Private Dining Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Private Dining Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Ready to rent a small dining experience for you and your guests? Booking a private dining room allows you to enjoy your favorite restaurants and bars in a way that you never have before. Los Angeles is a culinary hub, so there are many options to choose from, whether you want seafood, Korean barbecue, sushi, you name it. Private dining rooms are perfect for birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, and company parties. Browse through Tagvenue’s listings and find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Private Dining Rooms Rental Guide

Los Angeles has every restaurant you could imagine, and Tagvenue puts them at the tips of your fingers. Renting a private dining room for your party will surely blow your guests away and save you the hassle of cooking and hosting a dinner party all on your own. It allows you to experience your favorite cuisine in a more personal way, as you and your guests get to experience new foods, new wines, and new beers with service personally catered to the needs of your party.

There are many benefits to booking a private dining room for an occasion, as opposed to just booking a large table at a restaurant. One of the biggest reasons for booking a private dining room is the space. While booking a large table at a restaurant and ordering off of the a la carte menu is a fair option, you often run low on space and may find it troublesome to walk around the room and socialize with one another. Private dining rooms allow for more movement and socializing due to the increased private area, with less foot traffic from those from outside of your party.

Privacy is also a huge factor for why you should book a private dining room for an occasion. The privacy of a private dining room will allow you to relax and enjoy your time with your guests, and not worry about restaurant customers interrupting your party, or being told off for making too much noise and disturbing the other patrons and staff. In the privacy of a rented dining room, you will be able to focus on your party. Also, it is quite common with private dining rooms, to have a dedicated server or two, depending on the size of your party. They will be responsible for providing dedicated service to your party.

The menus that are offered for private dining rooms are often based on the a la carte menu. Private dining menus are more focused versions of the menu that would be offered in a normal dining situation, and the restaurant or event planner will work with both you and the chef to design a menu that is perfect for your occasion. There will normally be a salad course, followed by an appetizer, an entree, and then dessert to wrap everything up. In the event that there is a birthday party, people may hire a bakery to deliver a cake and then pay the restaurant a cutting fee for the cake in absence of them providing a dessert. This option is incredibly popular due to the amount of customization that is available, and there is normally more than enough for the party and enough for each guest to take a little home with them.

Drink options in private dining rooms are normally beer and wine open bars. This means that your guests have free access to any beer or wine they would like throughout the course of the meal. Sometimes there is an option for a cash bar for liquor if you or your guests would like a cocktail. Of course, there are different types of packages that each restaurant will offer and each comes with a different price point. If you have a smaller party, then choosing a package with liquor included could be a good idea and come at a reasonable price.

A great way to use a private dining room would be for a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. The days leading up to the wedding are some of the most fun, yet stressful days of a person’s life. The running around is exhausting and the last thing anyone would want to do following a rehearsal is cook for 20 people. Many times family and friends who are in the wedding come from out of town to participate in the celebration, so you should show them a bit of what Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to amazing restaurants. Hosting a rehearsal dinner in a private dining room gives you one less thing to worry about in the days leading up to the wedding, and it just about guarantees that you and your guests will have an absolutely stellar time. Rooms in places like Malibu or Manhattan Beach are great places to book due to their spectacular ocean views, creating an amazing mood and atmosphere to make sure that everyone will be well fed and relaxed before the big day.

Private dining rooms are almost always a good idea for any special occasion on your calendar. They create a unique dining experience for you and your guests and can ease the stress of planning a party. You can show people your favorite restaurant or try something completely new. Los Angeles has a plethora of options to choose from, where you can find a restaurant that will fit your vibe perfectly. Browsing through the options that Tagvenue offers can streamline this whole process as well and make party planning that much easier for you!

FAQs about Private Dining Rooms in Los Angeles, CA

Which areas in Los Angeles have the best private dining rooms?

They’re everywhere! Some of our favorites are in Malibu, The Arts District, and Downtown LA. Each of these locations offer a different vibe depending on what you have in mind for your party. Malibu has chilled beach spots, while the Arts District and Downtown LA offer more modern culinary options.

How much does it cost to book a private dining room in Los Angeles?

Private dining room rentals can cost anywhere from $30 to $75 per hour according to Tagvenue’s database. This price normally does not include food and beverage packages.

What should I bring to a private dining room?

If you plan on making the space feel a bit more like homey, decorations are always a good place to start! Also, many people have preferred bakeries for cakes, and many dining rooms will allow you to bring one from an outside vendor. If you opt for a BYOB package, beer and wine are always good additions to the meal!

How much will dinner cost in a private dining room?

This largely depends on the restaurant, but a good rule of thumb according to data from Tagvenue is $30 per person. This will ensure that all of your guests are taken care of with amazing food whether it's a three course meal or a buffet option.

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