your guests aren’t surprised by an impromptu concert when they thought they were just coming for an after-work drink. The right choice of music will guarantee everyone has a great night.

The Art of Decorating a Hired Pub Venue

Are you looking to infuse charm and character into your next event? A pub offers a quintessentially British setting that’s ripe with the potential for personalisation. Whether it's a cosy gathering, a lavish celebration, or a formal corporate event, decorating a pub can transform the space to reflect your event's theme and your personality. Let’s guide you through the art of decorating a pub event venue in London to make sure your event is memorable and special.

Understanding the Pub’s Character: First off, get to know your chosen pub’s architectural and design elements. London’s pubs range from historic establishments with rich wood panelling and stained glass, like Brook Green Pub, to contemporary spaces with modern designs, such as the Cellar Bar at Sir Christopher Hatton. Use these features as a foundation for your decoration. Enhancing existing aesthetics rather than working against them creates a seamless and immersive atmosphere.

Theme: Select a theme that complements the pub's ambience. For a traditional pub, think of things like "Vintage British" or "Historical London". For a more contemporary space, themes like "Modern Elegance", "Industrial Chic", or "Urban Garden" can add a fresh twist. Your chosen concept will guide your decoration choices, from colour schemes to decorative accents.

Decorative Touches:

  • Table Decor: Start with the tables, as they're a focal point for guests. Use centrepieces that match the theme - floral arrangements for a garden theme, antique books for a literary theme, or candles in vintage holders for a historical vibe. Consider custom coasters or place cards for a personal touch.
  • Lighting: Lighting can dramatically alter the mood of a space. Fairy lights, lanterns, or candles can add warmth and intimacy to a traditional pub. For modern venues, geometric light fixtures or LED accents can create a contemporary feel. Always consider the natural lighting of the venue and how your lighting choices will blend during different times of the day.
  • Wall Decor: Use the walls to enhance your desired aura without cluttering. Removable decals, themed artwork, or temporary fabric drapes can transform the space. For corporate events, branded banners or digital screens showcasing the company’s achievements or agenda add a professional touch.
  • Personalized Signage: Welcome signs, menu boards, or event schedules in frames that match your theme not only inform but also decorate. Chalkboard signs lend a rustic touch, while sleek digital displays suit a modern aesthetic.

Technology Use: Incorporate technology tastefully for both utility and decoration. A digital photo booth with themed props, for instance, is both an entertainment feature and a way to capture memories. Projectors can display thematic visuals or personal messages on walls without the need for physical decorations.

Work with the Venue: Collaborate closely with the pub management. They can offer insights into what’s feasible and may have restrictions on certain decorations. They might also provide items like table linens, chair covers, or even decorative pieces that align with your theme, saving you time and resources.

Decorating a pub in London for your event is an opportunity to unleash your creativity and make the space your own. Keep in mind that some venues might have a few guidelines on how far you can go with your decorating spree. So, before you get too carried away planning an indoor garden complete with a swing set (as fun as that sounds!), have a word with the venue manager. Present your vision to them first to dodge any potential hiccups down the road. 

See our blog post to get even more inspiration on beautifying the hired venue! Armed with these tips, you’re ready to transform a London private hire pub into the perfect setting for your excellent event. Cheers to that!

Innovative Drink Solutions for Your Pub Event in London

Are you booking a London pub for an event that's as refreshing as a pint on a summer's day? The drink menu at your pub venue can be the heart and soul of your gathering, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a laid-back corporate meet-up, a wild birthday bash, or a charming wedding reception, innovative drink options can elevate your event from great to legendary. Let’s dive into crafting a drink menu that will have your guests raising their glasses for more.

  • Crafting a Signature Cocktail: Every memorable event deserves its own signature cocktail. Work with the pub's mixologist to create a bespoke concoction that nicely suits your occasion. Consider using elements that reflect the theme of your event or even your personal story. A signature cocktail not only adds a personalised touch but can also become a talking point among guests!
  • Local and Seasonal Selections: Celebrate London's rich brewing and distilling heritage by featuring local beers, ciders, and spirits. Seasonal selections can also add a fresh twist, with summer events boasting fruity cocktails and winter gatherings warming up with spiced ales and mulled wine. By going local, you not only support regional producers but also offer guests a taste of London’s best.
  • Interactive Drink Stations: Why not turn drink serving into an interactive experience? Set up stations where guests can customise their cocktails, from G&T bars with a variety of gins and tonics to mix-and-match mimosas for a brunch event. Interactive stations encourage guests to engage and have fun creating their perfect sip!
  • Non-Alcoholic Wonders: Inclusive drinking solutions mean ensuring there's something for everyone. Elevate the non-alcoholic options beyond the standard soda and juice. Think mocktails crafted with the same care as their alcoholic counterparts, infused sparkling waters, and artisanal sodas. Offering a sophisticated range of non-alcoholic choices ensures all your guests can enjoy every toast.
  • Themed Drink Menus: Align your drink offerings with your event theme for an immersive experience. Hosting a 1920s speakeasy soirée? Vintage cocktails and classic champagnes set the scene. A summer garden party calls for botanical-infused spritzers and floral lemonades. 
  • Sustainable Sipping: Sustainability doesn’t stop at the food menu. Incorporate eco-friendly practices into your drink selection by choosing organic wines, beers from breweries with sustainable practices, and spirits from distilleries committed to reducing their carbon footprint. Venues such as The Farrier or The Skinny Kitchen serve interesting vegan and organic drinks, check them out! Additionally, you can offer drinks in reusable glassware.
  • Custom Brews and Blends: For a truly unique touch, collaborate with a local brewery or distillery to create a custom brew or spirit blend for your event. This could be a special beer batch brewed just for your gathering or a blend of spirits with a label that commemorates the occasion. Custom drinks not only make for a memorable beverage experience but also great take-home gifts for guests.

FAQs about Pub Venues in London

What occasions are great for hiring a pub venue in London?

Pubs in London are an excellent location for many sorts of occasions. With their convivial atmosphere and varied event spaces, they are an easy choice for outstanding weddings, leaving parties, team building and Christmas parties. You might even find London pubs with meeting rooms, perfect for giving your business gatherings a more laid-back feel! Pubs are also great for either partial or whole venue hire, and even, in some cases, whole weekend hire! So no matter how large the occasion is, or how long the event will take, hiring a pub venue is likely a good choice.

Can I play my own music when I hire a private room in a pub?

Before hiring an event space in a pub, it is always best to speak with the venue manager about any special requirements. When it comes to music you will want to ask about how you can connect to their tech, as well as whether there is a loud music policy or time restrictions. It’s also a good idea to check out the bar with a private room ahead of the date to make sure the AV equipment is in good working order.

How much does pub venue hire cost in London?

Most pub hire in London will be carried out on a minimum spend basis. This entails a commitment to spending an agreed-upon minimum amount on food and drinks during the event. With this type of arrangement, event space hire in London can be essentially free! Expect the requirements at pubs with minimum spend in the city to start around £50 for smaller pub spaces and £100 for larger venues. Remember that prices will vary depending on many factors! (All data from

Which areas of London are best for hiring a pub for an event?

The City of London is where you can find the most fun pubs and bars in the capital, with most of them located in the financial district. If you're looking for an inn for your corporate events or a birthday party, these areas will give you access to an extensive range of pubs available for hire. Bars are also popular in Central London's West End, which is home to some of the best pubs in London. The district is known for its theatres and cinemas, as well as its lively nightlife scene. London's East End has a number of great bars with restaurants that have been around since Victorian times, that offer great views on the Thames River.

Guests Reviews of Pub Venues on Tagvenue

Grace G.
Booked Back Room at The George & Monkey
Had the absolutely best experience hiring the George and Monkey for our engagement party. They were so responsive and accommodating before the event, and it was such a wonderful space to have guests. we were able to pre order pizza and prosecco for everyone and the pizza got rave reviews. I am a wheelchair user so having a pub in a central location thats such a great venue AND completely wheelchair accessible was amazing- highly recommend booking this venue!!
Jessica S.
Booked The Huntsman and Hounds at The Huntsman and Hounds
We had an engagement party here and hired out the pub. It's a lovely little venue with a great atmosphere for a party. The staff are absolute stars and went above and beyond. They helped coordinate things like the music, the pizzas we ordered on deliveroo and cake. I really cannot recommend this place enough for hosting a party, 12/10.
Maria G.
Booked Bar Room at The George & Monkey
I booked this pub for my husband and his best mate's joint 40th celebration, and it was fantastic! The communication with the team was great. They were super friendly to everyone and made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived. The pub itself is lovely, with a great atmosphere and outdoor tables too. While I didn't have any food myself, I heard that some of our guests ordered pizzas and absolutely loved them. One thing to note is that the pub shuts at 11 pm, but the team went out of their way to accommodate us by booking a private area in their sister bar just a 10-minute walk away for those who wanted to continue the party. Overall, I want to say a massive thank you to the team at the George & Monkey, we had a brilliant time!
Samuel G.
Booked Botanical Bar at The Oliver Conquest
Room Size - The room is flexible depending on arrangement. I had 30-35 people standing and felt full but not cramped. You could have less or seated and achieve the same feeling. Communication - Craig, the Pub Manager, was quick and effective throughout, guiding me with all the options I had. Privacy - your own bar, toilet, choice of drinks, entrance and small outside area, meant we really felt like it was our party. Food - reasonable food (pizza) at good price, my guests at less than expected and Craig reduced the amount required. Make it your own - I was free to bring my own decorations, cake, and able to play my own music. Location - easy access to Aldgate east tube station Price - the £300 minimum spend is reasonable and very manageable once you have a good size group of thirsty patrons
Harry B.
Booked Main Restaurant at The King's Head Pub
We enjoyed our time at the King’s Head Pub. We booked the event swiftly after our engagement to host an engagement party for our nearest and dearest and the main appeal of the venue was the look and feel of the pub, combined with the very reasonable minimum spend! When our engagement party date came around, we were allowed the venue from 5pm and the venue were kind enough to let us bring our own decorations and decorate how we wanted to which was brilliant and allowed for a more personalised feel! We also ate at the venue and the food and service was very good, we were served by Jessica who was lovely and attentive to our guests. After the meal when more guests began to arrive, the staff were very helpful in moving the tables we had eaten on out of the way, and allowed us to plug in our own music, a Spotify playlist from a MacBook Air. The event went beautifully. Having exclusive access to the upstairs function room at the venue was so lovely and our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Ruth S.
Booked The Angel's Lounge at The Angel
The staff at the Angel were great and super helpful - we asked for a craft beer on draught in the upstairs bar as there wasn't one as standard and they set this up for us no problem. The space was a good size for our group of about 35. The venue let us bring our own decorations and leave them there to collect the next day so that we didn't have a to pack up on the night. Location is fantastic! Overall a really great pub venue.
Roger B.
Booked Scullery at The Mitre Lancaster Gate
We booked the venue for our cricket club AGM and it turned out to be the perfect place for it! The Scullery was a comfortable and very private space to accommodate the meeting for the twenty or so of us. The Mitre pub upstairs is a lovely old fashioned English pub serving great ales and the cocktail bar downstairs looks cracking too, although it was closed on the evening we were there. All staff looking after us were brilliant, the food served (bar snack menu) was delicious. Great evening! We will be back! The Stage Cricket Club
Mark B.
Booked Full Venue Hire at The Hat and Tun
Lovely pub, good location and a perfect size for my birthday (40-50 people, could take more). Service was excellent, bar manager/staff were really helpful and friendly throughout. They helped to maintain a good atmosphere by adjusting lights and music volume as the evening went on. They really helped to make the evening go well. Good range of beers on tap and in bottles. Good range of spirits. Overall a really enjoyable evening.

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