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Small Party Venues for Hire in London

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Top Small Party Venues in London

Looking for small party venues? London is full of places that are ideal for this kind of celebration. Whether you're planning a cosy gathering in a private room or searching for a small space for your birthday party, London has got you covered. A small party doesn't mean less fun – on the contrary! Here at Tagvenue, we know that mini-event venues can pack a really big punch! From dainty tearooms for intimate gatherings to chic small pubs, we list hundreds of small venues for hire in London. You can search by area, price or the number of guests, which means finding the perfect small party venue is quicker than ever!

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Small Party Venues Hire Guide

Special events you can host in a small party venue

London is second to none when it comes to the party life in Britain. It’s the home of some of the most iconic nightclubs in the country, like the Ministry of Sound in Southwark. But what if all you want is to chill out with your friends in a private, enclosed space? Maybe you’re trying to organise a small birthday for a friend? Small venues for hire in London are a popular option for many different events and celebrations. Have a look at our shortlist of special occasions that often require a small party space:

  • Baby showers - London offers a huge choice of small event venues for baby showers. Perhaps you’re planning a petite afternoon tea in a shabby chic tea room? Or maybe you’re after a small private dining room in a restaurant of your choice? Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll give you our best recommendations!
  • Weddings - Intimate weddings are a hot trend. Happily, finding the perfect small wedding venue for hire in London is becoming easier and cheaper. What’s more, you can get creative – how about hosting your special day in a pub? Now that’s truly a London-style wedding!
  • Birthdays - Get together with your closest buddies and have a brilliant birthday bash! The capital’s full of fun private party venues for small birthday parties and laid-back gatherings, from teeny-tiny bars in Shoreditch, Soho, and Islington to cute dry-hire spaces that can be found all over the capital. If you’re planning a small kids’ party, we also have plenty of options for you.

Another benefit of small party venues for hire in London is that they’re very easy to find in all parts of the city. You don’t even need anything special. There are all sorts of quaint event spaces that will gladly host your party. Here are some of our favourite examples of spaces suitable for small venues for parties:

  • Minimum spend venues - It’s basically free venue hire! You don’t have to spend a single penny on hiring the space. Instead, you just need to pay a certain amount for food and drinks. Small minimum-spend party venues include pubs, bars and restaurants.
  • Private dining rooms – Because every occasion is good for a delectable dining experience! Whether you’re keen on French haute cuisine or delicious pub grub, you can find an elegant private party venue that meets your needs.
  • Community centres – This cheap party venue hire option is available in most London neighbourhoods. Community halls are versatile and more affordable than banqueting suites, which makes them an ideal choice if you are planning a small party on a tight budget. Other wallet-friendly event venue options include church halls and party rooms.
  • Kids’ party places – Let the magic happen! We know the best kids’ birthday party places, including the city’s hidden gems. How about a mini party bus filled with video game consoles or a room in a party centre? With Tagvenue, you can find the perfect party venue for your kids in London in a snap.

Guide to planning a small party in London

Depending on the type of small event you want to organise (birthday, family gathering, or dance party), you may need to take a slightly different approach. But if you follow this guide, you should be able to hire a small party venue and prepare everything you need in advance so that your party day will be smooth and free of stress.

The first thing you have to do is contact the venue of your choice. You can even enquire about multiple private rooms or small venues for hire in London so that you won’t have to worry about them being unavailable when you want. Include all the details, such as how many people you want to host, if you want to bring food or alcohol, or if you want to set up some games and decor. The venue manager will be able to clarify what you can do with the party venue and help you if you have any questions.

Then, figure out the invitations. Setting up a Facebook event or group is one of the easiest ways to provide your guests with the necessary information and give them a way to RSVP. This is crucial, especially when booking cosy event spaces in London, where the venue’s capacity might be limited. You can buy invitation cards and share them with your friends or family for a more traditional approach.

What’s a party without fun icebreakers and activities? To make your party fun and memorable, you should incorporate games into the agenda. This can particularly shine in small corporate events or birthday parties where a more personal touch can be added due to the venue size. Remember to match the games to how well the guests know each other. Start with icebreaker games if you’re dealing with a newly formed team at the office, and go with something more interesting as the night progresses.

Unless the venue has live music or a DJ - you should make sure to get some music going. Make a playlist on a streaming app like Spotify or Apple Music and let everyone add something they like to the mix. If you’re going for a themed party, you can also find a pre-made playlist with top hits from a certain era or style.

Ask the venue about their options if you want to have some food and drinks. From small venues for baby showers to other event-specific places, most small venues for hire in London can provide you with some catering for your event, but it will often cost extra. Ask them if you can bring your own dishes into the venue to cut costs, or check this on their venue page.

DIY or Catered? The Pros & Cons of Each Approach 

Hosting a party in London is exciting, but deciding on food preparation can be overwhelming. Should you channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and craft a home-cooked feast, or hand over the delicious deeds to seasoned catering professionals? Both options would surely tantalise everyone's taste buds, but the ideal choice hinges on your preferences, resources, and desired party atmosphere. So, buckle up - we will delve into the pros and cons of each approach!

The DIY Charm:

  • Budget Bliss: Cooking yourself can be significantly cheaper, especially for small parties with less than 20 guests. Imagine hosting a cosy brunch for ten. Shopping at local markets and whipping up frittatas with seasonal vegetables and homemade scones can be way more cost-effective than a catered brunch spread.
  • Personal Touch: Dig deep and draw upon your culinary creativity! Bake grandma's famous cookies, experiment with new recipes, or create custom cocktails that reflect your personal taste. Plus, when you cook yourself, you have complete control over the menu and can tailor it to suit any dietary restrictions or guest preferences.
  • Collaborative Fun: Get friends and family involved! Turn food prep into a bonding activity, sharing kitchen laughs and creating cherished memories together. London boasts plenty of cosy party venues with kitchens, such as The Bureau Studio near Old Street Station or Food at 52 in Clerkenwell. By hiring one of these spaces, you can have a fun cooking party as well!
  • Flexibility: Craving late-night pizza or early-morning pancakes? No problem! When you cook yourself, you have the flexibility to satisfy your cravings at any time. DIY allows for last-minute adjustments to the menu or guest count without relying on caterer restrictions.

But Beware the Kitchen Dragons:

  • Time Commitment: From planning menus to shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning, DIY requires significant time investment. Consider your schedule and energy levels before diving in.
  • Stress Factor: Multitasking in the kitchen while hosting a party can be overwhelming. So, it's crucial to plan ahead and ask for some help from your friends or family if possible.
  • Hidden Costs: While cooking yourself can be cost-effective in terms of avoiding catering fees, there are hidden costs to consider. These may include purchasing specialised ingredients, kitchen equipment, and additional cleaning supplies. It's important to budget accordingly and factor in these expenses before deciding to go the DIY route.
  • Skill Level: Be honest about your culinary expertise! Attempting ambitious dishes beyond your comfort zone could lead to disastrous (and inedible) results.

Convenience of Catering:

  • Stress-Free Hosting: One of the major advantages of catering is its convenience in terms of stress-free hosting! When you hire a caterer, they take care of all the food preparation, serving, and cleanup, leaving you free to mingle and socialise.
  • Professional Presentation: Caterers are well experienced in creating visually appealing and appetising dishes, which can elevate the overall dining experience for your guests. Additionally, they often provide stylish serving ware and table decorations that add an extra touch of elegance to your event.
  • Time Saver: Reclaim your precious time! You can ditch the grocery aisles and frantic cooking sessions, dedicating your energy to creating a memorable party atmosphere.
  • Variety & Quality: Caterers offer a broader range of cuisines and dishes than you might manage at home. Moreover, they source high-quality ingredients and prioritise food safety, guaranteeing your guests will enjoy delicious and safe meals.

But Remember the Price Tag:

  • Budget Buster: Catering can be significantly more expensive than DIY, especially for parties with 30-50 guests. Carefully compare packages and hidden fees to find an option that suits your budget.
  • Loss of Control: Menu customisation might be limited with caterers. Discuss options upfront to ensure the food aligns with your vision and dietary needs.
  • Flexibility: Last-minute changes or additions can be challenging and incur extra costs with catering services. Ensure clear communication and flexibility within your chosen package.

So, Which Way to Go?

Ultimately, the decision depends on your priorities! If budget and personal touch are key, DIY might be the winner for you. However, if time, stress-free hosting, and professional presentation are crucial, consider looking for catering services.

Hybrid Choice:

Don't forget the hybrid option! Prepare some signature dishes yourself while outsourcing appetisers, desserts, or specific dietary needs to a caterer. This blends the best of both worlds, offering personalisation and convenience within your budget.

Now, armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer your next party in one of the small venues for hire in London! Whether you whip up a culinary masterpiece yourself or entrust the feast to professionals, remember to focus on creating a joyful and memorable gathering for all!

Small Party Venues with London's Stunning View

Dreaming of an unforgettable gathering with friends and family but yearning for something extraordinary? Look no further than London's cosy rooftop party venues! Beyond dazzling cityscapes and panoramic vistas, these unique spaces offer extraordinary settings for your next small party. Imagine saying "cheers" overlooking the iconic Tower Bridge, clinking glasses with a backdrop of the Palace of Westminster, or celebrating under the twinkling lights of the West End. If this is what you envision for your gathering, let's explore some of the top-rated spots on our platform!

The Goldsmiths' Centre

Imagine your guests gasping in awe as they step onto the rooftop terrace of a spacious event room in Farringdon, a historic area with mediaeval charm. Greeted by uninterrupted panoramas of London's skyline, your guests will be transported to a world of elegance and sophistication.

Party Ideas:

  • Panoramic Picnic Chic: Spread out a stylish blanket on its spacious wood deck, lay down comfy cushions, and pack a gourmet picnic basket filled with local delicacies. Enjoy alfresco dining with a view like no other.
  • Summer Cinema Under the Stars: Utilise an on-site projector and screen for an open-air movie night beneath the twinkling stars. Popcorn, cosy blankets, and the iconic cityscape make for a magical experience.


There's not many small venues for hire in London like this one! Perched on top of a unique party spot near Borough Station, this terrace offers breathtaking views of London's vibrant present with its captivating past. From the Southwark Cathedral to The Shard, London's rich cityscape unfolds before you, offering a gorgeous setting for any occasion.

Party Ideas:

  • Vintage Extravaganza: Embrace the venue's aesthetic, inspired by undiscovered places in Central America, with a vintage-themed party. Guests can dress up in retro attire and enjoy classic cocktails while dancing to old-school tunes.
  • Sunset Soirée with Live Music: Hire a live music band to set the mood for a romantic sunset soirée. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow on the city, enjoy live music performances on the rooftop.

The Residence at Holmes Hotel London

Escape the city's hustle and bustle and ascend to the tranquil rooftop haven of Holmes Hotel near Baker Street Station. Surrounded by lush greenery and boasting charming views of beautiful houses and quaint streets, this small party space offers a serene and secluded setting. Breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sunshine, and let the stunning views work their magic.

Party Ideas:

  • Afternoon Tea with a View: Host a sophisticated afternoon tea party with delicate finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries. Guests can sip on their tea while enjoying the stunning views and relaxed ambience.
  • Stargazing Party: After sunset, spread out blankets and let the city lights fade into the background as you gaze at the starry sky above. Enjoy warm drinks, snacks, and stimulating conversation under the stars.

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the world of rooftop venues in London. At Tagvenue, with so many small venues for hire in London to choose from, you're sure to find the ideal event space with a great view. Escape the ordinary and elevate your next celebration to new heights – literally!

FAQs about Small Party Venues in London

Can I hire an event space in London for a party that fits less than 50?

Of course! What you are looking for are small venues for hire in London! Be sure to check out cafes, studios and function rooms for some great small-sized options. For a small party venue in Central London, expect an average price of £300-£500 per session. (Based on Tagvenue data.)

Can I hire a booth for my small party in London?

Yes! Many venues will offer you the chance to hire a booth for your group. This is a great option for small parties and doesn’t come at a high cost. You can often find booths for hire at pubs, nightclubs and bars.

How much does it cost to hire a small party venue in London?

Hiring a small event space can start at around £10 to £40 per person. The minimum spend for a smaller-sized venue will be found starting around £50 to £1200 per session. The hire fee per session ranges from £50 to £1200. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I hire a small party venue in East London for free?

You certainly can hire a small event space for free if you check out the minimum spend options. Quite popular at bars and pubs, this type of price model requires you to spend a pre-agreed amount on food and drink. Make sure your guests know the drill.

Guests Reviews of Small Party Venues on Tagvenue

Booked The Bedouin Tent & Garden at St Ethelburga's Centre
The venue was perfect for my 19th birthday party with around 20-25 people. The tent was spacious, and the toilets were clean. The fountain and the glass room was also a great touch, as we placed food in the glass room. The venue allowed loud music which was a positive. The staff helped us with lighting and allowed me extend by 2 hours on the day. The location is very central and for the price is very affordable.
Annabelle T.
Booked The Warehouse at The Old Joinery
We had our engagement party at this venue, and it was a day/ night to remember. Staffing levels were great and the whole teal were super helpful. The space has such character. Its rustic, edgy and versatile and the team are keen to adapt the layout to best suit your vision. I would 100% recommend. 'Big thanks' to Ed for working with us on planning and to Tom and the team on event day.
Jezel B.
Booked Party Bus London at Party Bus London
Our halloween party was a blast and definitely an experience we will never forget! The unlimited drinks, street parties, and photo ops to iconic London sights made up one hell of an amazing night! Tony was very accommodating and had no issues booking and planning the night since he answers all my questions and even accommodated our last minute requests. The driver and the host were all very fun and chill! Will definitely book again! Thank you so much!
Jackie F.
Booked The Outside Stage Deck at Tamesis Dock
EVERYTHING. The weather was rubbish so we were able to go inside, it was the perfect size space for all of our guests. We were able to put up decorations and the staff were so good even when we were loud etc. Could not recommend the venue more for a very chilled party vibe and the most unique venue to party with your friends. Thank you so much!
Booked Whole Venue at The Vestry
Everything was absolutely perfect! Great value for money, the size of the venue was perfect to celebrate my 30TH with my loved ones and the service was tres magnifique. We also had the option of hiring the space till 4am and had the whole venue to ourself which was also great. I will definitely hands down recommend The vestry. The icing on the cake (pun intended) was the boutique hotel above- The fox and anchor. I rented a room for the night and after my celebration we were able to spend the night recovering. Perfect!
Booked Whole Venue at Flow Dance
The venue is in general good clean maintenance and appealing decorative order. There is ample space in the larger studios for a large party and the ceiling to floor wall mirrors add an air of grandeur. Interaction with staff at the venue is majorly respectful and understanding. Staff at the venue both prior to and during my event proved sufficiently helpful and accommodating.
Alex L.
Booked House of Bamboo at Dinerama (Summer)
- The staff were amazing - The room is perfect for a small private party - We were able to decorate exactly as we wanted - Amazing food available downstairs, for guests to get themselves so you don't have to worry about catering!
Sherine L.
Booked The Rec at Impact Brixton
Jenine, the Manager and her staff were all very helpful beforehand, around during the party but without imposing and on hand to direct while we were clearing up. The venue space downstairs is very good with 2 side rooms available - one to store the tables/chairs and another room with a 2-seater settee and armchair which came in very handy for the adults to sit while the teenagers dance. There is a small kitchenette with a microwave to heat up food, dishwasher and sink area. Security Staff attached to the Pop Brixton venue are also on hand to ensure that the general public did not gatecrash our party. The location is excellent with the tube 5mins walk, the train 3mins and buses from all directions on the main and side roads. Good parking available at the side of the venue. If you don't want/need to provide food at your event then guests have access to all the different small restaurants within the Pop Brixton complex. Toilets available for guests usage.

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