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Top Small Party Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its stunning party venues. If you’re on the hunt for a party space, expect small clubs, laid back lounges, and rooftop bars with beautiful views of the city, all of which would make your small party memorable. Small party venues in Los Angeles are great for birthday parties, friendly get togethers, and office parties, and we have small venues located all over the city for you to choose from. Scroll through our offerings and find out more of what Tagvenue has to offer!

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Small Party Venues Rental Guide

A small venue doesn’t have to mean small fun. Choosing the right venue is paramount in organizing a party that you won't forget anytime soon! Tagvenue makes it easy to find the perfect venue for your party with our filtering options, which help you search by area, type of venue, and price point. Renting a small venue is ideal for when your party will consist of close family and friends, making an intimate venue a great place to host the party. It’s also a great way to celebrate on a budget where most venues will offer drink and food packages that will accommodate your needs.

When many people think of weddings, people often think of large halls filled with 300 people, and tables scattered across a carpeted floor. However, as costs increase, plenty of couples have embraced the simplicity and lower cost of a small wedding. If you are looking for a small venue that is easy to reach from across the city, there are numerous options around Los Angeles that are perfect places for this type of event. Downtown Los Angeles has plenty of beautiful venues overlooking the entire city. And remember, a beautiful natural backdrop such as a panoramic cityscape can make a unique and stunning wedding decoration.

Small venues in Los Angeles also make amazing spaces for hosting birthday or holiday parties. Tagvenue offers fantastic options for you to search through that will blow your guests away. Small venues are perfect for surprise parties and parties that do not call for an over the top venue. Los Angeles has plenty of small venues to offer, each with its own unique vibe that will be a great match for your party. Renting a small party venue will take the stress out of organizing every detail concerning your party and leave you with the job of being a great host to your guests.

Oftentimes people are worried about hosting a party at home because of the responsibilities involved (no one likes cleaning up afterwards!), and hosting a party in a rented space takes that responsibility away from you. Tagvenue will help you choose an unforgettable location that meets all your needs and exceeds all of your expectations.

Party Planning Tips:

Invitations: When planning a party, there are certain things that should be on your checklist to make sure you and your guests have an amazing time! Organization is key in making sure your party goes smoothly, so about a month before you intend to host your party, you should make sure that you send out invitations and ensure that you get an accurate headcount by including a way to RSVP. It’s also helpful to include things such as a dress code if the venue requires one or the theme of your party. 

Catering: Once you know the headcount, you should start looking into external catering for the party, if the venue is not providing it themselves. If you are looking into renting a restaurant or bar for the occasion, then odds are that they will have some sort of dining package available or a drink minimum that might be included in your rental. Finding catering is normally a pretty straightforward process as most of your favorite restaurants will offer in house catering packages or may even have recommended partners with whom they prefer to work. According to Tagvenue data, you can expect a catering package to cost around $20 to $45 per person. If you plan on including drinks, this figure could increase a bit depending on the type and amount of beverages or alcohol. You may also face extra charges for staff.

Music: Music at parties is a must, and if you are looking for someone to take care of curating a playlist, you might want to consider hiring a DJ. The positives of hiring a DJ is their flexibility in playing the kind of music you like to hear. Another option would be hiring a band to play at your party. Cover bands often have a wide variety of music in their repertoire and can create a beautiful ambience. For instance, if you want a chill atmosphere for your party, a jazz quartet will be a great match and will be something that people definitely remember.

At the party:  Remember, the best thing about having a party at a small venue is that you don’t have to manage the kitchen or mix the drinks, everything is handled by the venue. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the event.

Small venues make for great spaces to hold memorable parties. They create intimate environments where each of your guests can easily interact with one another and you. These venues can host a wide array of occasions, and Tagvenue can help you find the one that is a perfect fit for your party!

Small Party Venues in Los Angeles FAQ

How much does it cost to book a small venue in Los Angeles?

Renting a small party venue in Los Angeles can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 an hour depending on the space. Expect extra costs associated with the food and beverage packages and entertainment as well, remember these can vary widely. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which neighborhoods have the best small party venues?

Downtown LA is home to cool and quirky spaces to host a memorable party from the ground floor to the skyline. North Hollywood and Venice offer more chilled, open spaces, where Venice will offer beautiful beachside venues, and North Hollywood will offer cool, open spaces with an industrial vibe. These are just a few of our favorite locations!

How long in advance should I book a small venue?

It is advisable to book the space at least 3 to 6 months in advance. This way you can work out the details with the venue and give yourself enough time to organize the other aspects of the party. If you are booking for a small wedding party, make sure you book the space at least 6 to 9 months in advance, this will give you enough lead time to organize vendors and secure the date you want.

How much does it cost to cater a small party?

Catering for a small party can cost from $20 to $80 per person. This includes food and beverage. If you have a tight budget you could consider doing a BYOB or a cash bar for your guests. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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