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Top Cocktail Party Venues in London

Planning to throw a cocktail party in London but aren’t quite sure where to start? Here at Tagvenue we have a great selection of cocktail bars, clubs and lounges for your next event. Whether you’re after a local bar where you can have a fun girls night out or an upmarket nightspot when you can live it up like a celebrity A-lister, we can point you in the right direction. Browse through our expertly curated list of the top cocktail party venues London has to offer and book today!


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Cocktail Party Venues Hire Guide

London’s drinking scene is world famous. From next-level cocktail emporiums to cooler-than-cool hipster joints, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to drinking in the capital. What's more, cocktail parties are one of the best ways to celebrate – they’re simple to plan, glamourous and relatively inexpensive. Even if you have high-priced items like caviar on the menu, you’re unlikely to break the budget because you’ll only be serving small bites. What are you hosting and when? See how easy it is to hire an amazing London cocktail party venues today.

Here are some of the kinds of cocktail party venues you can find in London:

Private Spaces

Cocktail Parties are amazing opportunities to socialise with friends, family and associates. Private rooms ensure that your party will get full, hands-on service over the course of the night. These rooms will often come with dedicated bartenders to mix loads of creative cocktails. Private rooms are ideal for larger parties such as big birthday parties, cocktail hours for weddings, and corporate networking events. London has tons of high-class bars to choose from, so you are bound to find a room that is perfect for your party.

Semi-Private Spaces

Semi-private spaces have all of the perks of a private room with the added benefit of experiencing nightlife alongside other people who are out for the night. This is a great way to celebrate smaller parties, where you get to enjoy a fun cocktail party, without the pressure of a large private space When you think of a semi-private room, think of an 18th birthday party or hen or stag party. Your guests will be able to chill with their cocktails and each other and enjoy a beautiful night out.

Outdoor Venues

What’s better than sun and cocktails? London has tons of beautiful outdoor cocktail party venues to celebrate the summer weather and the joyous company of the people close to you. If you are looking for somewhere a little more elevated, London also has loads of rooftop cocktail party spaces for you to enjoy. This is a perfect way to make your party stand out from the crowd and give you and your guests plenty of photo opportunities that are tailor made for Instagram.

How to Throw a Proper Cocktail Party

  • Purpose of the party – Cocktail parties are some of the most fun nights out you can have, and you don’t really even need a reason to have one other than just wanting to get your friends together. They are also a sure way to have an elegant night out.
  • Budget – Establishing a budget must be the first concrete step to take when you are planning a cocktail party. Consider the amount of people you want to invite, the drinks, food, and the space. Once you have an itemised budget, stick to it, because nothing is worse than going over budget for your party.
  • Invites – Your invites should be suitable for the size of the space you are hosting your party in. You do not want to have an overcrowded or empty venue, so work with venue managers to properly establish your guest count.  Send the invitations out about a month or two in advance so people can save the date. And always include a request for an RSVP. Do not shy away from electronic invitations, especially if you are trying to save a few pounds on postage and paper.
  • Menu – Find a space that matches the vibe you are looking for. London has loads of spaces from cutting-edge gastrobars to classic pubs. Each venue will offer different menus both for food and drinks. As far as drinks go, every bartender will know your classic favourites like martinis and cosmos, but they will more often than not have specialty cocktails on their menu that you can adjust to your own taste and the tastes of your guests. Don’t forget to include the delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages as well! Finger food is a staple at cocktail parties. Each cocktail bar will have their own spin on these classic party foods as well. 
  • Music – Music is the best way to establish the vibe at your cocktail party. Don’t think dance hits right off the bat as cocktail parties are chill environments. The music for cocktail parties is often more laid back and encourages lounging and conversation. Depending on the venue you choose, a playlist could work, but for bigger cocktail parties, consider hiring a band or dj so you don’t have to worry about running out of music or the playlist running dry. 

Your cocktail party is going to be an amazing time. Tagvenue has tons of venues to choose from to make your party something special. These parties are simple to plan and are one of the coolest ways to spend an evening with friends, family, and colleagues. No matter what the event is for, Tagvenue has a spot for you. Browse through our listings and enquire today about an elegant club, cosy cocktail lounge, or stunning rooftop venue for your next gathering. Cheers!

Picking Just The Right Space

Choosing the perfect venue for your cocktail party in London is about more than just finding a space that can accommodate your guest list. The right setting can elevate your cocktail party from a simple gathering to an unforgettable event. Here’s how to ensure the venue you choose sets the perfect mood and tone for your celebration.

  • Reflect on Your Theme or Style: Before beginning your venue search, have a clear idea of the theme or style of your London cocktail party. Whether you’re aiming for an elegant soirée, a laid-back gathering, or a themed event, your venue should reflect and enhance this concept. Consider elements like architectural features, interior design, and existing decor that align with your vision.
  • Consider the Size and Layout: The size and layout of a venue play a crucial role in establishing an atmosphere. A space too large for your guest count may feel empty and cold, while a venue too small can become uncomfortable and stifling. Look for a cosy yet spacious cocktail party venue, allowing for comfortable movement and interaction among guests. Venues with unique layouts or separate areas can also add an element of exploration and surprise for your attendees.
  • Evaluate Lighting Options: Lighting can dramatically alter the mood of your cocktail party. Venues with natural light, dimmable options, or special lighting fixtures offer the flexibility to create the desired mood. For evening events, consider spaces that provide warm, indirect lighting to foster a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Outdoor venues with string lights or lanterns can also add a magical touch to your party as the sun sets.
  • Assess the Acoustic Environment: The acoustics of a venue can affect how sound travels and, consequently, the overall ambience of your event. Spaces with good acoustics will enhance the music and conversations, making your party feel more alive. If possible, visit the venue beforehand to experience the acoustic environment or discuss with the venue manager about sound system setups that can cater to your needs.
  • Prioritise Location and Accessibility: The location of your cocktail party venue contributes to the overall experience of your guests. A venue with stunning views of London's skyline, for instance, can add an element of awe and prestige. Consider the reachability of the venue for your guests, including proximity to public transportation and availability of parking. A conveniently located venue ensures that your guests arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the festivities.
  • Explore Outdoor and Indoor Options: Deciding between an outdoor and indoor venue depends on the ambience you wish to create. Outdoor venues, such as rooftop terraces or garden spaces, naturally offer a relaxed and airy atmosphere, perfect for summer cocktail parties. Indoor venues, on the other hand, can provide a more controlled environment, where elements like decor, lighting, and temperature can be finely tuned to your preferences.
  • Inspect the Decor and Furnishings: The existing decor and furnishings of a venue contribute significantly to its atmosphere. Venues that already align with your aesthetic reduce the need for extensive decorations. Look for spaces with character and charm: vintage furniture, art-adorned walls, or architectural details can all add to the ambience you’re aiming to achieve.
  • Inquire About Customisation Options: Finally, ensure the venue offers the flexibility to customise the space according to your needs. Whether it's bringing in additional decor, altering the furniture layout, or adding personal touches, being able to tailor the venue to your vision is key to creating the perfect atmosphere and ambience for your cocktail party.

By carefully considering these factors when selecting your venue, you ensure that the feeling of your great cocktail party in London will be exactly as you envisioned, creating an excellent event for all your guests!

Boost Your Event with Expert Mixologists

Throwing your cocktail party in London isn't just about choosing the right venue; it's about bringing an element of joy and entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. This is where expert mixologists come into play, turning your event from a standard gathering into an immersive adventure. Here’s how you can enhance your cocktail party by incorporating the skills and flair of professional mixologists.

  • Selecting the Right Mixologists: When searching for mixologists, look for professionals with a track record of creativity and interaction. A great mixologist doesn’t just make drinks; they create experiences. Check their social media or website for previous events and read reviews or testimonials. Interaction with guests, showmanship, and the ability to craft custom cocktails on the spot are all qualities that set the best apart.
  • Custom Cocktail Creations: One of the most exciting aspects of having expert mixologists at your party is the opportunity to offer custom cocktails tailored to your theme or personal preferences. Work with your mixologists to develop a unique cocktail menu that reflects the essence of your event. Whether it's incorporating specific ingredients that have personal significance or designing drinks that match your event's colour scheme, these custom creations will add a personal touch that guests will remember.
  • Interactive Cocktail Experiences: Turn the cocktail making process into a central entertainment piece of your event by setting up interactive stations where guests can learn from mixologists. This could include a mini mixology class, a cocktail competition, or a tasting session where guests learn about the subtleties of different spirits and how they combine to create classic cocktails. This not only entertains but also educates your guests, making the experience even more memorable!
  • Signature Cocktail Demonstrations: Have mixologists at your London party perform signature cocktail demonstrations at intervals throughout the event. This could involve showcasing the creation of complex cocktails, sharing the history behind certain drinks, or performing flair bartending tricks. These demonstrations can become focal points of the evening, providing entertainment and talking points for guests.
  • Sustainability in Mixology: Discuss with your mixologists how to incorporate sustainable practices into your cocktail selection. This could mean using locally sourced ingredients, avoiding single-use plastics, or creating zero-waste cocktails. Highlighting these efforts can resonate well with environmentally conscious guests and contribute positively to the overall perception of your event.
  • Pairing with Food: An often-overlooked aspect of serving exceptional cocktails is how they pair with food. Expert mixologists can work with your caterer to create pairings that enhance both the drink and the dish, elevating the dining experience. Whether it’s a cocktail designed to complement a particular canapé or a drink that cleanses the palate between courses, these thoughtful pairings can significantly enhance the overall culinary experience of your cocktail event in London.
  • Pre-event Tasting Sessions: Consider arranging a tasting session with your mixologists before the event. This not only allows you to sample the cocktails and make any adjustments but also gives you a chance to experience their interaction style and expertise firsthand. Use this session to finalise the cocktail menu and discuss any last-minute details.

By incorporating expert mixologists into your great cocktail party in London, you’re creating an unforgettable event that combines taste, entertainment, and education. This level of attention to detail can significantly elevate your gathering, making it stand out in the memories of your guests long after the last glass is emptied!

FAQs about Cocktail Party Venues in London

How many guests should I invite to my cocktail party?

Well, this largely depends on the kind of party you are looking to have. If you are hosting a cocktail hour before a wedding session, you are going to include the same amount of people you invited to your wedding. In most other circumstances, you may choose  to keep your cocktail party on the smaller side, because many of the spaces are intimate-sized more often than not. We would recommend around 15-25 people for a decently sized cocktail party.

How much food should I have at my cocktail party?

Hors d'oeuvres are standard cocktail party foods. These are the best for your guests to try small bites over the course of the night and also pair well with having a few cocktails. Most venues that provide appetisers will have about 10-12 trays being passed around the party to your guests.

What should the dress code be for my cocktail party?

Cocktail parties are supposed to be nice events. On your invitations be sure to include a semi-formal or casual, but nice, dress code. Everyone should be dressed in nice clothes that will help set the mood and contribute to the party’s elegant atmosphere. But of course, everything goes with a Martini.

What are some of the best cocktail party venues in London?

Some of our favourite cocktail party venues are :

Walkers of Whitehall – This is an intimate party space that is perfect for your next cocktail party. The room is decorated with beautiful wood furniture with soft leather upholstery that invites guests to converse.

Clerkenwell and Social – This is an elegant private room that is perfect for your next cocktail party with a great list of unique cocktails, the classics, and great food.

The Sterling – This is a large venue space with an unforgettable outside space. It is a great space for both cocktail hours and receptions alike due to the size of the facility.

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone – This is a unique and quirky party space with an old-fashioned bar and plenty of space for your guests to sit and enjoy each other’s company and the fun decor of the room.

Guests Reviews of Cocktail Party Venues on Tagvenue

Eleanor K.
Booked Hidden Heddon at Heddon Street Kitchen
Perfect venue for my 30th birthday party. Comfortably held around 50 guests with plenty of space for comfy chairs and cosy low tables. Food was excellent - really decent portion sizes (canapés and bowl food) which received a lot of compliments from guests. Staff were incredibly friendly and professional - thanks to David before the event for helping organise the logistics for the night and to Andre and Danny at the bar who were attentive and made sure my guests had exactly what they need and were served promptly. Venue was very accommodating and let me arrive early to set up and decorate the place with balloons/banners etc. Was also able to connect to sound system with my own playlist. Thoroughly recommend Hidden Heddon as a party venue!!
Darryn H.
Booked Private Room at The Prince Regent
The venue was superb for a small intimate group of 20 or less people. We were 11. Em who welcomed and made sure we were comfortable was an absolute gem, and what a workout having to climb the stairs back and forth with the drinks and food orders - and was jovial throughout. Loved our evening the food was great.
Julie H.
Booked 1st Floor at The Elgin
WOW! We had the most amazing and fun wedding reception at the Elgin. The team took care of us so so well, and went above and beyond with the additional decorations we provided for set up. To top off the lovely rustic venue, the food was also amazing and the staff were so kind and attentive. We were also running quite late coming from our ceremony, and as soon as we arrived the team made sure they were getting a drink in everyone's hand upon arrival. 100% would recommend. Thank you to the whole team at the Elgin for hosting our special day!
Tito R.
Booked Private Room & Bar 1st Floor at Clerkenwell and Social
We were a group of 30. After viewing so many venues,this place ticked all our boxes and was within our budget. It was worth every single penny. I'm so surprised that it is pretty cheap compared to other pubs in that vicinity. The food was delicious and every single person in our group enjoyed it. Alcohol packages were a wowzer. Amazing find tbh. Gui and Philip at the venue were helpful.
Catherine C.
Booked Christmas in Chelsea at Albert's at Beaufort House
The food was exceptionally good; guests were raving about the quality of the food and the cocktails were delicious. Everyone was served food and the circulation was good. Overall the party was a success and it went on without any issues. But that was because I had to constantly monitor what was going on and remind people rather than enjoy myself.
Michelle S.
Booked Whole Venue at Vetro Wine & Cocktail Bar
Words cannot describe. My husband has been talking about his 50th birthday celebration with all his chums since before he turned 30. Vetro was the absolute perfect place. The bar team was amazing, non intrusive, went out of their way to be helpful (at one point I saw them individually removing 50 of my custom made wine charms from the wine glasses), informative, incredible. If I would've known how great they were, I would have invited them to the party and I'm actually not kidding. We had a few months to plan the party from the states. The teams coached us on the food and drink amounts and specific to our crowd and budget. They kept in contact with us throughout the planning process. The food! Presented deliciously! Tasted amazing! Everyone raved! The Wine! Let's just say that our neighbor stopped us on the street today to talk about how great the champagne, wine, and cocktail options were of which he imbibed in all 3. Vetro has a great atmosophere with candles, lounge chairs, high tables, low tables, a bar setting, and choice of great music (no DJ needed=savings). There was a space for everyone's social comfort type (even outside). My husband and I are looking for an excuse to host another event at Vetro. His words not mine: "It was blooody awesome!"
Katy C.
Booked The Vault Bar at Walkers of Whitehall
A great location for our alumni drinks party. Staff were fantastic and food was delicious, although it did get stuck in one corner of the bar. I felt it was quite full with around 100 people in there, and because of acoustics quite noisy, so I'd advise anyone else booking to cap numbers at 100. We would definitely consider going back again!
Mike S.
Booked The Drawing Room at The Marquis Cornwallis
The space is isolated from the rest of the pub but still easy to get to plus easy access to bathrooms. The bar itself inside this space is very nice and it feels like you've rented a whole pub instead of just one room. Service staff was very pleasant and very fast. People did not have to wait long for a beverage.

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