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Browsing function rooms for an event in London? Whether you’re planning a private party, a corporate event or a conference, our listings of the rooms in the capital will make planning your next event hassle-free. From dedicated private rooms to elegant banquet halls, hotel event venues and contemporary event spaces, Tagvenue is sure to have something that suits your requirements. Compare our listings of London function venues online and find the best one for you today in just a few clicks! 

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Function Rooms Hire Guide

Function rooms in London are versatile spaces that can be hired for a wide range of events – they're the perfect place for training days and other corporate events. They can also be used for wedding receptions, and other private events, like christenings, engagement parties and baby showers. Function rooms are especially great for large parties and celebrations.

When sourcing a venue in London, keep in mind that the most sought after event spaces are often booked out months in advance, so it pays to secure your private event venue as soon as possible. It’s also helpful to have a few workable dates in mind to give yourself some options. Here at Tagvenue, we always recommend enquiring with multiple functions rooms at once, so you can compare quotes and choose the best offer.

How to organise a great event in London?

Hosting a successful event takes organisation, creativity and attention to detail. The first thing to do when planning a private event in London should be to settle on a budget and decide what kind of event space you can afford. Then, you should start searching for function rooms in your desired London area. Simply use the map to search the neighbourhoods you want to search in. If you’re seeking cheap venues, make sure to have a closer look at event spaces in areas like Stratford, Leyton, and Walthamstow in East London or Outer London boroughs, as they tend to have great deals for function venues!

The best function venue location will be largely dependent on the type of event you’re going to host. More public events and conferences should always take place in an area that is easily accessible by car, plane and public transport. For weddings and family gatherings, however, you could opt for more distant areas of London, or those close to where your family lives. When scouting the area you should also take things like parking and convenience into account.

When it comes to organising your next big work get together, group meeting or corporate event in London, you’ll want to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Take care to factor all the small things into your budget (printouts, lanyards, name tags etc.) and be aware of what suppliers you’ll need to work with. When planning an event it’s important to make sure you’ve got enough time up your sleeve – for large-scale events, begin organising four to five months in advance, and for smaller events, one to two months should do it. Once you have your function venue, suppliers and guest speakers secured, you’ll need to create an event schedule that incorporates regular breaks. And remember, event planning is not rocket science, but it does require time, commitment and solid negotiation skills.

How many guests or attendees do you expect?

Most function rooms are meant for a certain number of people and capacity is counted as either sitting or standing. So decide how your event will be organised to ensure that your space will be the right size. Give everyone a way to confirm their arrival or buy tickets to the event. If you don’t know how big of a function room you will need, you can do some research on how many people would be interested in attending your party, presentation or concert. Rest assured that London is full of venues of all sizes, so you’ll effortlessly find amazing big rooms as well as cosy event spaces for smaller gatherings!

If you want to arrange a buffet or some sort of catering, it’s especially important that you work with your venue manager. Usually, event venues in London offer food and drinks in-house or have a dedicated catering firm they work with. One of these options will usually come at a better price than ordering food separately. Smaller rooms could possibly have a BYO policy for food and drinks, but remember to always ask about the terms and conditions before you do anything out of the ordinary.

Remember that it’s easy for miscommunications to happen when holding an event. To avoid any unwanted surprises, always reconfirm numbers and details with the hired function room and suppliers a few days before the event occurs, and make sure you know who’s responsible for the cleanup.

Planning a business event, fundraising night or professional association event on a tight budget? Our selection of affordable function venues will save you a bundle on hire fees. From school halls and community centres, to dry hire spaces and conference rooms, we’re sure to have a no-frills function room that suits your specific requirements.

How to decorate a function room for an event in London?

  • Choose a colour scheme (rented coloured glassware, china or chair covers will really make your tables pop)
  • Order place cards or menus that tie in with your theme. In a pinch you can even print them yourself.
  • Pretty up your function venue with paper lanterns, flowers or tealight candles
  • Create an amazing photo backdrop with tissue paper, garlands or paper flowers
  • Showcase the dessert buffet (display cakes on vintage tiered stands or eye-catching plates)
  • Use chalkboard signage to direct your guests (these can be personalised by buying a second-hand frame and spray-painting it to match the rest of your décor)
  • Several larger flower arrangements are often cheaper than many smaller centrepieces

Top 10 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring a Function Room

With its eclectic mix of historic charm and modern sophistication, London offers many options for function room hire. To ensure you choose a venue that aligns with your event's requirements, here are the top 10 must-ask questions to ensure your venue hire goes smoothly.

  • What is the Capacity of the Venue?

 Before diving into the aesthetics and amenities, understanding the capacity of the function space is crucial. Ask about the maximum number of guests the room can accommodate for different setups (banquet, theatre, boardroom, etc.). Whether you're hosting a grand wedding at a banquet hall near the banks of the River Thames or a corporate seminar in a conference centre overlooking the London Eye, ensuring the space fits your guest list comfortably is key.

  • What is the Location and Access to Public Transport Like?

The venue's location within London can significantly impact your event's success. Ask about its proximity to major transport links like the London Underground stations, bus routes, and airports. Venues located in districts such as Covent Garden and Soho or near landmarks like the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace not only add a touch of prestige they are also easy for your guests to get to.

  • What Facilities and Amenities are Available?

 From cutting-edge audiovisual equipment for a product launch to elegant décor for a gala dinner, the available facilities and amenities can set the tone for your event. Ask about the specifics: Wi-Fi speed, staging, lighting, sound systems, and on-site catering options. For instance, facilities like breakout rooms and tech support in a venue near Canary Wharf could be advantageous for organising a conference.

  • Is There On-Site Catering, or Can We Hire Our Own Suppliers?

Cuisine plays a pivotal role in every event experience. Some venues offer in-house catering with bespoke menus, while others might allow you to bring in external caterers. For example, for a wedding reception in a function room in Westminster, understanding menu flexibility is essential, including if there are restrictions on alcohol service or cultural cuisine requirements.

  • What is the Cost, and What Does it Include?

Clarify the pricing structure. Is it a flat rate, per person, or minimum spend? Understand what's included in the cost, such as furniture, staffing, and cleanup. Venues in upscale areas like Kensington and Chelsea might offer comprehensive packages, while others may have à la carte pricing that allows for more customisation.

  • Are There Any Restrictions on Decor or Entertainment?

Each venue has its own set of rules regarding décor alterations and entertainment types. If you're planning a themed event or need specific entertainment like live bands or DJs, ensure this aligns with the venue's policies. Historic venues near St. Paul's Cathedral or along the Strand often have very strict guidelines.

  • What is the Cancellation Policy?

 Understanding the cancellation policy is crucial, especially in unpredictable times. Ask about the notice period, refund structure, and any potential penalties.

  • Is There Dedicated Event Support?

Ask if the venue provides a dedicated event manager to assist in the planning process and on the day of the event. This can be a game-changer for complex events like technology expos or fashion shows.

  • What Parking or Transportation Options are Available for Guests?

 For venues not near public transport, inquire about parking facilities or valet services. A venue with convenient parking near London Bridge or easy entry from major roads can enhance the guest experience.

  • How Flexible is the Venue with Layout and Timing?

Flexibility can be critical, especially for multi-faceted events like conferences with plenary sessions and workshops or weddings with ceremonies and receptions. Discuss the possibilities of changing room layouts or extending event hours, particularly for venues in dynamic areas like Shoreditch or Greenwich.

Entertainment Ideas for Your London Event

Historical Venues

London has many historical venues that offer event spaces with a regal touch. From the majestic halls of a castle-like setting to the sophisticated ambience of centuries-old buildings, these venues provide a dramatic backdrop for your event.

  • Entertainment Idea: A period-themed performance can elevate the experience, with actors and musicians dressed in historical costumes performing pieces that transport your guests back in time. Think of a string quartet playing classical compositions in a grand ballroom or a group of actors reenacting famous moments in British history.

Modern Spaces

If you are hosting your event in a contemporary venue, a sleek function room overlooking the Thames or a rooftop space with panoramic views of the London skyline, the entertainment should match the modern vibe.

  • Entertainment Idea: A digital interactive art installation where guests can engage with touch screens to create their own art inspired by the city's skyline. Alternatively, a live DJ set with visual projections that mirror London's dynamic energy could keep the vibe upbeat and cosmopolitan.

Garden Parties

Several London venues offer stunning outdoor spaces or private rooms with a view of lush gardens. These settings are perfect for more relaxed, daytime events or summer evening receptions.

  • Entertainment Idea: Live acoustic bands playing background music that complements the natural setting or a "garden cinema" experience where guests can watch classic British films under the stars, complete with wireless headphones and cosy blankets.

Iconic London Landmarks

Hosting an event in a function room within or overlooking an iconic London landmark, such as the Tower of London or the British Museum, provides a unique opportunity to incorporate city elements into your entertainment.

  • Entertainment Idea: A guided tour or a talk by a historian about the significance of the landmark, followed by a themed reception. For a more interactive experience, consider a scavenger hunt that encourages guests to explore the venue and learn about its history in a fun and engaging way.

River Thames Venues

Function rooms and event spaces along the River Thames offer captivating views and a unique perspective of London. These venues are perfect for both formal and informal gatherings.

  • Entertainment Idea: A private boat tour along the Thames, either as part of the event or as an optional pre-event activity. Onboard, entertainers such as magicians or live bands can add to the festive atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy London's landmarks from the water.

Artistic and Cultural Spaces

The entertainment can be as enriching as the surroundings for events held in galleries, theatres, or cultural institutions.

  • Entertainment Idea: Live art demonstrations or workshops where guests can create their own artwork inspired by the venue's current exhibits. Performance art, such as contemporary dance or an experimental theatre piece, can also reflect the creative spirit of these spaces.

When selecting entertainment for your London event, consider how it will enhance the overall experience for your guests and complement the venue's ambiance. Whether you opt for something traditional, avant-garde, or distinctly London, the right entertainment can turn a good event into an unforgettable one.

FAQs about Function Rooms in London

How far ahead should I hire a function venue in London?

If you are organising an event of larger scale or a corporate event, it would be best to start planning 3 to 5 months ahead of the date. Especially if your event is happening in a busy season, it might be wise to have several dates in mind while looking for function rooms in London. If you are organising a small event or private celebration, starting the process around 3 months before the date should give you enough time to hash out all the details.

What areas of London are the best for hiring a function venue?

London is famous for its variety of incredible function spaces but there are several areas around the city that are more popular than others. The City of London, Covent Garden or Farrington are all areas of London that are not only easily reachable from any other part of the city, but also offer unique and professional spaces for your event.

Can I hire a function room in London on a budget?

Certainly! There are a few different ways to get a nice, but affordable function room. For example, hotels that are further away from the city centre usually offer their spaces for cheaper, without sacrificing quality. If you plan to have catering on your event, maybe you should consider minimum spend offers? As long as you spend enough on food and drinks, you get the space for free! Hiring at off-peak time frames (weekday mornings or early afternoons) will also be helpful.

How much do function rooms in London cost?

Hire fees for these event spaces  in London depend mainly on the size and location of the venue. Event spaces around Central London will cost you anything from £25 to £500 per hour on a dry hire model. If you want to opt for a minimum spend function room, offers start at around £50. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Guests Reviews of Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Lilia M.
Booked Private Party Events Space at Trampoline
This was an incredible venue! The staff were so amazing - the chefs, the bartender, all the service was so kind and helpful. Pranav was so helpful and accommodating. The Sri Lankan food was incredible! The place was so nice and such a wonderful space to spend an evening with friends. Could not recommend this place more, thank you so so much!
Laura V.
Booked Botanical Bar at The Oliver Conquest
Fantastic venue for my partner’s 30th birthday! The perfect size for 50 people with enough room to spread out and also have a few people seated. We ordered food which continued to be replenished as and when people finished eating. Overall a great venue with fantastic communication with Craig the events manager.
Steve T.
Booked Whole Venue at Bellavita Academy
Natural light provides a great ambience; Friendly and accommodating staff; Bar separate from main function room; Audio/Visual equipment available; Crockery available within an extremely convenient location; Secondary kitchen conveniently located for tidying away/preparation; Staff available to help; Location is great due to close proximity to Tower Gateway/Hill and is just outside Congestion Charge Zone; Great fridge :D
Ben R.
Booked Cocktail Cabinet at Dirty Martini Monument
I had my 40th/10th bday bash last night and had an excellent night. The staff have been fantastic from start to finish they were extremely attentive from helping blow up balloons during the prep and handling my birthday cake. The value of this venue was by far the best I could find for the region it was in and would definitely recommend this venue for a private function.
Booked Scullery at The Mitre Lancaster Gate
Such an accommodating and wonderful venue. I hired a space for a party and a screening and they were so brilliant with the communication leading up to the event and made sure everything was perfect for the night. Highly recommended
Liz S.
Booked The Rooftop Terrace bar at Doggett's Coat and Badge
The Terrace was excellent as was the service we received - very helpful before and during our event. Great views over the Thames. Everyone enjoyed the buffet food which was good quality and tasty. Would recommend The Terrace as a great venue to hold an event.
Mary B.
Booked Nuffield Hall at Rooms on Regent's Park
The venue is amazing and the staff so accommodating and helpful. We stayed overnight at the venue and the rooms were fantastic, breakfast lovely, just perfect for requirements. Would highly recommend.
Natalie T.
Booked St. George's Wharf at The Riverside
Great - one of few places in Central London that could book me an area for 30 people without a minimum spend. Very responsive communication and excellent on the day - good food and drinks and a lovely area reserved for us overlooking the Thames. Kid and dog friendly.

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