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Organizing a photo shoot in Los Angeles and looking for the perfect space for your project? LA abounds in amazing photo studios that will make your creative juices flow and help you bring your best vision to life. Whether you need a photography studio for a commercial shoot, the perfect space for a pre-wedding photo session or an empty studio to let your imagination run free, there are plenty of options to check out downtown or in other LA areas. Browse them on Tagvenue and make your pick!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

Whether you’re a rising photographer trying to make a name for yourself in Los Angeles or have been in the business for a while, the city offers numerous studio spaces that work great for beginners and established professionals alike. From white cyclorama and green screen studios to fully furnished room setups, there are plenty of options to choose from and fulfil any creative vision! With Tagvenue, you’ll find your perfect photo studio in no time. Just check out our listings, compare the offers and get ready to push your creative boundaries in one of LA’s premier photo shoot venues!

Important details to know before renting a photography studio

If you’re renting a professional photo studio for the first time, you may be wondering what things should drive your decision making. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal space for your creative project.

  • Type of photo shoot – Are you shooting a commercial campaign for one of LA’s big companies or are you working on a personal passion project? Are you into portrait or still life photography? Depending on the type of shoot you’re organizing, you may require different spaces and sets to achieve results you’ll be really proud of.
  • Your budget – The next important thing is your budget. Consider what funds you have for the photo shoot, including venue rental fee and any additional costs, such as equipment rentals or catering if you’re planning a long day of work. Once you’re clear on the numbers, it will be much easier to narrow your search to the venues that fit your price range.
  • Studio capacity – How much floor space do you need to comfortably work on your project? Are you going to be working with a large group of people or is it going to be just you and your subject? 
  • Extra facilities – Think about whether you’re going to require any extra facilities. This could be a kitchen, some storage space, an editing suite, a changing room for your models or a hair and make-up station.
  • Equipment rentals – Most studios will offer some basic photographic equipment, such as lights and backgrounds, but sometimes you’ll have to pay extra for a wider selection of options or supply the equipment from external sources. So, make a list of everything you’re going to need and keep it on hand as you’re hunting for the perfect photo studio.
  • Additional charges – Always read the terms and conditions and check what’s included in your rental fee. Keep in mind that if you need a lot of extra equipment and facilities (e.g. extra parking spaces), the total cost will increase. Remember to also check what rates you’ll be charged if you go over your allotted time.
  • Location – Are you looking for photo studios in a specific area of Los Angeles? Things worth considering include the location’s accessibility, parking facilities or its proximity to public transport hubs – this is especially important when you’re working with other people, so they have no trouble finding and getting to the studio.

Pro tip: Schedule a viewing before you book the photo studio. Seeing the space in person will give you the chance to assess the lighting conditions, check out all the facilities and equipment available on site and decide whether it is the best fit for your project.

What equipment should a photo studio have?

Now that you know what to pay attention to when choosing the perfect space for your photo shoot, let’s have a look at the typical equipment you’ll find in most studios.

  • Backgrounds – One of the staples offered by professional photo studios are different types of backgrounds. They can be made from paper, muslin, vinyl or other materials. The studio should also have background support poles to keep everything stable as you shoot. Some studios even provide green screens for special effects or cycloramas for a seamless background.
  • Tripods – Having the right camera stand is an absolute must to keep your camera steady, enabling you to shoot pictures with slower shutter speeds. Carbon-fiber tripods are easier to carry around due to their lightweight, while aluminium tripods weigh more but give you maximum stability.
  • Lights – Professional lighting is one of the main advantages of studio photography. It enhances your work and puts you in total control. There are different lighting kits for different situations and type of sessions. For example, continuous lighting, such as LEDs or fluorescent lights, is great for beginners as they are easy to adjust. On the other hand, flashes, speedlites or strobe lights can give you more power and work great for capturing moving subjects.
  • Softboxes – Softboxes are rectangular, square or octagonal boxes covered with a white material and they are used for diffusing the light to make it look softer. The larger the softbox, the softer the light. It’s a simple light modifier but it is highly effective and works especially well for portraiture.

FAQs about Photo Studios in Los Angeles, CA

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Los Angeles?

Prices for renting a professional photography studio in Los Angeles vary depending on the studio’s standard, size and facilities. Cheap photo studios cost from $30 per hour, while pricier options can reach up to around $950 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Los Angeles areas have the best photo studios for rent?

If you’re looking for a photo studio for rent in Los Angeles, start your search downtown. The Historic Core area boasts an especially large selection of amazing studios with different room sets and props to create all kinds of moods. However, your choice is not limited to DTLA. There are photography studios all over the city in areas such as South Los Angeles, Mid City or South Pasadena.

What are the best photo studios for rent in Los Angeles?

Check out some of our favorites in the area:

  • Pink Neon Studio – Situated in the heart of DTLA, this studio provides a unique atmosphere with its neon lights, pink walls and vintage decor inspired by the 1970s.
  • Indigo Studio LA - Beautiful, completely private and modern studio located in Los Angeles. The space was designed to look like home, which includes a large living room with wood ceilings and warm lighting. It’s equipped with professional photography equipment including lights, backdrops, and monolights. What makes this studio unique is that it also has an outdoor space where you have access to fresh air. This photo studio is perfect for any occasion such as family photos, professional headshots, or your next boudoir shoot.
  • The Penthouse Loft – How about a loft with high ceilings, brick walls and concrete floors? The studio is uniquely decorated with vintage furniture and artworks, offers equipment rentals and features large windows that provide plenty of daylight but can also be blocked by the thick velvet curtains. Located in The Historic District of DTLA.
  • FD Photo Studio - Check out all the studios from FD Photo Studio. The venue offers a range of spaces, perfect for film, photos and any other creative works. The studios come with equipment, great backdrops and will suit any photographer, whether beginner or advanced!

What’s typically included in the cost of a photo studio rental?

Rental fees of most Los Angeles studios cover the use of some basic photographic equipment, such as different backgrounds, tripods and lighting kits. Some photo studios offer additional facilities, e.g. a kitchen, changing rooms or hair and make-up stations. Depending on the type of studio you choose, there can also be some props for you to use, such as furniture that can be moved around the space to create the perfect setup. And if you need some extra items, you can often rent them for an additional fee.

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