Filming Locations for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Filming Locations for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

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Top Filming Locations in Los Angeles, CA

Have you been searching the web for the perfect filming locations in Los Angeles? Are you excited to shoot next to Hollywood’s biggest movie stars? You should’ve come to us sooner. Here at Tagvenue we specialize in looking for filming locations, and whether you’re searching areas of East Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale or Hollywood - we promise you will find something for yourself. Look through our offer of studios, lounges, rooftops and many more. Search this Southern California city, and find the best filming locations Los Angeles has to offer.

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Filming Locations Rental Guide

Los Angeles is a beautiful city (and the second most popular after NYC), which offers a lot to anyone who decides to go there. Are you taking a leap of faith in your filming career? Or have you already established a name for yourself in the City of Angels? Whatever your situation is, Tagvenue will try to fulfill your need to book the perfect filming venue. You’ll be happy to hear that we have options near the main landmarks as well as on the outskirts of the city. Do you want to film near the Hollywood Sign? Perhaps you fancy exploring the Hall of Fame after the shoot, and seeing your favorite celebrity’s star? In your free time, take advantage of LA having the best of both worlds, and take a trip to the nearest beach. Relax on the coastline, which runs between Malibu and Long Beach, and enjoy the sun.

We could go on and on about what to do in LA, but we know that you’ve come here for a reason.

Here at Tagvenue, we try to step into your shoes when choosing a venue. We understand that filmmaking is a lengthy process, which can be quite stressful. And we also know that one of the most crucial aspects of pre-production is deciding where to film. Search for appropriate areas, as this is critical in order to avoid any problems for you and your staff later on. Let’s take a look at the key points to consider when selecting the ideal site for your film shoot.

How to find the ideal location for your film

First of all - know your script inside out

Everything in your movie, which means the setting also, is determined by the script. The first step in site scouting is to know your screenplay inside and out. Check which places fit your filming description and ask the scriptwriter what they think of the location that you are planning to choose, or have already chosen. 

Secondly - scout locations at the right times

As the time of day varies, so does the ambience and vibe of a site. Don’t search for good daylight studios, if you’re planning to shoot a scene in the middle of the night. The location can look very different in the morning, and have a completely different feel at night. Of course, we don’t mean closed studios with artificial lighting, but definitely check all those outdoor spots which you fancy. Something that could look unappealing during the daytime can be a wonderful spot for filming when the sun goes down. 

Finally - do a necessities check 

  • Check if all of your equipment is working properly before you get to the film shooting location. You will be using a lot of different filming apparatus, so make sure it all runs smoothly. 
  • Evaluate the area in which you will be filming, and how easily accessible it is. Check the transportation systems, how are you planning to get to your filming location? LA has a well-developed public transport system, but do your research nonetheless. 
  • Do you have a film permit? In Los Angeles, it is illegal to film without one on state property. If you’re doing any type of commercial filming, earning ad revenue or are just earning money from the production in general - you need a permit. If you’re an LA student who will be filming for their university - you still need a permit. To be on the safe side - just get one. The only time when you don’t need one is when you’re filming for personal use, and you’re not getting paid for it. The good thing about getting a permit is that you get resources, like maps illustrating boundaries of LA neighborhoods which you may need when filming. You may also get contacts to people in services which can benefit from your productions, and whom you can benefit from. Make sure to request it at least 4 days before filming.

Filming location suggestions in Los Angeles

If you're filming a scene in a bar or club, why don't you book The Speakeasy located in West Los Angeles? It's got a vibrant atmosphere and is an eclectic space for your production. You can enjoy the natural light or draw the curtains and create an authentic atmosphere for nighttime scenes. Even with its central location, the acoustic panels block out a lot of the noise and make for a relatively quiet setting.

Have you been looking for a beautiful studio? We found the place you need. Book the Studio at Artsy Apartment Studio Space, which is equipped with everything you could possibly want, and it’s all included in the price. It’s perfect for interviews, cooking shows, fitness programs, music videos and many more. Look for it in the Arts District. 

We don’t lie when we say that we have it all. Would you like to film on a yacht? We come to you with more than one! Check out the Luxury Yacht Charter, and many others on our website. The entire space is just for you and your film crew. You get to film a scene in the likes of Wolf of Wall Street, and feel luxurious for the day. Look for it on Marina del Rey

FAQs about Filming Locations in Los Angeles, CA

What's the price range of filming locations in LA?

The price range, as always, is quite a big one. We have many budget friendly options, where you can expect to pay as little as $40 to $150 per hour. There are also a couple of more expensive options in the $200 - $1000 zone. And of course there are very expensive options reaching even as much as $30000. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which districts are the most popular for filming in LA?

The center of LA is completely filled with venues, so if that’s the area of the city that you’re looking for - you’re in for a treat. However, if you’re searching for more locations in different parts of Los Angeles, we can recommend going north and checking out areas of Glendale and Panama City. Or if you’re looking to be closer to the beach then go west towards Marina del Rey.

What types of filming locations are found in LA?

There are many different locations in which you can film. There are indoor as well as outdoor options, and we strongly recommend looking through our website to see some non-standard locations. You can film in a studio, restaurant, rooftop, terrace or a patio, and of course many others. Check Tagvenue’s website to pick your favorite.

Where can I get my film permit from in LA?

FilmLA is the official film office of Los Angeles. The permit can be obtained by filling out an application form via FilmLA’s Online Permit System. Don’t forget to fill it out a minimum of 4 working days before filming.

Guest Reviews of Filming Locations on Tagvenue

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Booked Epic Loft Studio w/HVAC at Li Art Studio
I am a returning customer for Lex, his space was amazing for the price, very easy to work with and is flexible. Like I said, I'm a returning customer for a reason!
Cambria S.
Booked Studio Room at South LA Photostudio
Tito is so accommodating, warm, and professional. He was easy to communicate with and so helpful with fully utilizing his space. Will definitely recommend him to any who are in need of such a space.
Kevin T.
Booked Church Sanctuary at Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City
The space is great! And Chris was very helpful, communicative and friendly - definitely recommend for anyone looking for a unique space to film!
Janet G.
Booked DTLA Loft with Skyline View at The Skyline Library Loft
Vincent and Carlos were very helpful to work with and the space was flexible and provided great backgrounds.

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