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Top Party Venues in Canary Wharf

Ready to party down in Canary Wharf but aren’t sure where to go? We’ve got you covered – we promise it isn’t all financial firms and One Canada Square looming in the background. Whether you’re looking to host a Christmas function for your office, a birthday party or just a summer bash because the sun is out, we’re sure to have the best location for you among our listings. All the way from Limehouse to South Dock, we know the most fun party spaces in this London district.

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We know what you’re thinking - Canary Wharf can’t possibly have that much going on beyond work-related shindigs. Well, it’s actually quite the opposite – the area boasts a rather vibrant party scene. It doesn’t take too much looking to find that Canary Wharf is home to a range of diverse bars around North Dock, clubs and lounges close to Canary Wharf Station, most of which are available for private hire. If you’d like a dancey, boozy sort of affair, then how about some tunes as well? No worries, there are tons of live music venues for you and your guests. Dinner and drinks are of course quite in vogue, especially for corporate clients, so you’re never short on options, especially if you look around the area surrounding the Blackwall Basin and along the Mash Wall

So, what exactly makes Canary Wharf really stand out, what would make it a better party location than anywhere else? The easy answer would be its party venue diversity. The district features an incredibly wide variety of offerings in a relatively compact area. Whether you want a sports hall for a bit of fun and mingling with your football team, a rooftop bar to impress your corporate guests, or even outdoor garden area, Canary Wharf has what you need. So what are you waiting for? Have a look!

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