18 Dinner Party Ideas For A Memorable Gathering in Los Angeles

18 mins read
18 Dinner Party Ideas For A Memorable Gathering in Los Angeles
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
May 13, 2024
18 mins read

What better place to host a dinner party than in Los Angeles? With its beautiful beaches, Hollywood glamor, and endless entertainment options, finding the perfect dinner spot might seem like a breeze! But let’s be honest, for the one organizing the gathering, it can be stressful. Luckily, we are here to help you out with our 18 LA dinner party ideas

Whether you’re looking for classy ideas, suggestions for small groups, or tips for dining with friends, we’ve got them all!

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Before you get all busy picking a dress or suit for your gathering, let’s find you the perfect dinner spot in LA! We’ve got hundreds of elegant spaces!

Classy Dinner Party Ideas

The cultural diversity, rich history, and variety of the city make it the perfect place to host a gathering that stands out for your friends, colleagues, or family. From a farm-to-table-style dinner to a private meal at the chef’s table, we’ve got you covered with 5 classy dinner party ideas to try out in LA!

1. A Hollywood Affair 

Dazzle your guests at one of LA’s finest—Santuari. Experience a Hollywood affair like never before! Infuse a touch of Hollywood magic into your dinner party by encouraging your guests to don their finest attire and surprise them with the glamor and excitement of one of LA’s premier dining destinations! 

The Member’s Lounge & Terrace at Santuari will instantly transport your guests to a beach resort in Mallorca or Greece, whichever you prefer! 

the members lounge santuari los angeles hollywood 1 scaled 1 (1)
The Member’s Lounge & Terrace at Santuari in Toluca Lake pays homage to European beach houses with its distinctive architecture and mouth watering cuisine!

Impress your guests with their delicious Hokkaido Scallops, Pork Ragout and Albacore Crudo. And to add that wow factor, opt for a private bar and keep the drinks flowing all night! 

2. Private Dining Experience

There is something truly exclusive about a dinner party in a private room at a restaurant, particularly if it is at a location like Bacchus Kitchen on East Washington Boulevard in Pasadena!

The private dining room, completely separated from the main dining area, will make your guests feel like Hollywood stars! This space is perfect for hosting an anniversary, engagement, or a family reunion. With their delightful cheese and charcuterie plates and extensive selection of wines from around the world, your guests are in for a treat!

bacchus la restaurant dinner party ideas in LA
Bacchus Kitchen in Pasadena is ideal for hosting a private dinner for a special event. Your guests will love every bite and sip of their delicious dishes and extensive wine selection!

3. Farm to Table

The concept of farm to table or farm to fork is rather new. Its roots can be traced back to the 1960s and 70s, when Americans became increasingly dissatisfied with processed foods and turned instead to fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. If you’re someone who cares about the freshness of your repast, then Papille Gustative is the place for you and your guests!

This cozy venue in Santa Monica can accommodate up to 70 guests and is perfect for an intimate wedding reception, a graduation party, or a company dinner. And guess what? They serve only artisanal food with locally sourced ingredients and are a zero-waste eatery. 

papille gustative farm to table restaurant la dinner party ideas 1
Great food is part of any memorable event! Titillate your taste buds with a farm to table dinner party at Papille Gustative in Santa Monica where culinary imagination knows no bounds! Eat, drink and be merry!

Ready for an unforgettable dining experience in Los Angeles?

Whether you seek a laid-back eatery by Venice Beach or an upscale setting in Santa Monica, we’ve got your perfect spot!

4. A Glimpse of the Prohibition Era

Think big and different! Step into the Rose Room at The Six Social House Calabasas and get a glimpse of the Prohibition Era! If you ever wondered what this particular era looked like then we recommend taking your guests out to The Six Social House Calabasas!

The Society of Six comprised, as you guessed, six artists in Northern California who crafted art alongside their homemade meals, brews, and wines during the 1920s. The restaurant’s décor is predominantly constructed from recycled materials, featuring classic cast-iron skillets and rustic wood planks frequently used to present their locally sourced cuisine!

Take a journey back to the Prohibition Era with a curated menu highlighting the theme of “six”! Select from six enticing starters, six main courses, six red wines, six white wines, six craft brews on tap, and six delectable desserts.

rose room the six social calabasas dinner party ideas in la
Experience the charm of The Six Social House Calabasas, where the enticing menu of “six” is set to make 6 your lucky number. Get ready for a memorable dining adventure that will leave your guests yearning for more!

5. A VIP Experience

The chance to be treated like VIPs doesn’t come around every day! Fortunately, in LA, there are plenty of restaurants ready to make you feel like royalty.

One spot is the VIP Room at Charcoal Grill Bar, which offers a scrumptious menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, delicious Israeli cuisine, and crafted cocktails. Located in the Farmers Market, this hidden gem is a must-visit in LA!

Their chef will teleport you to the thrilling streets of Tel Aviv with their exclusive menu of exquisite dishes. At $105 per person for a VIP experience, you’ve hit the culinary jackpot!

charcoal grill and bar dinner party ideas in los angeles 1
Looking for a VIP experience in LA? Head to Charcoal Grill Bar in Fairfax where you can rent an exclusive VIP Room for you and your special guests!

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Check out our 17 Fun Dinner Party Ideas and Themes and plan an unforgettable night out with your lucky bunch!

Dinner Party Ideas for Friends

From Santa Monica and Venice Beach to Beverly Hills or Los Feliz, there is plenty for you to explore in LA when it comes to the culinary landscape! Are you searching for a few dining places to try out with your crew? From food trucks, and pizza parties to a dinner party with a skyline view, there’s so much to do and try if you are a bunch of foodies in the city!

6. Food Trucks

When it comes to LA, one thing you can’t miss is the food trucks! Out on a food exploration? Discover the best meals on wheels in the city and delight  your taste buds. Head to Mariscos Jalisco in Boyle Heights for their famous Poseidon tostadas, or to Kogi BBQ in Hollywood for some kimchi quesadillas (yes it’s a thing!). Craving bagels? Visit Yeastie Boys in Hollywood for plain, poppy, sesame, or cheddar-flavored bagels! Don’t skip their Game Over or Lox Deluxe after a night out with your crew.

Now how about trying out some of the best vegan food trucks in the city? Whether or not you’re a meat lover, these vegan options won’t disappoint! Try some tasty vegan chicken buckets at Original Herbivore or go for some well deserved dessert after your food exploration at Happy Ice!

Track down the closest one to you by heading to their website and get ready to eat to your heart’s content!

joana godinho gwv t9vqipm unsplash 1
Keep your eyes wide open for the numerous food trucks in LA and your tummies filled with the most original foods in the city!

7. Pizza Party

Pizza is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle—especially when it comes to savoring a Quattro Formaggi or Pepperoni pizza! 

Say goodbye to bland, store-bought pizzas and make your way to U Street Pizza for the ultimate pizza experience. Whether you’re unwinding after work or looking to spend quality time with friends, opting for pizza for dinner is not just a good idea; it’s a fantastic one! 

Everyone loves pizza, and who could say no to some extra cheese!

u pizza dinner party ideas in LA
Taste a bite of New York-style pizza right at U Street Pizza in Pasadena! The Union team introduces their unique LA twist on New York-style pizza, complemented by an array of small seasonal dishes.

Need a space to dine out with your friends?

Look no further! We’ve got the best unique restaurants in LA for you and your crew to test out in LA!

8. Garden Party 

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal amidst some lush greenery and LA offers the ideal setting for enjoying the breeze and catching some sun. But don’t worry, the weather remains inviting year-round for a sunlit gathering with friends at La Boheme!

This boho-chic dining spot is perfect for an outdoor dinner party with your favorite ones. Tucked away in West Hollywood, La Boheme boasts a private outdoor space where you can unwind and savor a delightful evening. Adorned with plush couches and captivating overhead lights, the patio creates an atmosphere that is both enchanting and welcoming. 

Take advantage of their happy hour specials or consider hosting a private party for your friends!

garden patio la boheme dinner ideas la 1
If you’re looking for a cozy outdoor garden dinner spot, then La Boheme is the place for you! The restaurant not only serves delicious American fare it also guarantees a memorable night out with its beautiful decor.

9. Dine by the Pool 

Ain’t no party like a pool party!

Are you not a garden person or simply want to make the most of warmer days? Hotel Angeleno’s got your back! Dining by the pool adds an extra layer of fun to a dinner party, blending the delightful ambiance of outdoor surroundings with the pleasure of good food and great company.

And what better place for a dinner by the pool than The Angeleno Pool Terrace? The location is a beautiful, stylish spot for brunches, luncheons, cocktail receptions, and, of course, your dinner party!

Drop your bags and tap into the laid-back Los Angeles lifestyle!

LA dining places  angeleno pool terrace room 1
Extend your dinner party with a staycation at Hotel Angeleno in Brentwood! Dine, wine and party by the pool on a weekend with your besties!

Need more unique themes and brilliant ideas for your gathering? From a 90s-inspired party to a Bollywood-style one, we’ve got more than 150 themes to level up your party game!

Dinner Party Ideas for a Small Group

Keep your circle tight and relish the opportunity to truly connect without the overwhelming presence of a large crowd. Hosting a small dinner party comes with numerous advantages – it’s more cost-effective, easier to organize, and ensures everyone has a good time! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite eateries in LA for an absolutely fantastic small-sized get together!

10. Santa Monica’s Finest

With enough room for around twenty guests, Mezzanine in Santa Monica is where you can host an elegant and cozy party! Located on the second floor, your guests won’t have to worry about laughing too loudly or nosy passersby!

The space’s focal point is a bow-truss ceiling from which over 100 copper drop lights hang, and accents made of wood, textured stone, and colorful tiles provide additional warmth. This dining location is ideal for a special night out! And what about the food you ask?

They have dinner group packages that include delicious dishes such as chicken parmesan, parmigiana ravioli, and Camilla cake or you can opt for their regular dinner menu and enjoy crostinis, handmade pasta, and delicious soups!

mezzanine room la dining with friends 1
The private room at 1212 Santa Monica is ideal for a classy night out such as a cocktail party, a dinner party for a yearly reunion or a small engagement party!

11. Potluck Party (But Better!)

Potluck parties are cheap and easy to host! With every guest bringing a homemade dish you won’t have to worry about cooking or making sure that the restaurant serves the right dishes! Organizing a dinner party can become complex when you’re unsure of everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences, and don’t have the time to inquire. That’s where the potluck party is a lifesaver!

Ask guests to bring their favorite home made dish so that everyone can try something made with love and care. To make things more interesting, host a one-ingredient-themed potluck party or an around-the-world theme! 

If you need a space to throw your party, head to Skyline Grand. Its bright room and minimalist interiors are perfect for those who want to try their hand at some tablescaping

12. A Candle-Lit Dinner

Enjoy a candle lit dinner in an intimate setting at The Alley Lounge. Their cozy lounge area is perfect for any occasion that you wish to celebrate with a group of 25 or fewer guests!

Tucked behind the busy streets of Washington Boulevard in Culver City, this speakeasy bar will become one of your favorite hangouts after one visit!

With no signage and no pretentious doorman, The Alley Lounge has become a favorite for those who want good drinks, amazing food, and a fab time! 

private lounge culver city la dining room 1
Looking for a hidden gem? Rent a private and sophisticated space with plenty of comfy seating and a menu of classic and contemporary cocktails at the Alley Lounge in Culver City!

13. Underground Speakeasy

Dreaming of a night of carefree revelry? The Secret Underground Speakeasy at Leather & Rose has got your back! From thrilling casino games to lively karaoke sessions, this hidden haven has it all!

This underground speakeasy provides the perfect setting for an intimate dinner party for a small group. The 800 sq ft space is adorned in vintage leather furniture and customizable lighting, creating a warm atmosphere for your soiree. Their 400-bottle wine cellar adds a touch of sophistication, while the secret door adds an element of intrigue to make your event stand out! 

Whether you’re seeking a unique ambiance or aiming for a personalized touch, this venue is the right place for a memorable and enjoyable dinner party with close friends.

secret underground speakeasy room los angeles dinner spots for small groups intimate dinner
Ditch the boring old dinner party with the Secret Underground Speakeasy at Leather & Rose in West Adams! This hidden dinner spot offers multiple entertainment options and will keep your guests in high spirits!

Cuisine-Themed Dinner Parties in LA

Attention, culinary enthusiasts! Your quest for the next gastronomic adventure in LA ends here. No need to ponder the diverse cuisines the city has to offer; we’ve meticulously curated an array of options, bringing you the vibrancy of Indian spices and the comforting flavors of Eastern European cuisine. 

Forget about jet-setting to Tokyo for authentic Japanese delicacies or making a pilgrimage to Venice for delectable chicken piccata. We’ve done the legwork and handpicked the finest dinner spots for you!

Are you hosting a birthday dinner party and have no clue what idea what to do? Check our top birthday dinner party ideas in LA for some inspo.

14. Indian Cuisine Immersion

Get ready for a flavor-filled adventure at Roots Indian Bistro in the lively Melrose Arts District! Whether your taste buds are dancing for palak paneer or craving a chicken biryani, this cozy restaurant has got you covered. 

With its bright tapestries, cool table options (floor cushions included!), and the delightful aroma of scrumptious Indian eats with an LA twist, your guests are in for a treat!

And why not add a Bollywood twist to your event to make it better? Encourage your guests to glam up in sarees, sherwanis, or salwars, turning this dinner into a vibrant celebration. 

roots indian bistro la eateries 1
A night of flavor-packed curries, tikkas, and much more awaits you at Roots Indian Bistro in the Melrose Arts District!

15. Japanese Delicacies

Satisfy your cravings for sushi, udon, donburi, and ramen at KAVIAR, the ultimate destination for authentic Japanese delicacies. Conveniently located near the Memorial Park Metro Station, KAVIAR is the perfect spot for a Japanese cuisine-inspired dinner party,

Explore a diverse selection of Japanese flavors, from traditional favorites to modern creations crafted by Executive Chef John Hans Yeo and his talented team. The restaurant features classic art deco elements like marble, brass fixtures, and exposed brick and an art collection by local talents that beautifully capture the beauty of Japanese culture.

Private Room Kaviar, Japanese restaurant, dinner ideas in LA
Whether you’re discovering,  or rediscovering, Japanese cuisine with your group, KAVIAR offers a memorable culinary experience.

16. Mexican Dining Experience

How could we possibly skip Mexican cuisine when talking about LA? The city’s culinary landscape is strongly influenced by Mexican flavors. Moreover, the area’s proximity to Mexico strengthens the Mexican  influence. Now enough history, where to host your dinner party? 

Margaritas Mexican Grill Oak Park is where you want to go for authentic Mexican cuisine. With their locally-sourced ingredients, and traditional recipes, your dinner party will make your guests happy and ensure that they have a great time! 

event room margaritas grill and bar la dining ideas
At only $30 per person, this dining spot is perfect for an affordable yet mouth-watering dinner with colleagues, friends and family!

17. Artisanal Italian Cuisine

It’s time to discover the flavors of Italy without leaving the posh confines of Bel Air Estates at Palmeri Ristorante.

Run by Chef Ottavio, whose motto is every meal should be a celebration, this charming eatery will tantalize your taste buds and bring out the Italian in you!

From the irresistible taste of Focaccia bread to the indulgence of  Tiramisu, Palmeri Ristorante has mastered the art of delivering exactly what comes to mind when one dreams of authentic Italian fare.

Get ready for a Buon Appetito and a side of laughter. Your taste buds will thank you, and your guests will applaud your impeccable choice!

italian restaurant la ristorante dinner party ideas in la 2
In a city where Italian cuisine is as popular as the latest celebrity gossip, choosing an eatery for your dinner party is a great idea! Head to Palmeri Ristorante in Brentwood for the ultimate Italian dining experience with Chef Ottavio!

18. Eastern European Culinary Journey

Eastern European culinary traditions are a diverse fusion of various cultures, ethnicities, languages, and histories, shaped by the region’s climate and the distinct characteristics of each country.

Whether you have a penchant for pelmeni or medovik, Traktir is your go-to destination to satiate those cravings. Take your dining experience to the next level by hiring a private space within the restaurant, treating your guests to an exclusive culinary journey through Eastern Europe. 

Traktir’s offerings provide an authentic taste that will captivate your guests’ palate from the first bite, which is why the place is a top choice among locals and a delightful surprise for newcomers.

Traktir Eastern European Cuisine LA dinner party ideas
Traktir Restaurant in West Hollywood offers dishes from various parts of Eastern Europe from Ukraine to Kazakhstan. 


Hosting a dinner party is synonymous with an evening filled with laughter, engaging conversations, and cherished memories. Whether it’s a corporate dinner, a casual get-together with friends, or a soirée marking a significant occasion, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience falls on the shoulders of the host. 

Tagvenue’s filters simplify the process of finding the best dining venues in LA, by allowing you to filter for factors such as guest size, occasion, dietary restrictions, or restaurant type. We offer a selection ranging from unique dining spots to venues with private rooms and establishments perfect for special occasions. Don’t wait—make your booking and celebrate life!

Time to dine and wine in style?

Looking for the best spot to dine with your nearest and dearest in Tinseltown? From Artisanal Italian restaurants to Eastern European eateries, we’ve got something for everyone!


What are some of the best neighborhoods to host a dinner party in LA?

Some of the best neighborhoods in LA to host a dinner party are Santa Monica, Venice, and Downtown. Santa Monica and Venice have a laid back, coastal vibe with plenty of charming restaurants and easy access to the beach for pre or post-dinner activities. Downtown LA offers trendy loft spaces, rooftop venues, and access to some of the hottest new restaurants in the city.

How do I choose a restaurant for my gathering in LA?

When choosing a restaurant, consider the size of your group, any dietary restrictions, the ambiance you want to create, and proximity for guests. Narrow down options that fit your budget and the theme or ambiance that you want to set. Make reservations well in advance to secure your preferred venue.

How do I make my dinner party more engaging?

When hosting a dinner party, focus on creating an intimate, engaging atmosphere. Work with the venue manager to greet guests with a specialty cocktail to set a warm tone upon arrival. Keep the table setting minimal with just candles and small floral arrangements to encourage guests to mingle. Arrange seating to spark conversation between diverse groups. Share a meaningful toast, play a game like Two Truths and a Lie, or have guests reveal their most embarrassing moment to bring the group together. Follow dinner with a dance party or activity to keep the fun going all night. If you are looking for some party planning tips, check out this blog post for inspiration.

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18 Dinner Party Ideas For A Memorable Gathering in Los Angeles