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From dedicated karaoke party bars available for private hire to Japanese-style karaoke booths, we've gathered all the best karaoke venues in London. Check out our collection – we're sure you'll find the right space for your party. It's high time you unleashed your inner diva and sing your heart out, so let your hair down and have the time of your life! Gather your friends and family together and get ready to sing the night away in the premier London karaoke bars. Browse through our listings today!

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Karaoke Bars Hire Guide

There’s no excuse not to join in, after all, karaoke parties are one of the only places where it’s perfectly acceptable to make a fool of yourself in public (think P.S. I Love You, 500 Days of Summer and When Harry Met Sally, to mention just a few movies with famous karaoke scenes).

Looking to hire one of most popular London karaoke bars? Tagvenue lets you browse the city’s top karaoke rooms, enquire online 24/7 and compare quotes from your preferred options. So what are you waiting for? See how fast it is to book a London karaoke party bar, and make sure to start thinking about a playlist, so you’ll be ready to belt out some not-so-perfect renditions of your fave tracks.

Everyone loves a good night out at a karaoke bar. Planning these parties is simple, too. Just get your friends and loved ones together, book a session at one of London’s great karaoke bars and get ready to belt out some of your favourite songs. Many London karaoke bars have DJs ready to spin all of the karaoke hits you know and love. So whether you want a private room or a more public one, you can definitely find a place where you can sing your heart out. Also don’t forget some pints and cocktails to help everyone loosen up a bit. 

Karaoke parties are one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday, friends coming in from out of town, company parties, and team building events. When you are planning a karaoke party here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Playlist: Karaoke parties are supposed to have good vibes and tons of energy for everyone to get down to. When you are starting your karaoke party, be sure to start strong. Bust out the Abba, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and The Killers. As the night continues, then start breaking out the deep cuts that speak to you. A good karaoke DJ will know when to put certain songs in the queue over the course of your party.
  • The Menu: This goes for both the bar and the food. For food, be sure to keep things limited to finger foods and small dishes. Karaoke comes with dancing and socialising, so the last thing you want is a bunch of tables, chairs, and plates everywhere. Many karaoke bars will also come stocked with fun and creative cocktails to keep the party going. Every karaoke bar worth its salt will have a full bar and plenty of beers on tap, as well as a wide array of beers.

If you are looking to save a few pounds on refreshments and alcohol, consider having a spending limit of $1000, hiring a minimum spend venue, or not having hot food and keep it simple with some classic bar snacks. If you still want an open bar, you should think about limiting the options to beer and wine at the bar. If you choose to do this, you can include a cash bar option for cocktails.

  • Minimum Spend Venues: These kinds of venues are one of the best ways to save some money for your next party. Instead of paying for the space or per person, you are simply required to spend a certain amount of money over the course of your party. If you are tight on money, you can prearrange a spending limit for your party so the party does not go overboard at the bar. These kinds of venues are extremely popular for work gatherings which tend to have more strict spending limits.
  • Team Building Activities: What better way to get to know the people that you work with than singing your favourite songs at the top of your lungs. This is a good way to get out of the office and get to know your coworkers a bit more, and their taste in music as well! The pandemic has moved team building activities into the digital world, and now that going out is back in full swing, karaoke is a way not only to get to know your coworkers more and create stronger bonds, but to also celebrate getting together again. This is a fun activity for anyone to enjoy, from the most recent hire to the most seasoned manager.
  • Company Parties: If you are looking for a fun way to celebrate the end of a quarter or a holiday, look no further than karaoke bars for your next company party. Much like team building events, karaoke bars as settings for company parties are a great way to have fun and get closer with your colleagues. These are best done in small groups so this is a great option for your department or a few teams to get together and sing the night away.

Karaoke bars are great settings for parties and celebrations of all kinds. When everyone is out singing at the tops of their lungs, you are guaranteed to have a great time. London is known for having excellent nightlife and their wide selection of karaoke bars definitely adds to the fun you can have for a night out on the town. Tagvenue can help you find some of the best karaoke bars that London has to offer. Book today!

Karaoke Bars in London FAQ

How do you plan a karaoke night?

Planning a karaoke night is a pretty simple process. The bars do a vast majority of the work for your party, as they provide the DJ, set up, food, and bar. You just have to find the right venue, send out invitations, and coordinate with the bar for things like the amount of time you will book and what the bar will have.

Where are some of the best karaoke bars in London?

Some of our favourite karaoke bars in London are:

Lucky Voice Soho – This is a small and inexpensive space that is great for parties with friends and birthday celebrations!

The Exhibit – This is an elegant karaoke bar with a big screen and plenty of comfortable chairs to sit in. This is a perfect place for company parties and team building activities.

The Chelsea Pensioner – This is a highly rated bar with plenty of room for medium-to-large parties, a fully stocked bar, and a wide selection of songs to choose from for your party.

What are some crowd pleasing karaoke songs?

Crowd pleasing karaoke songs are ones that you know from growing up and from your teenage years, as well as songs you know from weddings and the Top 40 today. Keep the energy high and the songs known and you are on the right track to having a karaoke party everyone will remember.

What is a good way to keep costs down for a karaoke night?

Karaoke parties do not have to be an expensive night out. Ways to keep things cheap are as follows:

  • Minimum Spend Venues
  • No Liquor at the Bar
  • Cash Bars
  • Keep the guest count low
  • Only hire the bar for a few hours instead of all night

If you keep these things in mind, you should have no problem partying on a budget.

Guests Reviews of Karaoke Bars on Tagvenue

Alice b
Booked Backroom at The Cavendish Arms
It was amazing! Thank you to Mike and Chris and also to Shirley for all her help booking our night. We had an excellent time and all the staff of the Cavendish Arms were really chilled out and helpful if we needed anything. Mike ran the karaoke for us and it was so nice not to worry about anything. Thank you to all!
Sirena Riley
Booked Backroom at The Cavendish Arms
My guests and I had a fantastic time at my disco karaoke birthday party!! My friends loved the venue and the food. Shirley, Dan, Mike, Andy and the whole team were so attentive, friendly and really in the party spirit. I was running all over London trying to find the right venue and I'm so happy that I found the Cavendish. I HIGHLY recommend, can't wait to come back
Tess Nicholson
Booked The Games Room at Heist Bank
Great venue, catering was super easy to arrange and it was all good value. We had a really great night!
Imogen Holgado
Booked Karaoke Room at The Chelsea Pensioner
Great venue for our group, private room with karaoke and plenty of space for approx 20 people. Very friendly staff too!
Megan Bruce
Booked High Rollers Society at All Star Lanes Brick Lane
Exclusive area in the penthouse which had bowling and karaoke and a private bar! Two members of bar staff were working which meant the wait for drinks was a lot shorter than if only one was allocated. Our event manager for the night was very attentive and ran the bowling tournament like a pro
Booked The Angel's Lounge at The Angel
From the wonderfully helpful booking agent Lea, to the professional communications sent by The Angel's manager Lee, I knew this was the perfect booking for our party. The space was beautifully lit, the staff were wonderful and every guest complimented the deliciousness of the food. I would recommend The Angel's Lounge to anyone wanting an intimate party that offers a fantastic night to all guests in a great London location. 5 stars!

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