Affordable Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Affordable Venues for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Explore LA's best budget spaces for your event

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Top Affordable Venues in Los Angeles, CA

LA is a city of wonders where you can find event spaces at any price range dotted all over the city. No matter what type of event you’ve got in mind, conference rooms, wedding venues, restaurants, bars, etc. at reasonable prices are all waiting to be discovered. What’s more, here on Tagvenue you will find them with only a few clicks! So don’t hesitate to take our search engines for a spin and discover all the amazing affordable venues in Los Angeles that will make your night without ruining your budget! 

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Affordable Venues Rental Guide

Organizing any type of event is fun! Whether it’s a conference for your company, a wedding reception, or a simple birthday party for your nearest and dearest, you will find yourself engaged in preparations and enjoying the experience, trust us! Especially once you’ve seen the participants all joyful and smiley! Don’t let things like a limited budget scare you, as there are quite a few ways to execute a great event without breaking the bank. We’ve listed some tips below, so take a look at them whenever you’re organizing an event -no matter what your budget is- and make your event preparations short and sweet! 

Tips on how to keep your budget intact

Track your budget - It is extremely helpful and important to control your spending at any cost. Use a spreadsheet, or make a table on a simple sheet of paper and calculate how much you can spend on a venue and things that you’ve planned for an event to not exceed your expected spend. Ask venue managers all the important questions about food packages, equipment, extras, and services that they have at their disposal, as in some cases they may be included in the price of the rental. When you want to serve food and drinks, remember that in some cases it will be cheaper to book a blank canvas venue and hire a separate caterer rather than choosing a venue with dining options. Be patient and don’t get discouraged! Calculate everything, think carefully about the main aim of your event, and decide on which parts of it need a better investment. If it's a conference, it’s best to focus on good audio and visual equipment, such as projectors, microphones, PA systems that won’t let you down instead of refined foods and drinks. On the other hand, when it’s a birthday party/ wedding reception/ banquet etc. then you have to consider food and drinks, and decorations a priority during the organization process. 

Make a guest list - Write down a list of participants. It will help you during your search for a perfect venue of the right size. As you need to control your budget, you won’t want to waste money on a place that is too big for your crowd or leave your guests all squeezed together at the table. That’s why you should always keep in mind whether the venue is fit for your number of guests. When you’re ready to compare venue offers, you can always use Tagvenue and customize your search with our search engine! You only need to pick the number of guests and you will immediately see a list of venues that will fit the exact number of guests you plan to invite. A guest list is also crucial in estimating how much food and drinks supplies you will need.  

Don’t limit your venue choices - Search around and pick a few places that you like and which match your budget. Then compare them according to the location and access to public transportation, food options, equipment and facilities offered, etc., and pick the one that best meets your needs. Before making a final decision, book appointments with venue managers to see the places in person as you won’t see everything in a photo. Discuss the offerings and ask for discounts on food packages, equipment, and additional services. Don’t rush the whole process! It may take a little time to find your dream space at the best price, but we promise it will be worth the wait. 

Pick a few dates - When it comes to picking a date, be flexible! You can save extra money by avoiding high-demand days and holidays. Find out when there are low seasons and which venues offer lower rates at off-peak times. You can also think of organizing an event in the middle of the week, as in most cases weekends are more expensive. So make sure to have a few optional dates and be ready to discuss the fine details with the venue manager before finalizing your rental. 

Plan out your menu - When you’ve prepared your guest list, decide whether you will serve food and drinks at your event. If the answer is “yes” then think of what type of dining options you would like to offer your guests. A full-course menu? Or maybe simple finger foods and a cocktail bar? Estimate how much food supplies you may need and try to avoid overspending. Discuss the food and drink packages with the venue manager. As we mentioned before, sometimes it’s better to hire an outside caterer, especially if the venue has a recommended partner. It all depends on which option is more suitable for your budget.  

To sum up, you can host a great event at any budget! All you have to do is to take into account a few key things during the organization process and you’ll be good to go. Remember that what's most important about any event is people and a good attitude. Fortunately, planning events with Tagvenue is easy and fun! So why not get started today?

FAQs about Affordable Venues in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent an affordable venue in Los Angeles?

Some bars, pubs, and restaurants charge by person and prices start from $30 up to around $80. The other ones charge a minimum spend from around $300 up to $1000. While other types of venues, such as general spaces, charge around $100 per hour. However, ask venue managers directly for discounts and special offers. (All data from

Can you recommend some budget-friendly venues in LA?

You can find various amazing places across LA whose rental won’t ruin your budget. Here are some of our favorites:

Pike Restaurant & Bar - a laid-back restaurant serving fresh seafood. A chill atmosphere of the venue allows for a range of celebrations.

Marmalade Cafe - warm and cozy place with a friendly neighborhood ambiance that has California-inspired foods on the menu. A flexible choice for hosting gatherings of family and friends.

Livery Studio - a whole studio in a craftsman home in Mid City LA, offering modern spaces for events and photoshoots. 

Where can I find low-budget wedding venues in Los Angeles?

Try your luck around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood! It’s possible to find wedding venues there at both reasonable and affordable prices. Also, venues in Fashion District and Arts District have beautiful and elegant spaces to offer. You can also search a little further from the central neighborhoods, for example, in Southern LA. Thanks to LA’s beautiful weather you can always organize an outdoor wedding reception on the beach in Santa Monica without breaking the bank!  

Are there any affordable venues in Downtown LA?

Of course! You can find many affordable venues Downtown, especially near the Pershing Square metro line. However, we recommend not to limit yourself to only one area during your search for an affordable venue. There are plenty of hidden gems in neighboring areas that you can easily reach via public transport or a car. And with Tagvenue you will find them without any stress!

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