Creative Art Studios for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Creative Art Studios for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Get your creative gear on in one of these artistic spaces!

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Top Creative Art Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Are you on a quest to find creative art studios in Los Angeles? If you’ve been searching for a place to make your imagination run wild, LA is not going to let you down. With a wide selection of studios, stages, galleries, and other unique spaces - you have the opportunity to make many of your ideas come together. The city of Angels is home to many creative endeavors, so why not take it one step further and book a venue to complete your own vision? Check out the creative art studios in Los Angeles that Tagvenue has to offer you today!

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Creative Art Studios Rental Guide

You know what it’s like in LA - the city is absolutely buzzing with artists, creators and their imaginative works. Every corner you turn, you can find cameras taking photos of models and influencers, and you wouldn’t be surprised if a street was cut off for some film shots. The streets of Hollywood, Pasadena or Sherman Oaks are known for having  artists of every kind wandering around and following through with their own unique, artistic missions. Are you ready to join them today? Renting a venue for your own project may seem like a burden, but with the venues that you will find with us today, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd. And what better way to do that than renting a creative art studio that’s certain to make your work feel one-of-a-kind?

Tagvenue offers spaces no matter the occasion. You can prepare a photo shoot, have an exhibition, put on a show, or create a workshop - the sky's the limit. Have you looked through our selection of event spaces yet? If not, then we have some recommendations prepared just for you.

Creative art studios for rent in LA

What types of spaces can you expect? Take a look at:

  • Studios. By far the most popular options. Studio spaces are very universal, and will enable you to conduct photo shoots, show off your artwork in exhibitions, prepare product launches or give performances (to name a few). Los Angeles offers venues which have unique, colorful decor, as well as typical, white photo shoot spaces. If you’re interested in the latter, then why don’t you take a look at Studio at Underground Studios. The space offers many amenities including a CYC wall and professional equipment, as well as a separate workspace. The cost starts at a rental fee of $125 per hour.
    But, perhaps you’ve been looking for something rather different, an event space that makes quite the statement? A location that will emphasize your artwork? Then head over to Retro Studio at Retro Studio. The stylish colors give off a 60s or 70s retro vibe, which is perfect for photo shoots. This studio works almost like a time machine. Dress up in your vintage gear and strut your stuff in this unique studio space. If you’re planning to head down there, then navigate to the streets of Downtown LA. The rental fee starts at $75 per hour, what a bargain!
  • Lofts. A big, spacious event space, perfect for your imagination to run wild and create whatever your heart desires. Lofts are usually very bright and offer enough room for an audience if you would like to have one - perfect for setting up a vernissage. The space is also ideal for daylight photo shoots, as well as music videos. We found a venue perfect for the creative arts we just mentioned - have you seen Skyline Loft at Skyline Loft? The venue is going to make any artist's dreams come true. Located in the Fashion District, with an area of 6,000 sq. ft, 8 ft tall windows, white painted walls and a polished floor. The view outside stretches out across LA. Contact the host to check out the event venue before you book.
    However, if you’ve been searching the web for a lively, but smaller studio, then head over to Piano Jungle Loft at Chinoiserie Jungle Studio. This fancy room is going to give you Vogue vibes for sure. A unique look, and a luxury feel. Right in the heart of Downtown LA, this event space is going to turn some heads. And you won’t feel the need to rob a bank, since the price starts at only $75 per hour. 
  • Unique locations. A total favorite. Go all in with the spaces we have ready for you right here. The capacity in the first place might not be tremendous. But if you fancy something that no one else is going to have, then check out the Entire Yacht at 65’ MCKINNA. It’s beautiful, it’s luxurious, and it’s perfect for photoshoots, celebrations and any events for up to 6 people. The rental fee starts at $2500 per session. Find this luxurious boat in Marina del Rey.
    If you’re not really into boats and water, then we should move to dry land and find something different yet again. What’s your take on a 1950s diner? If you see yourself doing some creative work inside, then make sure to check out 50s Diner Studio at 50s Diner Studio. The retro vibe which we all know from movies is exactly like you’ve imagined it. Red vinyl booths, a breakfast counter and a jukebox. Make your projects come to life in Downtown LA. The rental fee starts at $100 per hour. 

FAQs about Creative Art Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Which neighborhoods in LA have the most creative art studios?

It should come as no surprise that the streets of Downtown LA have the most creative spaces. Turn north or west for the next popular options of Glendale and Hollywood, and if you prefer to be closer to the coastline, then go down to Marina del Rey. Be on the lookout for new venues which appear on our website.

How much does it cost to rent a creative space in Los Angeles?

Rental fees start at around $45 to $60 per hour. You can expect the cheaper venues to be simple photo studios or sound rooms. As for the more expensive options, you have some unique spaces with a price average of $100 to $200 per hour. And on the far end of the spectrum, you can expect venues with rental fees as high as $500 per hour.

What equipment should creative art studios have in Los Angeles?

The equipment offer will vary depending on the type of studio you wish to rent. You can expect to find photography equipment such as lighting, backdrops and reflectors in photo studios. If you decide to rent a sound studio, then expect to find speakers and sound systems. Locations can also offer mirrors and furniture. We recommend checking with the host of the venue to see what is included in the rental fee.

What amenities should creative spaces in LA have?

Some venues will offer a reception, parking space or even a kitchen. The amenities are usually included in the rental fee, but make sure to read the contract before you sign. Sometimes the cleaning fee is not included, and you might have to pay extra on top of the minimum spend price. You can also expect WiFi connection and some common rooms for your crew to hang out in.

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