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Whether you're looking for an unusual space dedicated to a pop up event, a music festival or just simply something unique, you should read these tips first:
- Plan the budget in advance, with some extra room for unexpected expenses.

- Choose the space which is as unusual as your event and which fits your needs and expectations.

- Make the final guest list with a RSVP option.

- Contact the venue manager and discuss the details.

- Book the venue and concentrate on the event itself.

How unusual do you want your event to be? At #tagvenue we have ballrooms, gardens, boats, special stables and so much more. The spaces are able to host any type of gathering - from small to large. Just take a look, pick one, book it and enjoy the event.

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From gritty Shoreditch to posh Mayfair, London’s vibrant neighbourhoods reflect the city’s exciting cultural mix. Want to stand out from the pack? If you’re looking to host an event with a lot of personality, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at #tagvenue we list some unusual venues that are seriously out of this world. Whether you’re after a hidden gem or a one-of-a-kind concept space, you’ll be surprised what you can find here in the city. Dreaming of a chic cocktail emporium, old school bowling alley or industrial-chic warehouse space? #tagvenue is sure to have an unusual venue that’ll get your guests talking. And the best part? It’s easy to search, so you can find an unusual venue in a flash.