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Find your Party Venue in Covent Garden

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Looking for the very best party venues Covent Garden has to offer? We’re more than happy to give you a helping hand! At Tagvenue, we’ve collected all the best party venues in the West End (including Covent Garden, of course) in one place. Let us save you time so that you can find and book your perfect party venue in minutes. Why not check us out and try it for yourself? Search through our selection of great spots, from intimate private dining rooms to open bar spaces and big terraces, book your favourite and have the time of your lives in one of Covent Garden’s amazing party venues!

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Covent Garden Venues Hire Guide

Widely known for the vibrant Covent Garden Piazza and stunning architecture, Covent Garden is one of the most beautiful locations in London and is a perfect place to celebrate your special occasion. Ready to party? Well, we’re here to help you find the ideal Covent Garden venue to let the good times roll. Whether you’re planning to wine and dine in an exquisite restaurant, have a brunch celebration with friends in a charming cafe or dance in a club till the sun rises, we’ll help you find a Covent Garden party venue that meets all your needs! And in case you're still wondering what kind of party can be held and how you can make it memorable, we've jotted down a few suggestions. 

What kind of parties can I host in Covent Garden venues?

  • Birthday Party. No matter which year you are celebrating, a birthday always deserves a proper blowout. A kid’s birthday party is probably the easiest one to organise as all they care about are their friends and playing together. You’ll only need to think of a delicious (and probably colourful) cake, crazy decorations and preparing some fun games prior to the big day. An adult birthday party may be slightly harder to pull together as the older you get, the pickier you become about the venue and celebrations. But we have all the best options for your to check out - why not host a sit-down dinner in an elegant restaurant? Or invite your closest friends to dance the night away in a club?
  • Engagement Party. Such a special occasion calls for bringing together your nearest and dearest. It may not be your wedding day quite yet, but an engagement is a big deal and should be celebrated in some special way. Keep in mind that you will be organising a wedding soon, so keep an eye on your bank account, and set a budget. An engagement party allows future wedding guests to get to know each other and celebrate the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs. And don’t worry about finding some place that will suit your sense of style,  there are plenty of venue options to choose from! Covent Garden’s laid-back bars, elevated restaurants and stylish art galleries are ready to meet your every need.
  • Anniversary Party. It is quite popular to throw an anniversary party to celebrate your private accomplishments and, let’s admit it, there is nothing better to commemorate than your marriage. Start the planning process early to make sure that you are able to hire the venue of your choice as close to the date of your wedding anniversary as possible. Selecting the right location for such a big occasion depends on paying attention to the fine details such as the time of your event (whether it’ll be a brunch or dinner-style), the size of your guest list and how formal you want it to be. If you want to go all out on your anniversary party, consider throwing it in a hotel, hall, pub or restaurant.
  • Product Launch. We can already feel your excitement! And who wouldn’t be excited about sharing the project you’ve worked on hard for months?! This type of launch event should first and foremost reflect the product! So keep that in mind when deciding on the theme and the venue. The launch venue you hire should match the tone and character of the brand and help elevate the ‘buzz’ you want to create around it. Why not consider hiring a blank canvas hall where you could create any atmosphere you want or perhaps select a unique restaurant or eclectic art gallery that will add the elements of surprise and delight to your event? And if you really want your product launch to be a smashing success, launch a teaser before the party to increase awareness and ensure that interest in your project has some time to build.
  • Company Event. To build strong and long-lasting relationships, every business has to know how to organise a successful event. The golden rule is to start planning as soon as possible. And it all starts by deciding on a realistic budget for your party. You likely have a set budget for this event, so it is important to decide early on the type of event you want and the number of guests who will be attending. Once that’s decided, it’s time to set the date and start looking for a venue to throw your party in. If you’re about to host a product launch or some kind of an event celebrating a recent success, we suggest you consider a hall or an art gallery. For smaller events, for example, a training or a team building, check out Covent Garden’s meeting rooms.
  • Dinner Party. Any occasion is a good one for throwing a dinner party with your nearest and dearest. A job promotion, the purchase of a new flat, a move to a different place or an anniversary - it doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, any reason is a good one for organising a dinner party and relishing a delicious meal whilst mingling and catching up. Hire a private dining room in your favourite restaurant (or even the whole space if you fancy) and spend some quality time with your guests. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be spending the evening with your closest crowd or extended family, you will find a great place to dine in Covent Garden without a doubt.
  • Wedding. You may be dreaming of an intimate affair or a lavish celebration, whatever the case, Covent Garden offers plenty of great venues that are ideal for weddings of all sizes. A small party will keep the guest list condensed as you celebrate your love with close family and friends. These types of modest wedding celebrations are increasingly popular and can be hosted in a restaurant, cafe or function room or, in the warmer months, on a terrace or balcony. If you have a big family and want to invite plenty of people to share this special day with, we suggest you have a look at wedding halls. They are a great fit for splendid parties, offering lots of space for both mingling and dancing. 


How can I elevate my party?

  • A unique location. The first thing that your guests see when they come to your party is the venue it’s taking place in. To ensure your event is a smashing success, you should carefully look for and eventually choose a place with the proper ambiance. Take into consideration what kind of party you are throwing, as well as your personal style - after all, you want the venue to suit your taste as well as delight each guest. For a laid-back birthday party, we suggest you choose a bar or pub. For an anniversary dinner, consider an elegant restaurant serving delicious food complemented by spectacular drinks. And if it’s a product launch you are about to throw, hire a blank canvas hall.
  • Decorations. Decorations not only dress up the venue you are throwing your party in but also can make any event more fun! It doesn’t have to take much effort. Sometimes balloons, banters, colourful confetti and paper lanterns are enough. But for pickier party hosts, expectations may be higher. What about adding a balloon arch, a foil curtain and flower arrangements? Let’s also not forget about exciting DIY decor that will make your party truly one of a kind. A beautifully decorated setting will be a fabulous backdrop for all of the photos you are sure to take throughout the event.
  • Theme. The theme you choose for your party will not only make it unique but also increase the fun factor for all of your guests. Remember that the theme is not just about the decorations. It also includes the food, drinks and… costumes! Let’s say you’re throwing an American-prom-themed party. In such a case, you will probably put up plenty of balloons, garlands, banners, ask your guests to dress accordingly and prepare snacks and punch to keep them fed and watered throughout the unforgettable evening.
  • Drinks and food. It doesn’t matter what kind of party you are throwing, one thing is certain: you don’t want your guests to be hungry. Depending on the type of your event and your personal preferences, you can either decide on a full-on dinner, a buffet, finger food or even simply sweet pastries and sandwiches for brunch. Beyond that, let’s not forget about the drinks. You can serve classic drinks and cocktails for them to enjoy, however, we encourage you to go a step further and create some bespoke cocktails. It doesn’t have to be a complicated mix - just think what could reflect the event the best, give it a custom name and you’re set! If you feel like going slightly extra, think of hiring mixologists to keep those drinks delicious and coming.
  • Music. (either a live act, a DJ or a custom playlist) Let’s face it: music in the background can either make a party a huge success or stall the event before it ever gets truly started. It’s obvious that you won’t be able to please everyone but it’s possible not to make their ears bleed. To ensure the party is a pleasing experience in every way, prepare a custom playlist with songs that will suit your event. If you wish to go a little extra, you can hire a professional DJ or even a live band to play throughout the evening - whatever floats your boat.
  • A photo booth. It may happen that you’ve already hired a photographer who will take pictures throughout the party. The venue you’ve chosen may be fabulous, yet nothing beats an Instagram-worthy wall where you will be able to take tons of great pictures and then post them to your feed. But an even better memory (and a much cooler option) would be a photo booth! It could be a custom-made one with the date of your event and the name (e.g. Katie’s wild 30th!). If that isn’t enough, buy or DIY some crazy glasses and hats that you can wear for the pics.
  • Surprise your guests. There are plenty of ways you can not only mesmerise your party guests but also surprise them. And by saying that we don’t mean a quirky venue or unique decorations (although these can also play a big part in the surprise). What else can you prepare to make your nearest and dearest open their mouths wide open? If you and your guests love to laugh, hire a stand-up comedian to entertain the crowd with raunchy humour and hilarious anecdotes. If you’re organising a child’s birthday party and the venue’s size allows that, hire a bouncy castle or other inflatable toys where the children can play throughout the party.


Planning and organising a party may be no mean feat but hopefully, with the tips above, you won’t have too many problems and, instead, will only have fun! It will be a smashing success without a doubt!

FAQs about Party Venues in Covent Garden

What does a ‘minimum spend’ hire option mean?

If you’re on a strict budget, a minimum spend venue is a fantastic option. But what does minimum spend exactly mean? It’s as simple as this: you agree to spend a certain amount of money during your event on refreshments and aren’t obliged to pay any additional hire fees.

What kind of venues can I hire in Covent Garden?

No matter what kind of party you are about to throw or what venue type you have in mind - Covent Garden will make any dream come true. There are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs for laid-back parties. For more elaborate events, you should have a look at the restaurants and halls located in the area. Earlham Street, Shelton Street or Floral Street are where you will find Covent Garden’s crème de la crème.

How much does it cost to hire a party venue in Covent Garden?

Expect minimum spend prices to range from £100 and can rise up to £3000. Another popular option is a package - prices vary from £30 to £120 per person. It is also possible to hire a venue that charges hourly - rates start at £58 and reach up to £265 per hour. Some places can be booked for the whole day with prices varying from £200 to £5000 per day. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best party venues in Covent Garden?

At Tagvenue we understand that choosing the right venue for your party is no mean feat, so we’ve jotted down a few recommendations:

  • Bow Street Tavern - A phenomenal gastropub in the heart of Covent Garden where you will be able to taste delicious food and simply relax. You should especially check out the venue’s Gin Bar with its own dedicated bar and covered outdoor space. 
  • The Long Acre - A wonderful and stylish location in the proximity of the Covent Garden station, this venue is composed both by a chic bar and an underground club downstairs. Delicious food and cocktails will keep you company as you'll dance the night away at the Long Acre!

Caitriona M.
Booked La Scala Room at Opera Tavern
We had the La Scala room for our summer drinks and really enjoyed it. A big thank you to Gabi and Aaron for their excellent customer service throughout the evening - you both made all the difference! Also a big thank you to Irina for her amazing communication, patience and kindness during the booking process. Our party enjoyed the evening - the food was INCREDIBLE as well as the venue, facilities etc. We could not fault Opera tavern and will definitely be returning! Thank you again
Dannielle H.
Booked Lilly's Cafe at 3 Henrietta Street
Great venue for my farewell London leaving party! The team were very responsive and everything was perfect on the night. Its such a beautiful venue in a great location. I would definitely host another event there if I come back to London!
Elise W.
Booked El Ta'koy at 3 Henrietta Street
The service was amazing, with all the staff being super friendly and helpful. There was a big team on the night which meant that everyone felt really looked after - I couldn’t ask for better service. The food was delicious and the drinks strong and very well mixed. The venue is beautiful and felt intimate but not claustrophobic for just under 30 guests. If you have the budget, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend booking El T’akoy.
Christina C.
Booked Cocktail Bar at Century Club
It’s a beautiful room and perfect size for a party. The AV equipment worked perfectly and the location is great - really central
Natalie T.
Booked Market Cellar at Crusting Pipe
Staff super helpful Good value for money Great venue for a group of people/gathering - drinks and nibbles No minimum spend, private room areas
Sarah E.
Booked Private Dining Room at Balthazar
The room was perfect for a party of 40 plus for a sit down dinner. It was elegant and inviting. The staff were excellent. The bar staff kept the drinks flowing, the service handled several dietary restrictions seamlessly, and the food was excellent.
Patrick D.
Booked The Bookshop at Seven Dials Market
Food options were excellent; the clients were happy with the choices. The venue itself didnt need additional music as the DJ outside provided it well.
Tom M.
Booked VIP Area at Dirty Martini Covent Garden
Sarah was great to work with in the planning from afar. Decent packages really helped with the picking and choosing for all the guests. Great price point and value overall.

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