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From the sunny beaches of Santa Monica through the chic streets of Beverly Hills to the bustling Downtown area, Los Angeles boasts a brilliant variety of dance studios for rent. These modern venues are perfect for amateurs and professionals alike, offering plenty of space to move your body and enjoy yourself! Practice or classes, exams or birthday parties, pole dancing or jazz - whatever your purpose is, renting a studio is a great choice that brings many benefits. If you want to find the perfect dance studio in LA keep on reading because we’ve prepared a convenient assortment of tips and tricks to make the booking process a breeze. 

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Dance Studios Rental Guide

Are you a professional dance teacher or an amateur dancer? Or is your goal to win a prestigious competition or just have fun? Whatever your desire is, you deserve a great space to hone your dancing skills. If you’re based in Los Angeles, you won’t struggle to find your perfect dance studio! The City of Angels is filled with fantastic studio venues that can be used for dance, yoga, and much more. 

When choosing a dance studio to rent, you’ll want to be sure that it’s the right fit for your needs, especially if you’re planning to rent it for a more extended period or just come back regularly! There’s a few key factors to consider before choosing a studio, so we’ve compiled them into a handy list:

  • The space - is there enough of it? Dance studios in L.A. range from small rooms that can fit a few performers to vast halls that can host a class for hundreds of people! Suppose you can’t find a studio with precisely the surface area you are looking for. In that case, it’s good practice to go for something a bit larger rather than smaller.  Make sure each dancer is comfortable and has enough room to move around freely.
  • The flooring - to ensure your rehearsals run smoothly and any potential injuries are avoided, the right floor in the dance studio is key. Sprung floors are essential in a professional studio space, absorbing the shocks from jumps and falls and reducing  strain on the dancer’s body. Most professional dance studios for rent should have hardwood flooring, but some of them also offer marley floors. If you can, visit the space before booking and check the flooring situation yourself!
  • The mirrors -  if there’s one thing you probably can’t imagine a dance studio without, it’s the floor-to-ceiling mirrors on the walls! They are crucial for spotting mistakes and monitoring your performance, so look for a studio in Los Angeles with large, well-positioned mirrors.
  • The facilities - the perfect studio should have equipment that will meet the needs of your event. A good sound system is a must for practically all dancers, but there are plenty of other facilities you might be looking for. Barres and handrails for ballet and stretching, a piano for live music practice, and air-conditioning to keep the temperature comfortable are only a few of the things you might need!
  • The additional rooms - changing rooms, dedicated bathrooms, and perhaps even kitchen facilities, there’s much more you need during a dance event than just an area for dancing! You might also consider renting a dance studio with additional storage space for some performances,  filming, or classes.
  • The location - the final thing to consider before booking a dance studio is its location. Will it be convenient for you and others to get to? Los Angeles stretches over a large area, so finding an easily accessible venue should be your priority. You can search for a studio within walking distance for everyone attending or look for venues near convenient transport links and ample parking space.

Choosing the perfect dance studio is stressful, but don’t worry! With our help, the booking process will be a piece of cake. Here are some quick tips to make it as easy and stress-free as it gets:

  • List all your requirements beforehand. You can create a table and tick off which must-haves you can find in each studio you’re considering to make it easier to determine the best fit!
  • Use our smart search features. Browsing through a ton of results might be overwhelming, so simply use the filters, enter the number of attendees, adjust the price slider and zoom in on the map to narrow down the selection.
  • Create a shortlist of your favorites. Before the booking is confirmed, don’t settle for just one option! If something doesn’t work out with the venue, it’s better to have a backup choice.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. The venue managers are there to help, so voice any of your doubts, inquire about any details you couldn’t find in the description, and negotiate any terms and policies you aren’t sure about/
  • Check the space out in person. If it’s possible, especially if you’re already in the Los Angeles area, ask to visit the dance studio before finalizing the booking to make sure all the facilities fit the highest standards and the photos are true to reality.

Dance is a great activity for practically everyone. Whether you’re old or young, a fit professional, or a dance-lover wishing to start their journey, it brings a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. It’s also an amazing way to spend your free time, bond with friends, and eliminate that excess energy while also unloading stress! With its vibrant and lively atmosphere, Los Angeles is perfect for all dance styles, from hip hop, swing, and contemporary to ballet, ballroom, and even belly dancing. We’re sure renting a dance studio in L.A. is exactly what you need, so hop on our website, start browsing, and book the ideal venue with just a few clicks!

Dance Studios in Los Angeles FAQ

How much does dance studio rental in Los Angeles cost?

Most dance studios in the Los Angeles area offer hourly rates, which begin at around $30 per hour and can reach as much as $600, depending on how large the space is, how many people are attending the event, and when the booking takes place. Some venues have minimal booking times or increase the fees when the studio is rented for only one hour. If you want to use the space for a longer period of time, you can look for dance studios that offer discounted rates for bookings over a certain number of hours. There are also spaces that work on fees per day, which can range anywhere between $760 and $2,500. Remember that you might be subject to additional fees, including equipment rentals and clean-up costs, so check the pricing details in each venue. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of L.A. are best for renting dance studios?

Whether you prefer the bustling Downtown Los Angeles or the outer areas on the Westside, you’ll be able to find a variety of amazing dance studio venues for rent in a convenient location. The centrally located Downtown boasts the biggest density of studio spaces, especially in the Fashion District. This location is probably the most convenient if you want many people from the city to attend your classes or come to rehearsals. If you want to go to the beach right after your classes or enjoy a stylish experience, on the other hand, you should check out the venues around Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey. Dreaming of setting up your dance rehearsals in an upscale and famous area? Consider renting a studio in Hollywood or North Hollywood! For those of you looking for a location that combines convenient access with calm, quiet surroundings, we cannot recommend Glendale more! Finally, The Valley also features a few amazing dance studios for rent, including some quite affordable options!

What events are dance studios in Los Angeles suitable for?

The obvious answer is all kinds of events that involve dancing, including dance classes, rehearsals, and dance competitions. If you’re a choreographer looking to plan out and practice your arrangements somewhere, renting a dance studio is also the right solution for you. However, the possibilities don’t end here! The high quality flooring and large mirrors in studio spaces make them perfect for zumba, yoga and fitness sessions and workshops. You can also organize a bridal shower, birthday celebration, or kids’ party in one of LA’s amazing dance studios! Their large and airy interiors can also serve as a great backdrop for filming and photoshoots. If you’re planning any special event in a dance studio, make sure to consult with the venue manager and ask if it is compatible with their policies.

How can I make dance studio rental in L.A. more affordable?

Let’s be honest with ourselves - most of us are always looking for ways to do things cheaply and it’s nothing to be ashamed of! When renting a dance space in Los Angeles, make sure you’re not overpaying for something that vastly exceeds your needs. This means that you shouldn’t book a studio with a capacity of a hundred if you know it’s just going to be you and your dance partner or choose a package that includes plenty of equipment that you won’t use at all. You might also want to consider a studio in a less popular area and book it for an off-peak date or time. Calculate the pricing and duration of your rental - it might be more affordable to book by the hour at some venues, while others might offer better value for your money fees for longer events. Finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate the price! You might not be successful in all cases, but it never hurts to try.

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