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As the end of the academic year approaches, British students have one thing on their minds – prom night. Organising a prom is a pretty big undertaking, so plan early and with your purpose in mind. Add glamour to your event by holding your school prom somewhere special, like in a banqueting suite, stylish hotel ballroom or celeb-worthy club, or choose a unique venue that'll stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re planning a masquerade ball or fun themed night, hiring a fantastic space is key – it’s where all the action will take place, after all!

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Prom Venues Hire Guide

Want to know how to find the ideal prom venue? Here are some tips:

  • Lock in a venue as soon as possible – most British proms and school dances are held in June and July, with the most popular venues booking out months in advance.

  • Choose a leavers ball venue with the right capacity – it should have enough space for all the guests, but not feel too big. Don’t forget about hiring a space with a great dance floor,too – it is prom night, after all!

  • Experienced and professional staff are truly important – we’re talking about skilled bartenders, waiters and caterers… basically, all the people who’ll work hard to make your experience wonderful.

  • Define your price range: budget, mid-range or premium. No matter which one you choose, we’re sure to have something that meets your needs.

  • Don’t forget to check whether the prom venue has disabled access. If you have any other extra requirements, feel free to ask the venue manager.

  • Choose a convenient location – if the venue is not very central, then make sure it’s easy to get to. A lot of people will be using taxis anyway, but it’s still important to provide enough parking spaces.



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