Pubs with Function Rooms for Hire in London

Pubs with Function Rooms for Hire in London

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Top Pubs with Function Rooms in London

Take a look through our listings of pubs with function rooms for hire in London and pick the best one for yourself! The city offers plenty of amazing spaces and Tagvenue is here to help you find the right one for your event. No matter if you’re hosting an intimate family gathering in a private dining room or a large corporate party in a pub hall, we know how to meet your needs. With us, you can find the best pub venues in South-East London, the city centre and other areas of the capital.

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Pubs with Function Rooms Hire Guide

Pubs with function rooms are great places to have unforgettable parties on a budget in London. Many of our favourites will have rooms with private bars that can be hired for a reasonable cost. These spaces can accommodate a range of group sizes, including large parties. Function rooms can be used for a range of events, from birthdays to meetings, and can be found in both local pubs and more upscale breweries. From ultra-hip breweries serving up local lagers, to traditional English pubs putting up great pub grub, Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to hiring pub function rooms.

London’s pubs with private function rooms are an ideal place for parties, gatherings and corporate events. These separate spaces still offer the hospitable atmosphere of a pub while also ensuring privacy for your event. There are many advantages to hosting an event in a function room at a pub, as you will have their own private service for the length of the party, and a customizable menu. Additionally, the venues are very versatile - you’ll find pub meeting rooms, large and small function rooms, and even pubs with a dance floor for a dance-off party! 

Having a dedicated staff to your party is key to making sure that your event will go smoothly. Most London pubs have staff ready to attend to your guests. Many function rooms will allow you to BYO catering. However, you may also order catering either from the venue or outside vendors.

Always discuss your entertainment options with the venue manager before the event. There may be restrictions on live music or the level at which you or a DJ are allowed to play music. Also, always confirm that the function room is equipped with speakers or sound equipment, as, otherwise, you may need to provide your own.

What to consider when hiring a pub with a function room in London:

  • The capacity of the space – will the private room be able to accommodate all your guests? In London, you’ll find pubs with small function rooms for 20 or fewer people, as well as large spaces for 100+ guests.
  • Room layout – how would you like your guests to be seated? Would it be better to divide them into smaller groups or just set up a long family-style table to sit around? Many function spaces offer a flexible room arrangement!
  • Catering options – when you'd like to bring your own food, check whether the venue allows outside catering. If you’d like to order at the venue, many pubs with event rooms in London offer special party packages.
  • The drinks pub hire in London often comes with access to a bar, but not all spaces allow you to bring your own alcohol. Ask the venue manager if they’re OK with it ahead of time, if that was your plan!
  • Prices – looking for a cheap hire option for your next get-together? Did you know that pubs with free function rooms actually exist in London? Some pubs don’t have a hire fee – they just give you a specific minimum spend you have to meet.

What are some of the events that private pub rooms are good for?

Hiring a pub for a birthday in London is the best way to ensure beer lovers enjoy their special day! Whether it’s your 18th, 21st, 40th, or 80th, everyone loves a good night at the pub. Hiring a function room allows your party to enjoy the classic pub atmosphere without any interruptions that come with a busy night on the town. London, fortunately, has many flavours when it comes to their pub scene, so you can choose from cosy party pubs to more elegant gastropubs with a wide array of craft beers available. Cheers!

Team building activities are perfect for function rooms. It’s always a good idea to have a few nights where your team can let their hair down and have a great time hanging out with their peers outside of the office and partake in fun activities. Some good uses for a pub function room are:

  • Pub Quiz Nights – Pub quiz nights encourage peers to collaborate and show off their trivia skills. This friendly competition is best accompanied by a couple of pints. Covering topics such as music and pop culture are sure to be hits, and it is a great way for coworkers to become closer with one another.
  • Karaoke – Karaoke nights are always a good time. Seeing your team members sing their hearts out can even help shy people get up to sing with their friends. Why not even encourage group songs for your organisation? There are few things more fun than getting up on stage and singing your heart out with some friends.

Wedding receptions are always amazing events full of food, drinks, and dancing, where friends and family will gather to celebrate two people starting a new chapter in their lives. A function room is a great choice for smaller receptions and offers you the opportunity to save money by BYO options.

Breakfasts are a popular choice at many pubs across London. Having a breakfast gathering at one of the pubs listed on Tagvenue is a guarantee of a range of venues with many exciting options for an amazing meal. Whether you are searching for a gastropub with a modern twist on the classic British fry up or a traditional pub offering a full English and strong tea, you’ll find something fitting! If you find a pub room with A/V equipment, you can also host a breakfast meeting or business lunch.

Christmas parties – when it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than knocking back warming mulled wine or two with friends in a cosy place. Hire a pub with a function room for a Christmas party in London and feel the holiday spirit!

10 Entertainment Ideas for Pub Function Room

Pubs in London have a vibrant atmosphere, making them ideal spaces for private events. But beyond simply hiring a private room, how can you spice up your gathering with unforgettable entertainment and games? Here are 10 ideas to transform your event:  

  1. Host a pub quiz night: Test your guests' knowledge with trivia questions on various topics while they enjoy their drinks and socialise. You can include rounds based on London's unique history, local landmarks, historical figures who frequented pubs, or even fictional pub scenes from British literature and movies.
  2. Pub Olympics: Hire a pub with games and host a mini Olympics! Games like darts, pool, beer pong, and table football are great for fostering a sense of friendly competition among your guests. Create a point system and award prizes to the winners at the end of the night. 
  3. Beer Tasting Challenge: Test your guests' taste buds and pub knowledge! Blindfold participants and present them with different beers, asking them to identify the type, brewery, or even fun facts about the specific brew. Award points for correct guesses and most creative descriptions. Offer prizes for the "beer whisperer" with the most accurate palate and the "beer bard" with the most entertaining commentary.  
  4. Board Games: Hire a board game pub such as Draughts Hackney in Dalston and let your guests enjoy a variety of board games while sipping on beers. Opt for classic pub favourites like Scrabble or Articulate!, or introduce quirky London-themed board games like ‘London Underground Monopoly’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective’. Organise mini-tournaments, create custom rules with pub-related challenges and offer prizes for the most strategic players and most dramatic upsets.  
  5. Pub Poker Tournament: If you choose a pub with a poker table like Q Shoreditch near Old Street Station, you can host a pub poker tournament for your guests. Set up a poker table and provide professional poker chips and cards. Offer a variety of poker games, such as Texas Hold'em or Omaha, and provide a tutorial for beginners. 
  6. Karaoke Battle: It's a classic yet always entertaining option for a pub night! Pubs with karaoke machines like The Fox, Shoreditch are great for hosting a friendly competition. You can also create a judging panel or let the audience vote for their favourite performances to add more excitement.
  7. Pub Bingo: Create bingo cards with pub-themed squares like "person wearing a hat," "someone orders a pint," or "hears a funny joke." Bingo can be played throughout the night, adding an interactive and engaging activity for your guests. 
  8. Poetry Slam: Give your guests a platform to express their creativity with a pub poetry slam. Provide prompts related to your chosen theme, your friend group's interests, or lighthearted topics, and let them showcase their written or spoken word skills.
  9. Collaborative Story Building: Start a story about a pub adventure and pass it around the group, each adding a sentence and building on the previous ideas. It's a great way to get the conversation flowing and bring out the creativity in your guests. Plus, you never know where the story will go or what hilarious twists and turns it may take! 
  10. Murder Mystery Game: Host a murder mystery game at the pub, where guests can take on different roles and work together to solve a fictional crime. With clues, suspects, and unexpected plot twists, this game is sure to keep everyone entertained and on their toes throughout the night. 

Remember, these are just starting points! Feel free to mix and match elements, add your own creative twists, and tailor the activities to your specific group and pub setting. With a little planning and enthusiasm, you can transform your pub function room into an unforgettable entertainment hub!

Historic Pubs in London

London's pubs are more than just drinking establishments; they're living testaments to centuries of history. They are not just watering holes; they have witnessed significant events, hosted famous figures, and preserved the cultural heritage of London throughout the years. Now, you can organise your own social gathering in a function room at one of these historic pubs and experience a taste of London's rich past. Let's take a look at some of the best ones:

  • Visit Temple Bar London, a quaint establishment with a long history that dates back to 1672, to get a glimpse into a piece of the city's rich past. Offering a stunning view of St. Paul's Cathedral, this beloved pub features two versatile function rooms.
  • Step inside The King's Head Pub in Burlington Estate and be transported to a bygone era. This traditional-style pub, which was established in 1710, exudes an old-world charm with its antique decor and wooden furnishings.
  • 700 years of stories echo within Exwick's oldest pub, Turks Head. Now restored, this historic establishment offers a unique atmosphere where visitors can enjoy a pint while imagining the tales of the past.

Whether you're a history buff, a local looking for a cosy pint, or simply seeking a unique London experience, hiring function rooms at historic pubs can provide the perfect setting for any occasion. From small gatherings to larger events, these function rooms offer a blend of history and charm that is sure to impress your guests. So, raise a glass and toast to the past, present, and future of these iconic establishments! 

FAQs about Pubs with Function Rooms in London

Do all pubs in London have function rooms?

It might be too rash to say all pubs in London have function rooms. But it’s definitely alright to say that most do! These smaller spaces are designed to offer private events some degree of privacy and space to prepare a personalised experience. You will also find pubs with semi-private areas available, such as mezzanines or open spaces at the back of the venue.

Can I hire a function room in a London pub for free?

Yes! Most London pubs allow guests to book their venue on a minimum spend basis which means no upfront hire fee. Essentially, you are guaranteeing that your event will spend a set amount on food or drink. If you fail to meet this price, you will be asked to pay the difference.

How much does it cost to hire a pub function room in London?

London offers a great selection of cheap pubs with function rooms. Minimum spend requirements in the city often range between £100 and £1,500 per session, depending on the size of the venue. If you wish to hire a private room, fees tend to start around $20 per hour or $50 per day, but the most upscale pubs in London charge up to £7,000+ for a session. Finally, you’ll find many great package deals anywhere between £5 and £200 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which are the best pubs with function rooms in London?

London is known for its great pubs and there are quite a lot of premier venues to choose from. We have a few top-rated options to recommend:

The Regent offers a superb basement bar for gatherings. This space can fit up to 40 people in a cocktail party setting, and is ready to host a wide range of events. Located in lively Angel, this place will be sure to impress your guests.

The George and Monkey located in Clerkenwell has a few spaces, both private and shared for your party. It’s a classic London pub experience where you can kick back and enjoy a pint!

Walkers of Whitehall is a modern take on the classic English pub with luxuriously upholstered benches and atmospheric lighting. Within walking distance of Whitehall Gardens, this is an excellent choice for your next pub party.

Can I hire outside catering or BYOB for a pub with a function room?

This will depend on the venue’s rules. If you have hired it on a minimum spend basis, then you will likely need to buy your drinks from the bar, but you may be able to arrange your own catering. If you have any special needs with regards to catering or BYOB, always check with the venue manager before finalising your booking.

Guests Reviews of Pubs with Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Jerry P.
Booked The Belle Bar & Roof Terrace at Carpenters Arms
The Carpenters was perfect in all respects for my 60th with a lot of similar aged people. Initially I actually chose the 1st floor bar with terrace until on leaving I happened to notice the ground floor bar which had easy access straight in off the street and suited me more, for the wider space in which to dance - I made sure we danced! Very nicely furnished with big comfy Chesterfields all about too, and its own bar (very important!). I had my discussions with Rachel and Molly who were fantastic, and helped me out with the laptop playlist connections to their AUX 3-pin socket into the amp. It absolutely could not have gone any better! 10 out of 10! Well done to the Carpenters.
Kate T.
Booked Private Bar & Dining Room at Black Pig With White Pearls
What a great venue! Melvin was lovely and communicative. The place looked excellent when we arrived, had party lights and a great atmosphere, and had all that we needed to play music and get the dance floor going. The food was superb and guests keep telling me how good it was. We had a great time and I will certainly recommend to others.
Booked The Huntsman and Hounds at The Huntsman and Hounds
The incredible staff at the Huntsman & Hounds made our engagement party so so special, they were instantly on hand to help us set up when we arrived and gave a brilliant service all throughout the night. They asked us what music we wanted to have played and were extremely responsive to all our song requests, and even got a more dance-type vibe going later into the night when they turned on the disco lights and turned up the tunes! Everyone had such an amazing time and constantly sang the praises of the pub. It's such a lovely cute setting as well and the drinks are so good and great value! We will definitely recommend the Huntsman & Hounds to family and friends and will be returning for any future functions we have. Thankyou for a wonderful night!
Freddy M.
Booked Downstairs at The Albany at The Albany
Staff were very helpful, minimum spend was very reasonable compared to many other places we checked, location is right by Great Portland Street and also very close to Warren Street which was really convenient, the room was great and set up exactly how we needed it (we ran a pub-quiz style event). Would strongly recommend to anyone looking to host an event for 40+ people.
Elie I.
Booked Whole Venue at The Chelsea Gate
We hired the venue for a sports end of season party and don’t think we could have picked a better place! It’s was a perfect fit with around 150-200 of us without being too crowded! Damian helped cater for all our needs and made the whole process completely stress free. He even ordered in our favourite liquor especially and did great deals on the night! The staff were awesome and made the night super fun! The karaoke room was a huge success and all in all a grand night was had! We used our own playlist and had albums of photos up on the screens around the pub which were great personal touches!
Zahira P.
Booked Scullery at The Mitre Lancaster Gate
Amazing venue! We booked The Scullery for a birthday/work milestone party. The room itself is lovely, it has its own sound system and air conditioning, and we were also able to decorate it and move the tables around to create space for dancing. The staff could not have been more wonderful or accommodating, letting us in early to decorate, helping us to tend to the sound system through the night and also creating a delicious vegan option for the buffet menu upon request. Great cocktails too! Thank you so much for a really brilliant night.
Halina W.
Booked Function Room at The Yorkshire Grey
I hosted a charity pub quiz at the Yorkshire Grey for 50 people. It was rilliant, I hired he function room upstairs which was a great space for the occasion. Here is a bar in the room, and the bar staff were very attentive throughout the night. I would definitely recommend this place!
Booked The Drawing Room at The Marquis Cornwallis
We had such a great time at an informal party at Marquis Cornwallis that we went back for another! The pub has a nice atmosphere and a great range of beers. They have a larger room for hire upstairs but we reserved a corner of the bar area that has room for 20 or so seated and 30 or so if some are standing. The team were very flexible and accommodating with arrangements. We were able to bring balloons and a birthday cake. The buffet food is very good, made in-house and much more imaginative than offered elsewhere. There was a good range of vegetarian options and the friend with a nut allergy was content without special arrangements on both occasions.

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