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Dancing shoes at the ready! It's time to get the party started in elegant, sophisticated and vibrant southeast London. If you're seeking a private soiree that's the perfect blend of exclusivity and revelry, look no further than the spectacular party venues of Bexley. This area boasts an impressive array of stunning halls and breathtaking function rooms that are waiting to be filled with the sounds of laughter, music, and clinking glasses. So, don't wait any longer, browse the selection, discover your perfect venue and check out the available options today to make your party one that will never be forgotten!

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Party Venues Hire Guide

So what makes the Bexley area stand out as a private party hotspot among all the other living areas in Greater London? While Bexley and its surrounds do have the standard halls, bars, etc for private hire, especially along E. Rochester Way, what makes the area stand out is its greenery and charming old-school venues. It is simplicity itself to inject an extra dose of class into your private gathering if you host it at one of the area’s lodges, manor houses or garden venues. Your guests will also be able to come from all over with ease, as Bexley and its surrounds have great connections from London via national rail or the A20 and A2.

Variety is the name of the game around Bexley because if that doesn’t grab your fancy you have a good deal more options - hotel ballrooms, a planetarium, the local yacht club - the possibilities abound! Take a look at these great options today!

Party Venues in Bexley FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a party venue in Bexley?

The average fee for hiring a party venue in Bexley is around $200-$800 per session. Some venues operate on minimum spend, which ranges between $1,000-$5,000 per session. It’s important to note that the price varies depending on the type of venue you choose and the capacity of the chosen space. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How do I figure out the size of the party venue I need?

When it comes to throwing a party, the number of guests you can invite depends on many factors. It's a matter of size, layout, and type of venue. To put it in perspective, the number of guests you can invite can range anywhere from a cosy gathering of 10 close friends to a sprawling bash with dozens of guests. Of course, the size and capacity of your venue are significant considerations, with larger spaces able to accommodate more guests. However, the layout of the venue also comes into play, with some spaces offering more flexibility in seating arrangement than others. Other factors, such as the type of venue, can also impact the number of guests. For example, outdoor venues may offer more space and accommodate more guests, while a formal event with sit-down dining can require a more intimate setting. In conclusion, choose wisely and don't be afraid to get creative with your event space.

What is included in the price of a party venue?

First and foremost, the price of a party venue usually covers the basic necessities such as the space itself and any necessary setup. This may include tables, chairs, linens, lighting, sound systems, and more. In addition, many venues offer on-site catering services, which can include everything from appetisers to entrées to desserts. These services may be included in event packages or offered at an additional cost. Beyond the basics, the price of a party venue may also include other amenities and services such as event planning and coordination, parking, security, and more. Some venues even offer additional features such as outdoor spaces, photo booths, and other fun extras that can take your celebration to the next level. So, whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a large celebration, be sure to contact the venue manager and ask about what's included in the price of your party venue. You may be surprised by the wide range of amenities and services that are available to make your event a smashing success!

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