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On the lookout for party boats for your event? Whether you’re planning a birthday party, networking event, wedding reception or Christmas office party (corporate boat hire on the Thames is one of the hottest trends right now), a river cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate in the capital. What better backdrop for your next get together than the city of London itself? Want to know how to rent a boat for a party? You're in the right place – we're experts on Thames boat party hire.

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Party Boats Hire Guide

What could be better than taking in London’s famous sights while enjoying canapés and a glass of sparkling wine, or making the most of those long, warm summer evenings surrounded by gorgeous city lights. Want to see the best of riverside London or organise a small yacht party for all your friends? Party boats are what you're looking for. Get inspired and choose a boat party theme for even more fun. What are you organising and when? It’s #magic, see how fast it is to book a boat party venue in London today.

How to organise a prime party on a boat!

Step 1 Choose the perfect boat

The most important thing when it comes to a party on a boat is the boat itself, of course! How to choose the best one? First, you should decide how much money you are willing to spend. Once done, set your agreed price in our smart filters so the platform can show you boats available for hire within this price range. In the smart filters, you can also choose the number of guests you intend on inviting. After entering these, you can see all the best offers for your boat party. The only thing you have to do now is make a short list of your favourites and compare their offers.

Step 2 Book the boat

Once you choose the boat you like the most, you are just a few clicks away from booking it! Enter the date and amount of guests and contact the venue through the platform to confirm your booking. Make sure you discuss all your questions with the venue manager before signing any contract. Consider discussing the cancellation policy, equipment usage, food and drink rules as well as whom you should contact in case of emergency and further questions.

Step 3 Select a theme

Decorations, dress code, what kind of food and drinks you'll serve, and how you want your invitations to look are all up to you. Choosing a theme will enhance the atmosphere of your party and create the type of vibe you're looking for. Additionally, picking a theme will give your guests a heads up about your party ahead of time.

Step 4 Pick up food and drinks

Before you do select your menu, make sure the boat allows BYOB and external catering. Perhaps your chosen party boat offers on-site catering! Before choosing your final menu, don’t forget to ask your guests about any food allergies or special diets to avoid any upsetting situations.

Step 5 Send invitations for your fantabulous party

Let your guests know they are invited to the party “out on the river”. Send them invitations explaining about the event and request an R.S.V.P. But please…who wouldn’t go for a party on the boat?!

Step 6 Let’s party!

Dress up, gather your decorations, bring your guests and hop on board. But the most important thing is to make sure you bring a smile and positive energy. Ahoy adventure!

A party on the boat can be fun, but let’s not forget about safety! The best party is the kind where no one gets hurt. Here are some safety tips to follow during a boat party:

Prepare the essentials 

While parting on the boat, ensure that the boat is equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and flares. If you are planning to party during the day, bring sunscreen with you. 

Stay hydrated

You'll feel much better after and during the party if you stay hydrated. If you plan to drink alcohol on a boat, you should mix in water as well.

Make sure there are enough life jackets

There should be at least as many life jackets as there are people on board. Life jackets need to be coast guard approved, so be sure you are supplied with the proper equipment. Make sure there are throwable flotation devices on the boat, which you can throw to anyone in the water in case of any emergency. A simple lifebuoy will do the job. Although only one such device is required on the boat, it is always a good idea to have more. Forewarned is forearmed. 

Be careful with the weather

It is always a good idea to check the weather a day before the event and have a plan B in case the boat party is cancelled. River conditions are displayed on the main entrances to the docks, either by flag or notice board. You can check the information on the Environment Agency website as well.

  • No flag or board – the river is not flowing too fast and there are no warnings.
  • Yellow flag or board – the river is flowing, so  you should take extra precautions, and it may be wise not to take the boat out.
  • Red flag or board – the water is very fast and the river may be flooded, so boaters should stay off the river. Many insurance companies do not cover boaters whose boats are on the river while the flag/board is red.

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Party Boats in London FAQ

Can I hire only part of a boat for my party?

You can certainly hire a smaller area on a boat, such as a restaurant or an upper deck. When hiring the boat discuss your space needs with the venue manager as you could discover that there are smaller and more affordable options beyond hiring the whole venue.

How long does a party on a boat usually last?

Basic boat hire will last around 3.5 hours, however, longer options are available and should be discussed with the venue manager during the booking process. Most boats operate somewhere between 10.00-00.00 so you can expect to schedule your party during these hours.

Is food included in a party hire on a boat?

Most boat venues offer in-house catering with accomodation for different specialty requirements. However, unless you have booked a per person package which includes food and drinks, you will need to pay separately for catering and drinks.

Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol on the boat?

You should ask the owner whether you can BYOB. Some venues allow it, and for others you will have to purchase it on the boat or will not be allowed to drink at all. 

Guests Reviews of Party Boats on Tagvenue

Booked Whole Boat at The Boathouse London - Paddington West
Such an amazing boat and lovely team! Honestly couldn’t have asked for better communication and service from them. The venue itself is breathtaking, the attention to detail is astounding and nothing can be faulted. Definitely will be planning to use this boat for another event soon, worth every penny and surpassed all my expectations. Ideal place for a big dinner party and has a perfect kitchen for a private chef! Recommend booking!
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
Totally amazing venue! Booked the floating showroom for a suprise hen party and it was the most magical party ever. Eli the host was so helpful with everything even decorating the boat in the perfect Halloween/wedding theme. There was plenty of space for 12/13 of us with room for a drinks/snacks table. Great kitchen facilities and sound system. Would
Ricardo Lopez
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
Eli and Katy were great hosts to communicate with. They were very nice and accommodating. Great to talk to. Katy was super host on the day and her decoration skills were superb!! everyone loved it!! Location was amazing with the boat being at Little Venice, how nice for a hen-stag party. We had some issues regarding electricity in the boat, however Eli was very good at resolving them and taking appropriate action which is what you expect from a nice and caring host.
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
It was amazing to book the boat. We hired it for our friends hen party and had a lovely evening. Brilliant price, and Elizabeth was very nice and helpful!! Would definitely book again!! Thanks Elizabeth x
Raheem Chaudhary
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
Absolutely beautiful boat inside and out. Elizabeth is the most friendly and helpful host you could imagine. I used the venue to propose to my girlfriend and Elizabeth ensured the decoration in the boat was more romantic than I could ever imagine. Really awesome. She said Yes !
Constantin Martinov
Booked The Lounge at Floaty McFloat Face
Everything was very very good, everyone had a great time and loved the view of the sunset, from the boat. The venue is perfect for small parties and was exactly what we wanted. Thank you Elisabeth and Teo you two are great.

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