Party Buses for Hire in London

Party Buses for Hire in London

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Top Party Buses in London

Why not hire a party bus in London, a city famous for its iconic red double-deckers? It's a unique venue option for any special occasion, from birthdays to wild stag or hen nights! No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, there’s nothing like a party on four wheels. At Tagvenue, we know a lot about party bus hire in London, and we’re here to help you find the ideal one for your next event. Browse through our expertly curated list of the best party buses in the city and book today!

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Party Buses Hire Guide

Nothing adds as much fun to your event as picking a unique venue, and a party ride certainly counts as one! Maybe you’d like to book one for your party in London, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Have a look at some of the most exciting occasions you can organise there:

  • Hen party or stag night – it’s a perfect choice for your big night out. In London, there are many party buses perfect for hen and stag dos. Some of them offer exciting features, such as party poles or illuminated dance floors! You can also choose a party limo for a smaller event.
  • Birthday party – party bus hire is the right choice if you want to get people looking forward to your event – it really does create a lot of buzz! Wondering what you can do to make your birthday bash even more amazing? Choose a theme and decorate the party bus' interior accordingly. You can turn the vehicle into a disco bus, for example! Your imagination is the only limit. 
  • Kid's party – that’s right, celebration buses are a great idea for the little ones, too! Usually, kid's party buses feature soft play facilities, like ball pools. Game nights are another trend – and they’re attractive not only for kids. How about a Call of Duty tournament in a state-of-the-art mobile gaming party bus? If that’s not your thing, choose a fun karaoke or dance game instead.

There are several things you need to consider when deciding on the perfect party bus for hire in London. We’ve listed a few of the most important factors for you:

  • Check the catering – does the party bus crew provide some snacks, or do you need to organise everything yourself?

  • Does the bus have an open bar? Do they have a BYOB policy?

  • What kind of audio system does the bus have?

  • Is the party bus priced per hour or per session?

Disclaimer: Tagvenue provides a platform for companies and organisations to offer party buses for hire for entertainment services only, and not as transportation services. The entertainment services mean parties provided or held on a bus, whether a bus is stationary or moving, provision of recreation facilities, amusement services, party planning (entertainment) and other services alike.

Unconventional and Useful Activities and Ideas for Party Bus Events

Party buses, also known as luxury coaches or celebration buses, have become increasingly popular for various events. From corporate gatherings to birthday celebrations, these mobile venues provide a novel way to party while exploring the iconic sights of London. Below are some unconventional and useful activities and ideas for party bus events in the bustling city of London.

  • Themed Tours Around London's Landmarks

 Party buses can be transformed into thematic experiences. Imagine a Harry Potter-themed tour where guests can enjoy quizzes, costume competitions, and stops at relevant filming locations across London and take pictures. Alternatively, a historical-themed tour focusing on London's rich history can include trivia games about the city and visits to landmarks like the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace.

  • Mobile Cocktail Making Class

Transform the party bus into a moving cocktail-making class. You can partner with a local mixologist to teach guests how to make some classic London cocktails. This activity entertains and educates guests about the art of cocktail making, a perfect idea for a sophisticated hen or stag night.

  • Karaoke and Dance Party

Equip the party bus with a modern karaoke machine and a dance area. Let your guests sing along to British classics or the latest hits as they travel through the city. This is a fantastic way for you and your guests to let loose and enjoy an interactive and lively atmosphere.

  • Corporate Retreats with a Twist

For corporate events, party buses can be excellent for team-building activities. Host a mobile workshop or a motivational speaking session while cruising past London's business district. This unconventional setting can boost creativity and team spirit.

  • Food Excursions

 You can host a gourmet journey, stopping at several London restaurants and infamous eateries. This can include anything from tasting the best fish and chips in the city to enjoying high tea while parked next to the Thames.

  • Photography Challenge

 For a more interactive experience, organise a photography challenge where guests can capture the essence of London's diverse neighbourhoods as the bus moves through the city. The best photo can win a prize, encouraging engagement and creativity.

  • Mobile Movie Night

 Equip the party bus with a projector and screen and host a movie night featuring films set in London. This could be coupled with themed or colour-coded snacks and drinks for an immersive cinematic experience.

  • Artistic Workshops

 Conduct mobile art classes where guests can paint or sketch London's iconic scenery. This activity is relaxing and allows your guests to take a piece of London home with them.

  • Celebration Cruises

 Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations, a celebration cruise through London's streets can include a DJ, themed decor, and a custom itinerary that stops at significant spots for the guests

  • London by Night

A night tour of London, focusing on the illuminated landmarks in the city, like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Shard, can be a magical experience. Add a storyteller or a guide to narrate tales of London's nocturnal mysteries.

How to Plan a Memorable Event on a Party Bus 

  • Selecting the Perfect Party Bus

Prioritise Comfort and Features: Comfort is paramount. Select a bus with spacious seating, climate control, and restroom facilities. Advanced features like a state-of-the-art sound system, mood lighting, and a dance floor can significantly improve the atmosphere.

  • Designing a Captivating Route

Iconic Locations: Plan a route that includes London's famous landmarks. Imagine toasting as you drive by the Tower Bridge or dancing as the bus circles Trafalgar Square.

Unexpected Stops: Incorporate surprise elements by arranging brief stops at lesser-known, picturesque spots. A quick photo session at a hidden gem in London can add a delightful twist. 

  • Immersive Themes and Decorations 

Themed Transformation: Transform the interior based on your theme. For a 'James Bond' night, think elegant black and gold decor, or for a '70s disco party, deck the bus with disco balls and psychedelic colours.

Personalised Decor: Include personalised banners, custom seat covers, or a photo montage of the guests. Small details like themed napkins or coasters can also make a big difference.

  • Elevating the Entertainment

Curated Playlists or Live DJ: Create a music playlist that resonates with your theme, or hire a DJ to adapt the music live to the party's mood.

Interactive Entertainment: Host a mini talent show, a themed quiz, or karaoke sessions. Interactive activities keep guests engaged and create memorable moments.

  • Gourmet Experiences on Wheels

Bespoke Catering: Work with caterers who can provide bespoke menus – from gourmet finger foods to custom-themed cakes. Consider dietary preferences and include a mix of options.

Signature Cocktails and Bar Service: Offer a selection of drinks and perhaps a signature cocktail named after the event. Ensure non-alcoholic options are just as exciting.

  • Memorable Takeaways

Custom Souvenirs: Provide guests with a personalised keepsake from the party – a themed keychain, a photo from the bus, or a custom mug.

Digital Memory Lane: After the event, share a digital album or a video montage of the night. It's a great way to relive the experience and share memories with attendees.

FAQs about Party Buses in London

What are some of the best party buses in London?

You will find some amazing choices in London when it comes to mobile party venues. Here are some of our favourites:

  • BUS PARTY LONDONThis is one of the premier dance party buses in the city. It is a converted public transport bus with all of the amenities that you would expect in a club!
  • Galaxy Van – Check out this van designed for gaming if you're planning a party for video game lovers! It comes equipped with the most modern systems that any serious gamer would love. This van, however, keeps the party stationary.
  • Bustronome – If you wanna have a great view, then Bustronome is the perfect bus for your party. You get the classic London double-decker bus experience along with a glass room and plenty of great food for an incredible night.

Why should I hire a party bus in London?

Party buses are some of the coolest ways to jump around from party to party and club to club. These are also amazing options for hen and stag parties and nights out with friends who want to keep the party moving around the city. If the event is for a younger crowd or if you just want to switch things up from their normal night out, then you can book some great gaming buses available. This way, you and your friends can go head to head with a LAN party. Also, hiring a karaoke party bus has become a trend these days and many people simply love this idea! Parties on wheels in London are also popular for wedding parties to take a tour of the city before hitting the reception.

How do I plan a party on a bus?

Planning a party on a bus can be an exciting and unique experience! Here's a basic outline to help you get started:

  • Select a Bus: Look for party bus rental companies in your area. Consider factors such as the size of the bus, amenities offered (like sound systems, lighting, and seating arrangements), and any specific requirements you have for your party.
  • Plan the Route: Determine the route you want the bus to take during the party. Consider scenic routes, popular landmarks, or areas with vibrant nightlife, depending on the vibe you want to create.
  • Organise Food and Drinks: Coordinate catering or decide on food and drink options for the party. Some party bus rental companies may offer catering services, while others may allow you to bring your own refreshments on board.
  • Entertainment: Plan entertainment for the party, such as a DJ, live music, or a curated playlist. Ensure that the bus has the necessary audiovisual equipment for your chosen entertainment.
  • Safety Precautions: Ensure the safety of your guests by providing guidelines for behaviour on the bus, including seatbelt usage and alcohol consumption policies. It's essential to prioritise safety while having fun.

How much does it cost to hire party buses in London?

The price range for hiring a party bus starts from £480 to £1100 per session, and includes a range of options to fit different budgets and event types. If you're interested in buses with complete event packages, the cost starts at around £70 per person, providing a comprehensive experience without the hassle of separate planning. For those requiring more flexibility or shorter durations, an hourly rental option is available at around £400 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue).

Guests Reviews of Party Buses on Tagvenue

Lloyd D.
Booked Hanway Basement Level 1 at The Hanway Bar & Basement
An amazing venue right in the heart of London for great value as well. Very spacious facilities with an bar included. The service was amazing which gave us great vibes. Would definitely recommend!
Raffael R.
Booked London's VIP Party Bus at Champagne Tours | Luxurious Party Bus
It was lots of fun. The music setup was sick. The light in the bus gave you the party atmosphere. Would highly recommend
Tallie W.
Booked Party Bus London at Party Bus London
Best night ever! Thanks so much, Tony!!
Amy D.
Booked London's VIP Party Bus at Champagne Tours | Luxurious Party Bus
Our bus experience was complete perfection! We're still talking about how much fun we had! The crew was amazing. Fun and full of energy. Peronable and kind. They truly brought our party to life. And the bus itself was perfect too! Spacious and decked out with fun lights. It was well equipped for a good time. I was also grateful to have a toilet on board. I can't recommend this company enough. An amazing time beginning to end.
Booked Party Bus London at Party Bus London
Was an epic trip I would 100% use these again
Kleopatra P.
Booked Party Bus London at Party Bus London
Very nicely converted bus with very lovely driver and host. Very accommodating and took us out for pictures by St Pauls Cathedral and London Eye. Our drinks were always topped up and even though we didn't have a cable to put our own music on, Tony put on some music for us and was also taking our requests. Everyone had a great time and especially our birthday boy!
Rachel G.
Booked London's VIP Party Bus at Champagne Tours | Luxurious Party Bus
Great speakers and host
Roswitha H.
Booked London's VIP Party Bus at Champagne Tours | Luxurious Party Bus
Our hosts were both personable and accommodating. Tony and his team of heroes interacted with all our guests, tending to all our needs, never an empty glass on the bus. Top job all round and maximum fun and memories.

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