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Our guide to event space rental in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the City of Angels, America’s entertainment capital, home to the rich and famous and an energetic, creative and multicultural population. From the famous Hollywood Hills in the northwest to Downtown LA and on to Long Beach in the south, the greater Los Angeles area definitely has something for everybody. Perfect beaches with golden sands, celebrity sightings and countless entertainment options are just a few of the highlights that make this city such a popular destination for crowds looking for the next amazing experience. Whether you’re here to let loose and party or get serious and do some business, this sprawling city’s eclectic and multicultural neighborhoods are overflowing with venues suitable for virtually every occasion. Host a conference in one of the Financial District’s fancy hotels, party by the beach in Santa Monica or enjoy drinks at a rooftop bar in Hollywood - whatever you wish, Tagvenue is here to help you find and book your perfect LA venue.

So, you want to host an event in Los Angeles. With such a range of possibilities, where should you begin?

LA’s multitude of hotspots and attractions may leave you dizzy, so it's best to come prepared. Before you start the hunt for your Los Angeles venue, make sure to decide on a few key details of the type of experience that you are hoping to plan. Once you’ve got these details sorted, you’ll be amazed at how quickly our platform can help you find the perfect venue for your event. Here are a few key things to consider when planning your amazing event.

  • Type of event - This is a no-brainer, but nonetheless it's an important thing to start with. The kind of event you’re organizing determines what type of venue you’re going to need. Make a list of all the necessary facilities and equipment that your event will require. For example, if you’re hosting a conference, you’ll probably need screens, projectors, flipcharts, whiteboards, and all sorts of modern conference tech. If it’s a wedding reception, perhaps you’d like a dancefloor and a sound system? Whatever you need, you can bet this city has exactly what you are looking for.
  • Number of guests - Deciding on your estimated number of guests is another thing that way to help you narrow your search. When you’ve got your guest list ready, we also recommend sending out the invites as soon as possible and asking your guests to RSVP. Once you have a better idea of the estimated number of guests, look for a venue with the right capacity. Event spaces in LA cater to all sizes, from small gatherings to huge parties with several hundred participants.
  • Layout - Speaking of guests, you may also want to consider whether it will be a standing or a seated event. Do you need a venue with theatre- or boardroom-style seating? Or perhaps you’re hosting a drinks reception? Pay attention to available seating layouts when booking your venue. Many managers will be able to walk you through the best layouts for the spaces they offer, so always be sure to ask.
  • Budget -  Your budget is probably one of the most important factors that will guide your search. Keeping your search parameters aligned with your budget is one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t go over budget. Luckily, online platforms like Tagvenue enable you to search for venues with smart filters that show only venues within your price range.
  • Location - When picking the location of your event venue, make sure that it’s going to be easy to access. Pick a place that’s well-connected to other parts of the city. LA’s neighbourhoods with easy access from other areas include Downtown, Culver City and Silver Lake. Also, try to choose a time for your event that will not conflict with the city’s notorious rush hour traffic. One more important thing to be aware of when choosing the location: try to find an area whose vibes match the atmosphere of your event (scroll down to read more on that!).

Once you’ve got the basics down, all you have to do is use Tagvenue’s smart search engine and filters to find the most exciting venues in Los Angeles that fit your criteria.

Which LA neighborhood should you choose for your event?

As the world’s seventh largest city, Los Angeles covers a massive area and is home to a myriad of neighborhoods, each with their own quirks and distinct vibe. We’d have to write a book to tell you about all the different places that are waiting to be discovered, but here are some places that you should definitely check out:

  • Suits, movie stars and the life of the party

If you’re looking to rent a space in a location that epitomizes quintessential LA, start your search with these areas.

    • Hollywood - Home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theater, this part of LA is soaked in movie history. Hollywood actually comprises several different areas, including West Hollywood (with the famous Sunset Boulevard), South Hollywood or Hollywood Hills. If you want to party like a star, visiting the Sunset Strip is a must.
    • Downtown - Once a primarily business area, DTLA is much more than dense traffic and Skid Row. It is now known for its thrilling nightlife, rich cultural scene, and great eating spots. Visit the Historic Core for its unique atmosphere, iconic landmarks and awesome views. Or lose yourself in the hip Art District, with its cool street art and some of LA’s trendiest bars. And if you’re in the city to do business, you’ll feel at home in Downtown's Financial District, full of shiny skyscrapers, exclusive hotels and upscale restaurants.
    • Beverly Hills - When you hear “Beverly Hills,” you’re probably thinking luxury, fashion and movie stars. And you’re not wrong! One of the most famous areas in Los Angeles, upscale Beverly Hills is filled with celebrity homes, fancy hotels and sophisticated restaurants. Choose this neighborhood for a taste of the glamorous life.
    • Culver City - Home to MGM Studio, this neighborhood plays an important part in movie making history. Apart from that, Culver City is also known for its exciting nightlife and amazing restaurants. Located close to Downtown LA, Venice and Santa Monica.
    • San Fernando Valley - or simply The Valley, is one of LA’s entertainment hubs, featuring the vibrant Ventura Boulevard and the NoHo Arts District. This is where you’ll find opulent hotels and sleek conference centres with some of the best meeting rooms in the city, as well as a myriad of lively restaurants and chic event venues for all sorts of occasions.
  • Ocean views, boats and golden sands

What better way to enjoy Southern California than by soaking up the ocean breeze and watching as the sun disappears beyond the horizon? If you fancy a beachfront location for your event, look for venues in one of these areas:

    • Santa Monica - Named one of the world’s top beach cities, Santa Monica is the embodiment of SoCal living. Located along the Pacific Coast Highway, this upscale and trendy area is buzzing with activity. It perfectly combines a relaxed beach lifestyle with an energetic city experience.
    • Venice - Enjoy the ocean breeze and indulge in the atmosphere of this iconic West Coast location. With numerous galleries and original street art to be discovered on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, plus an abundance of amazing restaurants and funky bars, this neighborhood is perfect for parties and creative gigs.
    • Marina del Rey - A charming area that boasts America’s biggest man-made marina, where you can admire beautiful yachts and boats. The picturesque harbour, beautiful beach and lagoon, as well as the area’s other open spaces would make a wonderful backdrop for wedding photography, and when it comes to venues, there are some great restaurants ready to host your event.
    • Malibu - A more secluded beachfront oasis that is loved by celebrities. Malibu is bound to charm you with its stunning shores, delightful restaurants and peaceful atmosphere.
    • The South Bay - A quiet region located close to Orange County, which includes beautiful beach cities such as Manhattan, Redondo or Hermosa Beach. If you want to rent a space with a view, there are plenty of oceanside event spaces, including the famous retired ship The Queen Mary.
  • Walkable, relaxed and fairly calm

If you’re looking for an LA location with more of a laid-back atmosphere, check out spaces for rent in some of these areas.

    • Brentwood - Situated north of Santa Monica, Brentwood is one of LA’s most upscale areas. Famous for the Getty Museum, this quiet and slow-paced Westside neighborhood boasts hilly views, trendy restaurants and relaxed vibes.
    • Pasadena - A quiet retreat located just 10 miles northeast of Downtown. With a charismatic Old Town full of architectural gems, manicured parks and a rich cultural offer, Pasadena is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle.
    • Los Feliz - This chilled area boasts some old-world charm and lies at the gates of Griffith Park. Creative, eclectic and full of historic architecture, Los Feliz is a unique destination on LA’s map. And if you’re looking for some of the area’s best bars and restaurants, check out Hillhurst and North Vermont Avenues.
    • Silver Lake - Despite its central location close to Downtown and Hollywood, Silver Lake is quite calm. With a diverse and eclectic vibe, the neighbourhood is especially popular with a hip and creative crowd. Its dining and nightlife scene also makes this area a definite draw.
    • Atwater Village - Los Feliz and Silver Lake’s quiet neighbor, nestled along the Los Angeles River and Griffith Park. It boasts a multicultural vibe and prides itself on its small businesses. But don’t be fooled by the quiet appearance - there are a number of funky spaces if you’re down to party!

Want to dig even deeper? Have a look at these frequently asked questions:

What are the most popular event venues in Los Angeles?

Known as the world’s capital of entertainment, Los Angeles takes nightlife to a whole different level. When the sun goes down, the City of Angels lures crowds of party-goers with its range of remarkable venues dotted all over the place. From DTLA’s extravagant clubs and high-end restaurants to Hollywood’s rooftop bars and cocktail lounges, the city’s party scene offers countless possibilities. And since it never rains in Southern California, you’ll also find an abundance of outdoor venues in Los Angeles.

I’m looking for an event venue in Los Angeles, but I’m on a tight budget. How can I save money on space rental?

We’ve been there before and we have a few tricks up our sleeves! Consider these budget-friendly suggestions.

  • Be flexible on the dates. Having a few dates in mind can help you save some money, especially if you choose an off-peak time to host your event. For example, some LA venues may offer cheaper rates on weekdays than on the weekends.
  • Pick an affordable neighborhood. While Los Angeles is generally expensive, you can still find some areas that are more affordable, such as Los Feliz or El Monte.
  • Find a venue that charges per hour. That way, you’ll be able to rent the space for exactly the amount of time you need.
  • Depending on event type, some venues also offer packages with fixed rates per person. Those are usually all-inclusive, covering space rental costs, catering, decorations, service, etc. Such packages can often be tailored to suit your needs and budget, so make sure you ask your venue manager about that!
  • Don’t be afraid to book a venue that offers a food and beverage minimum. It’s a popular option in some restaurants and bars in LA, which means that before your event you and your venue manager will decide upon a set minimum that you agree to spend on food and beverages during the event. If you’re a large group planning to use the party space for several hours, simply encourage your guests to buy their own food and drinks and you shouldn’t have trouble reaching the minimum.

How much does venue rental cost in Los Angeles?

Prices for renting a venue in a huge metropolis such as Los Angeles will range significantly depending on the size and standard of the venue. A smaller venue in Downtown LA can cost you from around $150 per day, while the price of a similarly sized space in Beverly Hills will reach up to around $360. Prices for renting a large event space in the Arts District start at $10000 per day while renting a larger restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles will start at $35000 per day. Conference venues for corporate events are spread across the city and can cost up to $180000 per day for more high-end locations.

Which LA neighborhoods are popular with celebrities?

Los Angeles is filled with celebrity hangout spots. If you want to host your event in an area where stars meet up for lunch, get their organic green juices and party into the early hours, you can! Check out the venues in luxurious Beverly Hills or the famous Sunset StripSanta Monica Boulevard or Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. You can also explore the beachfront neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Malibu. Apart from potential celebrity sightings, these places also abound in sophisticated restaurants and chic event venues. Discover them on Tagvenue and party like a star.

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