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Top Affordable Wedding Venues in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to LA!  In this city, you won’t  have any trouble in finding the most unique affordable wedding venues to host a magical wedding! It’s not a secret that many couples now prefer to host their wedding in an inexpensive location and save up for future commitments. By renting out a cheaper wedding spot, you allow yourself to splurge on other things such as food, drinks, or entertainment. While LA is known for being an expensive city, Tagvenue has come up with a list of the top cheap wedding venues for your big day! Say "yes" in style without the need to hit a jackpot!

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Affordable Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Fancy-pants, aka L.A, requires an average of $36,000 for hosting a wedding. However, there are countless ways to lower the cost of a wedding. Whether it’s by opting for small affordable wedding venues, asking your amateur photographer friend to snap your photos, or DIY-ing all the decorations, you’ll be surprised at how many alternatives can significantly reduce your wedding expenses. By cutting down on certain things, you can spoil yourself by splurging on that three-tier wedding cake from Magnolia Bakery on Pico Boulevard that you’ve been drooling over for years. Or maybe you’d rather overspend on an epic wedding car like the Aston Martin DB6 Volante for a jaw-dropping entrance. Well, we’re here to help you plan your affordable wedding while allowing you to splurge on things that matter the most to you! So read on to make the most of your wedding venue in LA, love birds. 

Limit your wedding venue budget

Couples devote a huge chunk of their wedding budget to their venue as they see it as the most crucial aspect of their wedding. After all, the style and atmosphere of the venue largely influence the overall success of the event. To reduce your venue rental costs, we would suggest dedicating a quarter of your budget, if not less, to your wedding space even if you decide to go for inexpensive wedding venues. If you don't know where to start, consider the neighboring venues or spots that don’t require much work, such as your local parks and beaches. Cafes, pubs, warehouses, and private dining spaces are other affordable locations to add to your cheap wedding venue options!

  • For a low cost wedding venue accommodating fewer than 50 guests, the price ranges between $50/hour and $100/hour.
  • For a large wedding venue on a budget accommodating more than 50 guests, you can easily find a venue for $75 to $150 per hour. (All data according to

We suggest restricting your budget to $1000 to $3000 for a low budget wedding venue in Los Angeles. That way, you’ll still have plenty to spend on other wedding items.

Trim your guest list

The best things in life happen when you are surrounded by your near and dear ones. Intimate receptions at small affordable wedding venues are becoming increasingly popular. People are focusing more on the essentials of a wedding, which is celebrating a union with the people they enjoy spending time with! 

By setting a limit on your guest size and keeping it to anything between 10 to 50 guests, your guests can eat to their hearts’ content and everyone will get to know each other. Since it is one of the most significant days of your life, you shouldn't have to worry about the people you loathe, so keep that list short and the expenses under control. 

Double-check the venue pricing

When renting a venue, you can be quick to rent the most affordable wedding venue, thinking that you will have no extra expenses. You may also benefit from affordable wedding packages if you talk to the venue manager. Many venues will provide some options for a fuss-free wedding. To avoid additional costs, it’s critical to check what the wedding venue pricing includes. Some inexpensive venues provide catering and decor, while others don’t. The same goes for audiovisual equipment, chairs, and tables, among other things. Once you find out what you’ll need at the venue, you can add those extra expenditures to your wedding venue budget. If you don’t have an excellent caterer on hand, there’s a high chance that the food will be mediocre. So try to keep that in mind when selecting your wedding venue. It’s always safer to hire a venue that provides catering service if the venue specializes in food, for instance, a restaurant or cafe.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on your wedding space to have a dream ceremony. If you want to save money, consider these affordable wedding venues.

Where can I find a cheap wedding venue in LA?

So, if you have decided to host a wedding on a budget in LA and don’t know where to start, check out our top inexpensive wedding spaces to get started:

Your Place

At home, you will simply have to move a few pieces of furniture around to make enough space for everyone. If you have a backyard or a house, it’s even better. However, you may have to rent things like chairs and dinnerware for the party if you don’t have any. Other expenses such as catering and entertainment should also be added to the expenses. 


Enjoy the sunny meadows by hosting your wedding party at a barn. You will only need catering and a few good drinks to make these exquisite places extra special. Barns are excellent for that super-romantic atmosphere and the photos, of course! Barns are one of the prettiest outdoor wedding venues that you will come across in LA! And, you won’t even have to sweat it out for the backdrop and decor!

Parks and Beaches

With so many national and city parks to choose from, you’ll have the most scenic wedding backdrop ever! Beaches are also a fantastic option  if you’re planning a Hawaiian-themed wedding or a boho-chic one. These low budget wedding venues will only require a permit for you to reserve the place and nothing else. Some spots might cost $200–$400, but that’s nothing compared to the costly venues in LA.  If you’d rather go for a garden than a beach wedding, rest assured that you will find plenty of affordable event spaces and cheap outdoor wedding venues to host your dream wedding!

Art Galleries

Did you know you could rent out an art gallery for an event? Galleries are quirky and provide the ideal backdrop for weddings. Your guests will not only be in awe, but they'll also feel like your wedding is art and special enough to be exhibited in a gallery! So, make it small but significant!

Restaurants and cafes

If you are looking for a cheap place to get married, consider a cafe or restaurant. Cafes are great for a homely feel. Your guests will surely feel comfortable in such a setting. Cafes and eateries are great as you can benefit from onsite catering options, which means you will have one less thing to worry about. Restaurants provide full service, that is, food, dinnerware, tables, and chairs, which altogether might cost less than an unequipped venue. 

FAQs about Affordable Wedding Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How can I find a cheap wedding venue in LA?

You can either ask your wedding planner to help find some affordable wedding venues or simply spend hours scouring for the right venue on Google or Instagram. But, the simplest way to find your ideal venue is to hop on Tagvenue and use our smart filters to pick your guest size and budget. It will take you less than a minute to find some of the top Los Angeles wedding venues on a budget for your special day!

What are the best neighborhoods for you to host an affordable wedding?

There are many ways to save up some dollars on your wedding! Affordable wedding venues simply require some research and planning.  Booking a wedding reception space that doesn’t offer catering services usually comes cheaper at around $50/per hour. For semi-private dining spaces, count on around $50-150 per person for an affordable space. To hire an entire venue, budget around $1000 per session, covering 5 to 6 hours.(All data according to

What is the average price to rent a low-cost wedding space in LA?

There are many ways to save up some dollars on your wedding! Affordable wedding venues simply require some research and planning.  Looking for a wedding space that doesn’t offer catering services usually comes cheaper at around $50/per hour. For semi-private dining spaces, count on around $50-150 per person for an affordable space. To hire an entire venue, budget around $1000 per session, covering 5 to 6 hours.(All data according to

Do affordable wedding venues in Los Angeles provide catering?

Not all of them. While eateries typically provide catering, other venues such as studios, halls, or barns may require you to take care of the catering. Make sure to check if the wedding venue allows external catering before making a reservation.

Can I find large affordable wedding venues in LA?

For an inexpensive wedding venue accommodating 40 guests, count around $350+ per hour or $1500 per minimum spend, which is the minimum amount spent on drinks and food that needs to be met. You can also rent out parks, public garden spaces, and beach spots for a wedding. The fees involved are usually lower than in private venues. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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